Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of the Earth

Perhaps we are deceiving ourselves by thinking so, but our world holds a special significance in the universe. That is why the people like the Doctor have taken a special interest in it. Not all planets, even inhabited ones, get that kind of galactic attention. Perhaps it is because the greatest multiverse known to man was produced here, or perhaps the people of Earth have a special destiny in the future. Whatever the case, the formation of Earth was an important event in the history of our universe.

The Dark Times

The dark times represent a period of history for the people of Gallifrey. The Time Lords had several wars with various creatures during this time.

One of these races who battled the Time Lords was the Racnoss race. The Racnoss, in appearance, were like a cross between giant spiders and humanoids. Where they originally evolved, it is unknown, but their race, led by their Empress, quickly spawned and spread across the galaxy.

Illuvatar and Middle-Earth

It was roughly around this same time that Illuvatar (one of the supreme beings) began to form the Earth. He started by creating a pantheon of lesser supreme beings called the Ainur. Unlike Illuvatar and other supreme beings in the galaxy, these Ainur were specifically tasked with governing this new Earth.

After the creation of the Ainur, Illuvatar began to compose the “song” that would result in the creation of the Earth. Coincidentally, this was the same time that the Time Lords defeated the last of the Racnoss. They realized that a new world was being formed by Illuvatar and sent the last Racnoss ship (containing the Racnoss Empress) into the center of the Earth, forming its core.

Once the Earth was formed, Illuvatar placed the Ainur in it. Eventually he would populate it with others of his children, including the first Elves and Men. This early world would eventually be called Middle-Earth.

The Racnoss and Their Earth Spawn

The Racnoss were not complete defeated once their ship became part of the core of the Earth. Some of them survived. One, managed to burrow out of the Earth’s crust in the early days of the Earth’s existence, before Elves and Men walked it. This Racnoss was called Ungoliant.

Ungoliant, together with Melkor of the Ainur, destroyed the trees of Valinor and brought darkness to Middle-Earth. It would be a while before light was able to shine on the world again.

Ungoliant eventually devoured herself in her hunger, but her spawn survivided for several thousand years on the Earth. Shelob and the spiders of Mirkwood are examples of this.

Conflicting Creation Myths

Many cultures have creation myths for how the Earth was created. They may seem like they conflict. However, this is not necessarily the case. Most have a lot in common, and many differences can be explained.

For example, one conflict is that the Earth was created by one god or many. Both of these are true. The Earth was created by one supreme being, with the help of the Ainur who he helped create. Any of the Ainur could have been perceived as gods, even though Illuvatar was higher in authority.

Another conflict is perceived in the amount of time it took to create the Earth. This is a matter of perception. The Ainur perceived the passing of time much differently than we do. Plus, day and night did not begin until much later in the history of Middle-Earth, meaning that any modern unit of time would not have existed back then.

There is also conflict between creation myths such as Adam and Eve vs. Evolution, though that is easily explained, and will be addressed in future posts.


5 Billion Years Ago

  • The Time Lords begin war with the Racnoss.
  • Illuvatar creates the Ainur.
  • Illuvatar and the Ainur create the song, forming a template for the creation of the Earth.

4.6 Billion Years Ago

  • The Time Lords defeat the last of the Racnoss.
  • The Empress of the Racnoss, and her ship, is thrown into the forming core of the Earth.
  • Illuvatar causes the Earth to be.
  • Illuvatar charges the Ainur with the governance of the Earth.

4.5 Billion Years Ago

  • Ungoliant, one of the Racnoss, emerges and destroyed the trees of Valinor.
  • She devours herself.

Fandoms Referenced

  • Doctor Who
  • Tolkien

What is the Ultimate Fandom Timeline:
The Ultimate Fandom Timeline is a hypothetical amalgamation of stories from across all major fandoms. It answers the question, “What if EVERYTHING was connected?” So it places the major timelines in order of how they could relate to each other. It is told from the perspective of a fictional character, Alice, who thinks that all the major stories are somehow real and connected and that it’s a huge coverup that prevents us from realizing this fact.

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