Marvel Rising Timeline

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Marvel is nothing without it’s kick-butt women. Starting relatively recently in 2018, Marvel Rising was an initiative to inspire other young women to greatness. This is the timeline of that initiative.

What’s on the Marvel Rising Timeline?

This timeline consists not only of the main film and television specials, but also includes the short films that led up to Secret Warriors, some motion comics, and some graphic novels, making it one of the more diverse animated timelines in our Marvel section of the site.

All of these shows and shorts are readily available on Disney+, and we recommend them highly, especially if you have a little girl in your life. You will find good role models here.

If you like this timeline, be sure to check out our others. We have a lot of Marvel timelines in our Marvel Comics hub. Check it out! And if there’s anything you would add or change, let us know on our Facebook page.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1Marvel Rising: Ultimate Comics!Web2019-02-20Ultimate
2Marvel Rising Initiation: Ghost HunterShort FilmMairghread Scott2018-08-13InitiationAll videos available on Disney+
3Marvel Rising Initiation: Floor Toms and Spider WebsShort FilmMairghread Scott2018-08-13Initiation
4Marvel Rising Initiation: BFHFShort FilmMairghread Scott2018-08-13Initiation
5Marvel Rising Initiation: Two on OneShort FilmMairghread Scott2018-08-13Initiation
6Marvel Rising Initiation: The Stories They TellShort FilmMairghread Scott2018-08-13Initiation
7Marvel Rising Initiation: The Secrets We KeepShort FilmMairghread Scott2018-08-13Initiation
8Marvel Rising: Secret WarriorsFilmAlfred Gimeno2018-09-30Secret Warriors
9Marvel Rising Graphic NovelDevin Grayson2018-11-07
10Marvel Rising: Heroes Of The Round TableGraphic NovelNilah Magruder2019-09-25
11Marvel Rising: Chasing GhostsTV EpisodeAlfred Gimeno2019-01-16Special
12Marvel Rising: Heart of IronTV EpisodeSol Choi, Alfred Gimeno2019-03-31Special
13Marvel Rising: Battle of the BandsTV EpisodeChris Rutkowski2019-08-28Special
14Marvel Rising: Operation ShuriTV EpisodeChris Rutkowski, Eric Radomski2019-10-11Special
15Marvel Rising: Playing with FireTV EpisodeSol Choi, Eric Radomski2019-12-18Special