Ultimate Fandom Timeline: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we are given another story. We know from the popularity of the Star Wars saga, that it comes very close to the truth. But why would this be important to us, considering it has very little to do with our own universe. Even today, this is not entirely clear. It may be because we learn more of the Celestial supreme beings, one of which created Earth. It may be because it was one of the first universes where magic was readily used by mortals.

The Celestials

The Celestials are the supreme beings that migrated to this galaxy far, far away. They are the embodiment of what was called the Force. The Celestials eventually disappeared by the time mortals actually started using the Force, even though that power was their legacy.

Over time, humans and aliens began populating the galaxy, spreading out from a planet called Coruscant. They learned the use of a hyperdrive, and soon the galaxy was full. The Celestials had either disappeared or transcended by this time. They were no longer present in this evolving galaxy, but they may have been watching over them. We don’t know why, but at some point this galaxy split into a multiverse with at least two main universes, one that we refer to as canon, and another as Legends. While both held similarities to each other, especially on important points like the identity of the Chosen One, they also differ greatly.

The Chosen One

At one point in the history of this galaxy, the dark side of the Force took hold over the entire galaxy with the formation of the Galactic Empire. A chosen one was eventually able to overthrow the Emperor of this Empire, causing the Force to stabilize.

Many other adventures occurred in this galaxy, some of which we haven’t yet learned. There were occasional events, while the Force was unbalanced, that caused a splintering in the timeline.

Present Effects of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Although the events of Star Wars took place long before our earth was formed, there are some evidences that we can find in our own galaxy.

For example, the characters of R2-D2 and C-3PO were always present throughout the entire Star Wars saga. We can assume that eventually, they left that galaxy. Perhaps it was through migration, or perhaps they were involved in an explosion and simply floated for billions of years until they were found again.

Regardless, those two droids were found in or near this galaxy. They were studied, taken apart, and copied. And eventually they would become the original templates for major villains throughout our own galaxy, such as the Daleks and the Cybermen.


6 Billion Years Ago

  • The Celestials migrate to the galaxy far, far away.

5 Billion Years Ago

  • The Chosen One brings balance to the Force.
  • The Skywalker line becomes an important influence in the galaxy.

5.2 Billion Years Ago (give or take)

  • C-3PO and R2-D2 are thrown out of the galaxy.

4.6 Billion Years Ago

  • C-3PO and R2-D2 are found in our own galaxy.
  • They are experimented on by various races and scientists until they become the template for the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Fandoms Referenced

  • Star Wars
  • Doctor Who

What is the Ultimate Fandom Timeline:
The Ultimate Fandom Timeline is a hypothetical amalgamation of stories from across all major fandoms. It answers the question, “What if EVERYTHING was connected?” So it places the major timelines in order of how they could relate to each other. It is told from the perspective of a fictional character, Alice, who thinks that all the major stories are somehow real and connected and that it’s a huge coverup that prevents us from realizing this fact.

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