5 Best Zelda Console Games

With Breath of the Wild released, many people may wonder what’s the best Zelda game? Well that depends on what you like. The Zelda franchise has created a variety of games in different styles, genres, and mediums. So I decided to talk about my 5 best Zelda console games.

I’m sticking with console games for this list mostly because I feel that the Zelda franchise has a lot of good console and handheld games. I also feel these two categories are different enough that they deserved their own list. The top 5 best handheld Zelda games will come later.

Note: I won’t be including Breath of the Wild on the list simply because it’s a very new game and needs a little more time before it’s reviewed. It is a very good game though, so I suggest you check it out!

5. Majora’s Mask

One of Zelda’s stranger games, Majora’s Mask is its own little story that doesn’t contribute much to the main canon, but is a rather fun game to play. This is one of the darker games, if not the darkest game in the Zelda franchise.

What’s great about the game is all the crazy side quests and the concept of time passing. You have only 3 days to complete everything, and if you don’t, you have to go back in time and start again. It makes for some very interesting adventures. However, the gameplay is a little difficult, and having to go back in time and do certain things over again can get tedious. But it’s still a great game, especially if you’re looking for something a little different.

4. Skyward Sword

One of the cool things about this game is that the story takes place before Hyrule even exists. The game has a unique plot and even more unique gameplay. The characters and the story are particularly strong, which makes the game more compelling. I particularly think the Link in this game is the most expressive, which is very fun to watch.

A downside to this game is that the motion Wii controls can be a little difficult to learn at first. There are also a few tedious battles that happen multiple times that make playing less enjoyable. And there are a few dungeons that feel more like filler. However, the game is still very fun to play, and it’s a great story to be a part of.

3. Twilight Princess

What makes this game stand out is getting to play as a wolf half of the time, which is quite fun. This game also has one of the best companions: Midna! She’s a great character who brings in a very interesting element to the game of being a truly morally gray character. While the story is a bit weaker in this game, it’s still very fun to play and the gameplay, in general, is very fun.

The biggest criticism against the game is many gamers found it lacked originality. It’s true that Twilight princess doesn’t really break new ground other than the switch to the Wii controls. But while it may not push boundaries in games, it’s still a good game. Overall the game is always fun to play and has a lot of unique elements to it to make it stand out.

2. Ocarina of Time

The best way to describe Ocarina of time is classic. It paved the way for many of these games and it still has some of the most iconic scenes in Zelda.

This game really has it all: the story is great, the characters are interesting, the battles are challenging yet fun, and it’s a game that’s still fun to play, even after nearly twenty years. That being said, It has shown its age a bit, not necessarily in gameplay, but in graphics.

So if Ocarina of Time is so amazing, why is it number 2? I have nothing against this game, I do think it’s fantastic. I just think there’s one game that’s just a little better. . .

1. Wind Waker

This may be a more controversial opinion, but as far as story, gameplay, and timelessness, I do think that Wind Waker does it the best.

Ironically many people didn’t like the cel-shading style of this game when it first came out, and yet it’s one of the Zelda games that has aged the best. Even though it’s fifteen years old, it still looks amazing.  From start to finish, Wind Waker is a very fun game with an interesting story, fascinating characters, and one of the greatest endings in any Zelda game.

While the style is simpler, its colorful palette makes the game very fun to look at and play (And the WiiU HD version is even better). The exploration aspect of this game is phenomenal (though some gamers found the sailing to be boring) and the side quests were just as fun as the main story. It’s one of those games that you could go back and play again and it never gets old.

With the majority of Zelda console games, you can’t really go wrong. Each game brings something unique to the table and makes it an enjoyable experience. If you pick up any of these games, you will have a good time! We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Zelda console games.

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