View Askewniverse Timeline

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Kevin Smith has made a name for himself in Hollywood as one of the more irreverent, yet somehow brilliant, directors and writers. But did you know that most of his work is connected? This is the View Askewniverse timeline.

What’s on the View Askewniverse timeline?

The View Askewniverse is a collection of films and tie-in media. Kevin Smith is the primary author of these stories. Most of this media exists in the same universe. However, some of Kevin Smith’s characters make cameo appearances in other media that might be non-canon. Scream 3 is one example. That said, the majority of the media on this timeline is canon and exists in the same universe.

If you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our Alien/Predator timeline. Additionally, if you see anything on this timeline that is wrong, feel free to let us know on our contact page. We love to hear all of your feedback.

Where to Start?

The first Clerks film is probably the best place to start. Then we recommend going through the films and viewing the tie-in comics and television later. That said, this is one universe where the chronological order could be a lot of fun. Thankfully, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of media in this universe. The films make up the backbone of the View Askewniverse. We hope you enjoy! Thank you for visiting!

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Oni Double Feature #1 "Walt Flanagan's Dog"Comic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071994Included in Tales from the Clerks
2MallratsFilmKevin Smith1995-10-201994
3ClerksFilmKevin Smith1994-11-091994
4Clerks: The Lost SceneShort FilmKevin Smith2004-09-071994Included in the Clerks X DVD
5Clerks: The Lost SceneComic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071994Included in Tales from the Clerks
Clerks: The Animated Series 1.01: Leonardo Leonardo Returns and Dante Has an Important Decision to MakeTV EpisodeChris Bailey2002-12-141994
Clerks: The Animated Series 1.02: The Clip show Wherein Dante and Randal are Locked in the Freezer and Remember Some of the Great Moments in Their LivesTV EpisodeNick Filippi2000-06-071994
Clerks: The Animated Series 1.03: Leonardo Is Caught in the Grip of an Outbreak of Randal's Imagination and Patrick Swayze Either Does or Doesn't Work in the New Pet StoreTV EpisodeChris Bailey2002-12-141994
Clerks: The Animated Series 1.04: A Dissertation on the American Justice System by People Who Have Never Been Inside a Courtroom, Let Alone Know Anything About the Law, but Have Seen Way Too Many Legal ThrillersTV EpisodeSteve Loter2000-05-311994
Clerks: The Animated Series 1.05: Dante and Randal and Jay and Silent Bob and a Bunch of New Characters and Lando, Take Part in a Whole Bunch of Movie Parodies Including But Not Exclusive to, The Bad News Bears, The Last Starfighter, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Plus a High School ReunionTV EpisodeNick Filippi2002-12-141994
Clerks: The Animated Series 1.06: The Last Episode EverTV EpisodeSteve Loter2002-12-141994
12Oni Double Feature #12 "Bluntman & Chronic in the Derris"Comic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071996Included in Tales from the Clerks
13Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon MovieFilmSteve Stark2013-04-201996Possibly non-canon
14Bluntman & Chronic #1-3Comic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071996Included in Tales from the Clerks
Chasing AmyFilmKevin Smith1997-04-181996
16Jay & Silent Bob: Chasing DogmaComic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071996Included in Tales from the Clerks
17DogmaFilmKevin Smith1999-11-121996
18Jay & Silent Bob's Video StashShort FilmKevin Smith1998-02-171997Included in the Clerks X DVD
19Clerks: The Comic BookComic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071998Included in Tales from the Clerks
20Clerks: Holiday SpecialComic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071998Included in Tales from the Clerks
21Scream 3FilmWes Craven2000-02-041999Possibly non-canon
22Clerks: On the Perils of CinemaComic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-071999Included in Tales from the Clerks
23Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackFilmKevin Smith2001-08-242001
24Clerks: The Flying CarShort FilmKevin Smith2002-02-272002Included in the Clerks X DVD
25Clerks: Where's the BeefComic IssueKevin Smith2006-11-072005Included in Tales from the Clerks
26Clerks IIFilmKevin Smith2006-07-212006
27Jay and Silent Bob RebootFilmKevin Smith2019-11-292019