Cloverfield Universe Timeline

The original Cloverfield film was a low-budget experiment that proved profitable, with a found-footage take on a Godzilla-like attack on New York City. Since then, the franchise has spawned several sequels, many of which were not revealed as such until the last minute. This is the Cloverfield Universe timeline.

What’s on the Cloverfield Universe timeline?

Right now there isn’t much on this timeline, just the few films that have been released so far. However, these films are often marketed in a stealth fashion, with the studio only letting it be known that it’s part of the Cloverfield universe once it’s near release. So there may be one or several films on the immediate horizon that will become part of this universe. We do know that more films are on the way, and possibly other media as well.

Where to Start Watching?

The best place to start watching is with the original Cloverfield film, however, each of these films stand on their own. You could watch any one of these films and enjoy it without ever watching any of the others. However, they are all tonally similar, and chances are that if you like one, you’ll like the others too.

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2 thoughts on “Cloverfield Universe Timeline”

  1. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! This is a great treasure to have a timeline, but I have 2 questions. Do you know where to find Cloverfield/Kishin, and could you add the 3 ARG campaigns to the timeline? Great work. This brightens my day.

    • I looked and Cloverfield/Kishin is very hard to find. You can check ebay. I’ll take a look at the ARG campaigns.


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