Incarnations of Immortality Reading Order

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Piers Anthony has written a lot of things, but one of his lesser-known epics is the Incarnations of Immorality series. We present to you the reading order for that series. Enjoy!

What’s on the Incarnations of Immortality Reading Order?

Incarnations of Immortality is a series of eight books by Piers Anthony. The series was started in the early ’80s, and seemingly ended in 1990. However, Anthony continued with another book in the series, published in 2007. While there hasn’t been anything else to add since then, it’s always possible that Anthony will add another one in the future. We’ll keep you updated if that happens. In the mean time, don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything wrong with the timeline. We value your input. Here you go!

There’s not any complication on where to start with this series. Start at the beginning. And if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of our others, such as the Discworld reading order.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1On a Pale HorseNovelPiers Anthony1983-10-12Incarnations of Immortality
2Bearing an HourglassNovelPiers Anthony1984-07-12Incarnations of Immortality
3With a Tangled SkeinNovelPiers Anthony1985-09-12Incarnations of Immortality
4Wielding a Red SwordNovelPiers Anthony1986-09-12Incarnations of Immortality
5Being a Green MotherNovelPiers Anthony1987-10-12Incarnations of Immortality
6For Love of EvilNovelPiers Anthony1988-11-01Incarnations of Immortality
7And EternityNovelPiers Anthony1990-01-01Incarnations of Immortality
8Under a Velvet CloakNovelPiers Anthony2007-12-05Incarnations of Immortality