Ultimate Fandom Timeline: The Origin of the Multiverse

The Nature of the Multiverse

The multiverse is something that has emerged from time to time, though eventually, it has always reverted to the original single timeline. Time is constant, and though it can be fragmented, eventually each separate timeline will re-converge, much like a wound will eventually heal.

A multiverse will only begin if an event (or multiple events) create such strain on the timeline that it is forced to fragment to save itself from breaking completely. This act is usually rare and localized.

A Gathering of Magic

The first multiverse, however, was anything but localized. It was universe-wide. It began as the original universe was still very young. Just after Adonalsium splintered, magic and energy lay scattered around the universe, just waiting for beings to take it up and wield it. The first beings to do so were called Planeswalkers.

These beings were the first to use magic to move from dimension to dimension. Though this was possible with their magic, it was damaging to the timeline. Each planeswalker would make use of many spells, magic creatures, and artifacts. Eventually their experimentation turned to war, which became the genesis of the multiverse.

There were five main types of magic: Black, White, Green, Blue, and Red. Each form of magic became the foundation of each new alternate universe. In our modern society, we have names for the stories that happened in each one. They are:

  • Warcraft: The worlds of Warcraft represent one of the alternate dimensions that was created in the war of the planeswalkers. It is most closely associated with green magic. Since green magic is related to creatures and nature, this became a major part of what Warcraft had to offer. There are many races and creatures, and magic is extremely strong in this dimension. What we know about the worlds of Warcraft is still unfinished. However, it seems to be an isolated alternate dimension that only extends across a few worlds.
  • Final Fantasy: The blue magic would eventually splinter into an alternate universe known to us as Final Fantasy. The blue magic is often elusive which is why much of the Final Fantasy universe does not always relate to other areas of the universe. However, though there are many planets that exist in the Final Fantasy universe, they are all interconnected. The blue magic also caused some areas to become elevated in intellect, which is why this universe was among the first to develop advanced technology.
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Red magic eventually splintered into its own alternate universe that we know as Dungeons and Dragons. Since red magic represents freedom, chaos, and creativity, this new universe became the most chaotic of the alternate universes. It would even splinter into its own small multiverses. Several constant elements would always remain. There were many heroes who would go on adventures, but it was all a chaotic mess for many years until it reverted back to the original universe.
  • Elder Scrolls: The black magic created its own splinter, that we call Elder Scrolls. However, this splinter universe was different from the others. It was isolated over one world, and the black magic eventually took shape into a huge evil force that the inhabitants of the world fought. The world was called Tamriel. Many warlords would arise, serving the great evil, but they were usually defeated by many heroes. The tales of the Elder Scrolls are not yet complete, but we can assume that it eventually joined with the original timeline.
  • Our Timeline: The white magic represents order and peace. That is why it chose to stay with the original timeline instead of becoming part of a splinter universe. This is our own universe, the single timeline. The white magic is partially responsible for eventually bringing all of the alternate universes back together to form a whole.


8.8 Billion Years Ago

  • The Planeswalkers emerge and experiment with magic.

8.7 Billion Years Ago

  • The Planeswalkers erupt into war, shattering the timeline.
  • Each of the 5 magics are attracted to different timelines.
    • Green –> Warcraft
    • Blue –> Final Fantasy
    • Red –> Dungeons and Dragons
    • Black –> Elder Scrolls
    • White –> Our Timeline

8.6 Billion Years Ago

  • The timeline eventually reassembles, and the alternate universes come to an end.

Fandoms Covered

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Elder Scrolls
  • Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy

What is the Ultimate Fandom Timeline:
The Ultimate Fandom Timeline is a hypothetical amalgamation of stories from across all major fandoms. It answers the question, “What if EVERYTHING was connected?” So it places the major timelines in order of how they could relate to each other. It is told from the perspective of a fictional character, Alice, who thinks that all the major stories are somehow real and connected and that it’s a huge coverup that prevents us from realizing this fact.

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