Resident Evil Timeline

Resident Evil is one of the more popular franchises that originated in Japan, but quickly took off in North America and beyond. It remains the definitive zombie video game franchise. This is the Resident Evil timeline.

What’s on the Resident Evil Timeline?

This list attempts to create a playing order (or in some cases viewing/reading order) for all major pieces of Resident Evil media. However this only includes items that are canon within the video game universe. The Resident Evil theatrical films do not exist on this timeline. They are a separate chronology. This list does not attempt to split up any media into individual scenes/pages, but rather focuses on an easy to follow reading/playing/watching list (with a few exceptions). In the event that two works cover the exact same time-frame we first list the first published work. Additionally we base the placement within the timeline on where the work ends rather than where it begins.

This list of Resident Evil media includes:

  • The Resident Evil Games: Considered the “core” medium for the Resident Evil franchise. These include the main series of games, as well as a few smaller side games.
  • Comics: There are several tie-in comics than any other video game franchise. We include them in the timeline.
  • Films/Short Films: You can find a few animated films and short stories that are canon within this universe. We have included them here.

There are a few other pieces of media that fit in, such as the Biohazard: The Stage theatrical play, and you can find it all in chronological order below. And if you enjoyed this Resident Evil timeline, you might like some of our others, such as the Halo timeline. We hope you enjoy!

Where do I start with Resident Evil?

Since this is a franchise based on video games, you should definitely start with those. We recommend the Resident Evil Origins Collection for the best starting experience. It includes remastering of the prequel, Resident Evil Zero and the original Resident Evil.

7 thoughts on “Resident Evil Timeline”

  1. If RE:2 Reimagining is canon, then why in RE6 THE G-Virus file it’s said that Claire made the vaccine for Sherry following Annette’s guide, just like happened in the original RE2 ? Also the Umbrella Chronicles Death’s Door is a direct Sequel from the Original RE2 LEON B in which Ada saves Leon and then she forges her death. I don’t think those Reimaginings 2 and 3 are canon, they don’t fit in the storyline, they have continuity issues and inconsistencies.

  2. There seem to be several Umbrella Chronicles that are not on here. They are called: Train Derailment, Mansion Incident, Racoon’s destruction, And Nightmare. Are they there somewhere in the ones you listed?

  3. canon by games is r.e. 0 r.e. u.c. r.e. 1 200 and 1996 r.e. o.b. r.e. 2 2019 and 1998 r.e. 2 tne 4th survivor 2019 r.e 3 200 r.e. survivor 1
    r.e. c.v. r.e. c.v. x r.e. d.a. r.e. o.b. f. #2 r.e. 4 r.e. 5 r.e. the d.c. r.e. r. 1-2 r.e. 6 r.e. 7 b. . non canon by games is r.e. g. r.e. o.p.c. r.e. d. game r.e. s. 2 r.e. u. corps


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