Tips to Become Fit like the Dark Knight

Superheroes make us wish things that have zero percent chance of happening. For example, there is no chance that a spider bites you and you gain the powers of web slinging. Still, thanks to DC we have an example of a superhero who became a superhero without possessing any supernatural powers.

Yes, that’s the Batman. Bruce Wayne has an alter ego that is not driven by any supernatural power or alien upbringing but training and motivation.  Batman is one of the most well trained in martial artists as well as the spy training. He also has a billion-dollar company that allows him to have anything and everything he wants.

Not all of us cannot follow the rigorous workout routine of the Batman as we mostly have 9 to 5 jobs and we have to go to work, unlike Batman whose company will run no matter what. That said, here is a fitness program that can allow you to become like the Batman with an active and powerful physique.

Where to start?

Ben Affleck as BatmanBefore beginning the workout, you have to mark the goals you want achieve after days of hard work. To become like the Batman, you need to gain strength, endurance, agility, and the perfect shape of the body. Gaining all of these at one time is not possible for the beginners so don’t aim for this. If you want to upsize your muscles, it will reduce the agility and if you try to run fast and long distances to gain agility, it will lead to muscle catabolism. So, you have to think through the process in detail to achieve your goals.

Selecting the suitable exercises

Since you don’t have a 24/7 schedule to make your workout routine so you have to select exercises that serve multiple purposes. Moreover, remember you don’t have a lot of time to go through an extensive workout routine. Let’s take a look at the exercises you can opt for and their duration that are easy to follow and can be managed with all other important chores.

Tips for starting the workout

Follow a few steps before expecting 100 percent fruitful results of the workout:

  • Get enough sleep. Muscles under stress can aggravate the problem after workout.
  • Stay hydrated. Use enough water.
  • Stretch and relax before starting.
  • If you think you require supplements, go for it.
  • Dress comfortably.

Remember to never start a workout with rigorous moves, it will worsen the state of the muscles and eventually lead to injury.

Speed deadlifts

Strength alone cannot bring power. To gain power you need agility. Deadlifts are one of the best options for this. When you feel fit enough, do 4 sets of 8 reps 30 to 40% of 1 RM. With time you may increase it up to 60% of 1 RM.  A combination of squats and Deadlifts can speed up the process of body building. To gain effective results try to squat first and deadlift later one day and deadlift first and squat later the next day.

Hang snatch

Generally, we see the Olympians doing the hang snatches but other strong men and athletes can also do this. Just remember to do enough squats to prepare your body for the adventure. Hang snatches have a lot of benefits. It increases your core stability and allows for a higher vertical jump. It also increases the coordination and the ability to change directions quickly. Feeling like Batman already? We still have a lot to do.

Towel pull ups

Already a pro at pull up? You need to try some more to become like the dark knight. Try pull ups with a towel. Your grip will be strengthened as the forearms are being used. This increases the strength and thickness of the forearms give you strong forearms just like the batman. Stronger forearms help in all daily activities. If you think you are not tough enough for full towel pull ups you can start by trying slowly and gradually increasing the distance covered.

Tyre flips

Tyre flips also have multiple benefits. Initially tyre flips have the same results as the deadlifts. The back and hamstrings are the ones that get effected the most in the beginning. However, the end of the flip makes use of the arms, biceps, triceps and the abdominal region.

Rock climbing

This is another very exciting and multipurpose exercise. You won’t be bored and you will have a challenge to complete. Rock climbing gives you grip, focus, balance, and core strength. Rock climbing will also aid in stamina and strength.

Skipping and rope climbing

When you are not in a mood to go for a proper engaging exercise, go for a light one. Climb a rope or start skipping. These are also complete exercises but not that rigorous. These can also be done in the breaks from other workout exercises.

Be ready for injuries

Becoming Batman is not easy. This rigorous workout can lead to injuries that may become serious problems if not addressed properly. In case of an injury, rest, heal and relax before starting again. Don’t rush to become like the Dark Knight. Just know it requires dedication, consistency and commitment.

If you are losing hope and feel like you need motivation here it is:

“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up”


becoming fit like batman

Final thoughts

The Dark Knight teaches a lot more than just strength and power. His moral code and ethics are also a model. His strict moral code in any circumstances is something we should try to achieve as well. The way he controls his anger and lets his ethics rule him in any situation is great for a healthy body and sound mind.

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