The Clone Wars Episode Order

What’s in the Clone Wars episode order?

Episodes of The Clone Wars were often aired out of chronological order. While this made the series interesting by providing backstory on previous arcs, it could make the timeline confusing. Thankfully, once the show ended, a complete list of the chronological order for the series came out. So now we know exactly the order to view the series.

Additionally, the show ended prematurely, but many of the unfinished episodes were later adapted to other mediums, such as comics or a book. These stories, though not part of the television show, we still include below. Because those stories would have appeared as part of the show, if it hadn’t (thought to have) ended after its sixth season. We also include the Clone Wars film, which came out first. Though the film does not mark the chronological beginning of the show. And of course, we also include the seventh surprise season.

For a complete Star Wars timeline, visit our Star Wars Canon page. And be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Where to start?

This is actually one of those instances where we recommend the chronological order above the release order. Watching the episodes in chronological order can be confusing. And having watched all the episodes in chronological order, we recommend that as the least confusing way to watch these episodes.

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