X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline

This is the first major universe created around the X-men, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This X-men Cinematic Universe is easily responsible for bringing the X-men to the public consciousness.

What’s in the X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline?

The X-men cinematic universe timeline covers Fox’s Marvel universe as seen in the X-men films. This is the shared universe that includes the X-men films, Deadpool, and others.

The Show Legion has an odd relationship with this universe, and its creators have gone back and forth on its canonicity. We’ve included it here, but we don’t actually know if it exists in this reality. If it does, it best exists in the first reality before everything is rebooted with Days of Future Past.

Likewise, the show Gifted also only sort of exists in this continuity. We’ve arranged it as best we could.

It’s also important to note that the continuity for this universe has also undergone a soft reboot. Starting with Days of Future Past, the creators rewrote the previous continuity, and subsequent films (such as Deadpool) exist in the second wave of the chronology. This timeline also does not co-exist with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. You can find a separate timeline for the MCU here. As always, if you see something that we need to correct, add, or remove, let us know! We hope you enjoy our X-men cinematic universe timeline.

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