Avatar: The Last Airbender Timeline

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Many would call Avatar: The Last Airbender the greatest animated show of all time, appealing not only to children but to adults as well. It certainly has become a cultural phenomenon. This is the Avatar: The Last Airbender timeline and episode order.

What’s on the Avatar: The Last Airbender Timeline?

Right now, the Avatar: the Last Airbender timeline is limited to two television shows and a handful of comics and video games. There are also two novels that adapt part of Legend of Korra. Here are all of the episodes and comics presented in chronological order. As of right now, this series is continuing with comics following Legend of Korra, but we have no word on whether this universe will continue with a new show, film, or other similar outlet. For now, this is what we have. This timeline includes:

  • Avatar – The Last Airbender: The show that started in 2006 to massive critical acclaim.
  • Legend of Korra: The sequel show to Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • Tie-in Media: Various comics, novels, and video games that flesh out the story for those two shows.
  • Comics Bridging the Series: A series of comics that bridge the gap between the two shows.
  • Continuing comics: Legend of Korra comics that continue the story of Korra.

As with any of our timelines, we ask that you give us a heads up if you see anything that should be changed, added, etc. You can do that over on our contact page. Thank you and we hope you enjoy! If you do, feel free to check out our other timelines, such as the Pixar timeline.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1The Rise of KyoshiNovelF. C. Yee2019-07-16Legend of Kyoshi
2The Shadow of KyoshiNovelF. C. Yee2020-07-21Legend of Kyoshi
3Zuko's StoryGraphic NovelDave Roman, Alison Wilgus 2010-05-18Legend of AangNot canonical with the main series. This is a prequel to the M. Night Shyamalan film.
4Avatar 1.01: The Boy in the IcebergTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-02-21Legend of Aang
5Avatar 1.02: The Avatar ReturnsTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-02-21Legend of Aang
6Avatar 1.03: The Southern Air TempleTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2005-02-25Legend of Aang
7Avatar 1.04: The Warriors of KyoshiTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2005-03-04Legend of Aang
8Avatar 1.05: The King of OmashuTV EpisodeAnthony Lioi2005-03-18Legend of Aang
9Avatar 1.06: ImprisonedTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-03-25Legend of Aang
10Avatar 1.07: Winter Solstice, Part 1TV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2005-04-08Legend of Aang
11Avatar 1.08: Winter Solstice, Part 2TV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2005-04-15Legend of Aang
12Avatar 1.09: The Waterbending ScrollTV EpisodeAnthony Lioi2005-04-29Legend of Aang
13Avatar 1.10: JetTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-05-06Legend of Aang
14Avatar 1.11: The Great DivideTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2005-05-20Legend of Aang
15Avatar 1.12: The StormTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2005-06-03Legend of Aang
16Avatar 1.13: The Blue SpiritTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-06-17Legend of Aang
17Avatar 1.14: The FortunetellerTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-09-23Legend of Aang
18Avatar 1.15: Bato of the Water TribeTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2005-10-07Legend of Aang
19Avatar 1.16: The DeserterTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2005-10-21Legend of Aang
20Avatar 1.17: The Northern Air TempleTV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-11-04Legend of Aang
21Avatar 1.18: The Waterbending MasterTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2005-11-18Legend of Aang
22Avatar 1.19: The Siege of the North, Part 1TV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2005-12-02Legend of Aang
23Avatar 1.20: The Siege of the North, Part 2TV EpisodeDave Filoni2005-12-02Legend of Aang
24Avatar: The Last Airbender (film)FilmM. Night Shyamalan2010-07-01Legend of AangNot canonical with the rest of the series, but if you're going to watch it as part of this timeline, this is the best place to do it, since it's loosely based on the first book.
25The Last Airbender Movie NovelizationNovelMichael Teitelbaum2010-05-25Legend of Aang
Avatar: The Last Airbender (game)GameDouglas Carrigan2006-10-10Legend of Aang
27The Lost Adventures, Book One: WaterGraphic NovelAaron Ehasz, Josh Hamilton, Tim Hedrick, Dave Roman, J. Torres2013-07-02Legend of Aang
28Avatar 2.01: The Avatar StateTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-03-17Legend of Aang
29Avatar 2.02: The Cave of Two LoversTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2006-03-24Legend of Aang
30Avatar 2.03: Return to OmashuTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2006-04-07Legend of Aang
31Avatar 2.04: The SwampTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-04-14Legend of Aang
32Avatar 2.05: Avatar DayTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2006-04-28Legend of Aang
33Avatar 2.06: The Blind BanditTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2006-05-05Legend of Aang
34Avatar 2.07: Zuko AloneTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2006-05-12Legend of Aang
35Avatar 2.08: The ChaseTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-05-26Legend of Aang
36Avatar 2.09: Bitter WorkTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2006-06-02Legend of Aang
37Avatar 2.10: The LibraryTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-07-14Legend of Aang
38Avatar 2.11: The DesertTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2006-07-14Legend of Aang
39Avatar 2.12: The Serpent's PassTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2006-09-15Legend of Aang
40Avatar 2.13: The DrillTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-09-15Legend of Aang
41Avatar 2.14: City of Walls and SecretsTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2006-09-22Legend of Aang
42Avatar 2.15: The Tales of Ba Sing SeTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2006-09-29Legend of Aang
43Avatar 2.16: Appa's Lost DaysTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-10-13Legend of Aang
44Avatar 2.17: Lake LaogaiTV EpisodeLauren MacMullan2006-11-03Legend of Aang
45Avatar 2.18: The Earth KingTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2006-11-17Legend of Aang
46Avatar 2.19: The GuruTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2006-12-01Legend of Aang
47Avatar 2.20: The Crossroads of DestinyTV EpisodeMichael Dante DiMartino2006-12-01Legend of Aang
48Earth Kingdom Chronicles CollectionNovelNickelodeon Publishing2016-03-15Legend of Aang
49The Burning EarthGameDouglas Carrigan2007-10-16Legend of Aang
50The Lost Adventures, Book Two: EarthGraphic NovelAaron Ehasz, Josh Hamilton, Tim Hedrick, Dave Roman, J. Torres2013-07-02Legend of Aang
51Suki, AloneGraphic NovelFaith Erin Hicks2021-07-27Legend of Aang
52Avatar 3.01: The AwakeningTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2007-09-21Legend of Aang
53Avatar 3.02: The HeadbandTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2007-09-28Legend of Aang
54Avatar 3.03: The Painted LadyTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2007-10-05Legend of Aang
55Avatar 3.04: Sokka's MasterTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2007-10-12Legend of Aang
56Avatar 3.05: The BeachTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2007-10-19Legend of Aang
57Avatar 3.06: The Avatar and the Fire LordTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2007-10-26Legend of Aang
58Avatar 3.07: The RunawayTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2007-11-02Legend of Aang
59Avatar 3.08: The PuppetmasterTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2007-11-09Legend of Aang
60Avatar 3.09: Nightmares and DaydreamsTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2007-11-16Legend of Aang
61Avatar 3.10: The Day of Black Sun, Part 1TV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2007-11-30Legend of Aang
62Avatar 3.11: The Day of Black Sun, Part 2TV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2007-11-30Legend of Aang
63Avatar 3.12: The Western Air TempleTV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2008-07-14Legend of Aang
64Avatar 3.13: The Firebending MastersTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2008-07-15Legend of Aang
65Avatar 3.14: The Boiling Rock, Part 1TV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2008-07-16Legend of Aang
66Avatar 3.15: The Boiling Rock, Part 2TV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2008-07-16Legend of Aang
67Avatar 3.16: The Southern RaidersTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2008-07-17Legend of Aang
68Avatar 3.17: The Ember Island PlayersTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2008-07-18Legend of Aang
69Avatar 3.18: Sozin's Comet, Part 1TV EpisodeEthan Spaulding2008-07-19Legend of Aang
70Avatar 3.19: Sozin's Comet, Part 2TV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2008-07-19Legend of Aang
71Avatar 3.20: Sozin's Comet, Part 3TV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2008-07-19Legend of Aang
72Avatar 3.21: Sozin's Comet, Part 4TV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos2008-07-19Legend of Aang
73Sozin's Comet: The Final BattleNovelNickelodeon Publishing2013-07-26Legend of Aang
74Into the InfernoGameDouglas Carrigan2008-10-13Legend of Aang
75The Lost Adventures, Book Three: FireGraphic NovelAaron Ehasz, Josh Hamilton, Tim Hedrick, Dave Roman, J. Torres2013-07-02Legend of Aang
76Team Avatar TalesGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang, Dave Scheidt, Sara Goetter, Ron Koertge 2019-10-15Legend of AangA collection of shorter stories, some of which take place at various times within the first three books, but are usually better read together.
77Katara and the Pirate's SilverGraphic NovelFaith Erin Hicks2020-10-13Legend of Aang
78The PromiseGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2013-02-20Legend of Aang
79The SearchGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2014-02-05Legend of Aang
80The RiftGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2015-02-24Legend of Aang
81Toph Beifong's Metalbending AcademyGraphic NovelFaith Erin Hicks2021-02-16Legend of Aang
82Smoke and ShadowGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2016-09-21Legend of Aang
83North and SouthGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2017-10-25Legend of Aang
84ImbalanceGraphic NovelGene Luen Yang2020-05-26Legend of Aang
85Republic City HustleWeb SeriesTim Hedrick, Evon Freeman2013-08-09Legend of KorraMini-series about the lives of Mako and Bolin as street hustlers before the events of the first season of Korra.
86Legend of Korra 1.01: Welcome to Republic CityTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-04-14Legend of Korra
87Legend of Korra 1.02: A Leaf in the WindTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-04-14Legend of Korra
88Legend of Korra 1.03: The RevelationTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-04-21Legend of Korra
89Legend of Korra 1.04: The Voice in the NightTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-04-28Legend of Korra
90Legend of Korra 1.05: The Spirit of CompetitionTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-05-05Legend of Korra
91Legend of Korra 1.06: And the Winner Is...TV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-05-12Legend of Korra
92Legend of Korra 1.07: The AftermathTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-05-19Legend of Korra
93Legend of Korra 1.08: When Extremes MeetTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-06-02Legend of Korra
94Legend of Korra 1.09: Out of the PastTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-06-09Legend of Korra
95Legend of Korra 1.10: Turning the TidesTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-06-16Legend of Korra
96Legend of Korra 1.11: Skeletons in the ClosetTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-06-23Legend of Korra
97Legend of Korra 1.12: EndgameTV EpisodeJoaquim Dos Santos, Ki Hyun Ryu2012-06-23Legend of Korra
98RevolutionNovelErica David2013-01-08Legend of Korra
99EndgameNovelErica David2013-07-09Legend of Korra
100Legend of Korra 2.01: Rebel SpiritTV EpisodeColin Heck2013-09-13Legend of Korra
101Legend of Korra 2.02: The Southern LightsTV EpisodeIan Graham2013-09-13Legend of Korra
102Legend of Korra 2.03: Civil Wars, Part 1TV EpisodeColin Heck2013-09-20Legend of Korra
103Legend of Korra 2.04: Civil Wars, Part 2TV EpisodeIan Graham2013-09-27Legend of Korra
104Legend of Korra 2.05: PeacekeepersTV EpisodeColin Heck2013-10-04Legend of Korra
105Legend of Korra 2.06: The StingTV EpisodeIan Graham2013-10-11Legend of Korra
106Legend of Korra 2.07: Beginnings, Part 1TV EpisodeColin Heck2013-10-18Legend of Korra
107Legend of Korra 2.08: Beginnings, Part 2TV EpisodeIan Graham2013-10-18Legend of Korra
108Legend of Korra 2.09: The GuideTV EpisodeColin Heck2013-11-01Legend of Korra
109Legend of Korra 2.10: A New Spiritual AgeTV EpisodeIan Graham2013-11-08Legend of Korra
110Legend of Korra 2.11: Night of a Thousand StarsTV EpisodeColin Heck2013-11-15Legend of Korra
111Legend of Korra 2.12: Harmonic ConvergenceTV EpisodeIan Graham2013-11-15Legend of Korra
112Legend of Korra 2.13: Darkness FallsTV EpisodeColin Heck2013-11-22Legend of Korra
113Legend of Korra 2.14: Light in the DarkTV EpisodeIan Graham2013-11-22Legend of Korra
114Legend of Korra (game)GameEiro Shirahama, Douglas Carrigan2014-10-21Legend of KorraCurrently unavailable.
115Legend of Korra: A New Era BeginsGameTim Hedrick2014-10-28Legend of Korra
116Legend of Korra 3.01: A Breath of Fresh AirTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-06-27Legend of Korra
117Legend of Korra 3.02: RebirthTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-06-27Legend of Korra
118Legend of Korra 3.03: The Earth QueenTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-06-27Legend of Korra
119Legend of Korra 3.04: In Harm's WayTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-07-11Legend of Korra
120Legend of Korra 3.05: The Metal ClanTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-07-11Legend of Korra
121Legend of Korra 3.06: Old WoundsTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-07-18Legend of Korra
122Legend of Korra 3.07: Original AirbendersTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-07-18Legend of Korra
123Legend of Korra 3.08: The Terror WithinTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-07-25Legend of Korra
124Legend of Korra 3.09: The StakeoutTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-08-01Legend of Korra
125Legend of Korra 3.10: Long Live the QueenTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-08-08Legend of Korra
126Legend of Korra 3.11: The UltimatumTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-08-15Legend of Korra
127Legend of Korra 3.12: Enter the VoidTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-08-22Legend of Korra
128Legend of Korra 3.13: Venom of the Red LotusTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-08-22Legend of Korra
129Legend of Korra 4.01: After All These YearsTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-10-03Legend of Korra
130Legend of Korra 4.02: Korra AloneTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-10-10Legend of Korra
131Legend of Korra 4.03: The CoronationTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-10-17Legend of Korra
132Legend of Korra 4.04: The CallingTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-10-24Legend of Korra
133Legend of Korra 4.05: Enemy at the GatesTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-10-31Legend of Korra
134Legend of Korra 4.06: The Battle of ZaofuTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-11-07Legend of Korra
135Legend of Korra 4.07: ReunionTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-11-14Legend of Korra
136Legend of Korra 4.08: RemembrancesTV EpisodeMichael Dante DiMartino2014-11-21Legend of Korra
137Legend of Korra 4.09: Beyond the WildsTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-11-28Legend of Korra
138Legend of Korra 4.10: Operation BeifongTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-12-05Legend of Korra
139Legend of Korra 4.11: Kuvira's GambitTV EpisodeColin Heck2014-12-12Legend of Korra
140Legend of Korra 4.12: Day of the ColossusTV EpisodeIan Graham2014-12-19Legend of Korra
141Legend of Korra 4.13: The Last StandTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2014-12-19Legend of Korra
142Turf WarsGraphic NovelMichael Dante DiMartino2019-03-26Legend of Korra
143Ruins of the EmpireGraphic NovelMichael Dante DiMartino2020-02-25Legend of Korra