Hyperion Cantos Reading Order

In a sprawling epic resembling Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Dan Simmons presents the Hyperion Cantos, the perfect series for fans of epics like Game of Thrones. This is the Hyperion Cantos reading order.

What’s on the Hyperion Cantos Reading Order?

Hyperion Cantos is a series of books written almost like a fantasy/sci-fi version of the Canterbury Tales. It is a series of stories, each focusing on different characters, who all come together for a common purpose in the end. While there aren’t too many books, each one is quite large, and the lore is quite complex. There are also a few short stories included in the series.

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Where to Start Reading Hyperion Cantos?

The best place to start, in this case, is with the first book. Some of the short stories won’t make as much sense until they’re read within that context, although Remembering Siri does appear within the first book, almost as it was originally written.

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