5 Best Handheld Zelda Games

We did the 5 best console Zelda games, so now it’s time to do the 5 best handheld Zelda games. These particular games bring their own unique aspect to Zelda games, particularly in gameplay and story.

One interesting element is that many of the handheld games deal with different villains rather than Ganondorf. In many of the games, Ganondorf, or Ganon, does make a brief appearance, since several of the main villains’ goal was to summon him, resurrect him, etc. As a result, most of the stories in these games would be treated as more of side stories that handle a new villain.

But that doesn’t make these games any less interesting or fun! With these games, we get new villains, new stories, and new looks at the world of Zelda.

Let’s get started!

5) Spirit Tracks

This game may have several weaknesses, but it is a rather unique one where you primarily travel by train. It incorporates aspects of the Nintendo DS well into the gameplay, making it a pretty fun game to play. You also have the unusual aspect of having Ghost Princess Zelda possessing enemies, which brings an interesting element to the gameplay.

Unfortunately, many gamers found that traveling by train limited their exploration of the world, and that some dungeons and battles could get frustrating. But overall, it’s still a fun and interesting game.

4) Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages

These two are technically separate games, but they can be played together. These games were fun since they played around with using different seasons and times as part of the gameplay. You could travel back in time in one, or change winter to summer in another.

The stories were fairly interesting since they connected to each other, making it so the experience wasn’t quite complete without playing both of them. Overall, the games were enjoyable and fun.

3) Link’s Awakening

This one is one of the more bizarre games, dealing with the idea of dreams. It also has likely one of the most heart-rending endings. It’s the type of game that messes with your head and makes you question everything.

Link’s Awakening is one of those games that can be a bit polarizing since some gamers hate it while others love it. Overall though, it’s a well-done game with a unique story and a fascinating theme.

2) Minish Cap

Minish Cap is a rather fun and engaging game. It’s one of the few games that did the top-down perspective, but in 3d. The story is straightforward but interesting, and it introduces Ezlo, a very entertaining companion to Link. The game plays around with sizes and shows how the world looks from different perspectives, which is fun to play with.

Some gamers had issues with the fact that it’s a pretty light-hearted game and may be considered more childish. But the tone is consistent throughout the story, still making it an enjoyable experience and a solid game.

1) A Link Between Worlds

This one introduces some fun concepts into the game play such as renting items, and the ability to meld into 2d walls. This game also plays around with 3d meshing with 2d, which is rather fun.

A Link Between Worlds deals with a lot of new elements; it introduces new villains, new enemies, and different twists on powers and items. For its unique element, fun story and great gameplay, this game makes the top spot.

Overall, the handheld games bring a great and original aspect to the Zelda franchise. No matter which one you play, you will have fun with the unique gameplay.

So, the next time you’re choosing a game for your 3DS, or if you’re looking to go a little old school with GameBoy, check out one of these games!

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