Thrawn Canon Timeline

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He started as a new villain in a 1991 Star Wars book and has since grown to have a huge fanbase, eventually making it to the screen in the animated show Star Wars Rebels.

What’s on the Thrawn Canon Timeline?

This timeline includes all of the media and stories involving Thrawn, a popular villain outside the Star Wars films. He first started in the Thrawn trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn, which began in 1991. However, most of those stories were disregarded as non-canon in the Disney era. That said, Thrawn was brought back into the canon on Star Wars Rebels, and in new books by Timothy Zahn.

This is just his canon appearances, but we hope you enjoy learning more about this character and wait eagerly with the rest of us to know more about what happens to him. Because so far his story remains open-ended.

We hope you enjoy this Thrawn canon timeline. And don’t forget to visit all of our other Star Wars timelines on our Star Wars hub page. As always, if you see anything that needs changing, let us know.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Starlight, Part 1Short StoryCharles Soule2020-12-16232 BBYThe High Republic
2The High Republic: Light of the JediNovelCharles Soule2020-08-25232 BBYThe High Republic
3Starlight, Part 2Short StoryCharles Soule2021-02-10232 BBYThe High Republic
4The High Republic: Into the DarkYA NovelClaudia Gray2020-10-13232 BBYThe High Republic
5The High Republic: The Great Jedi RescueJunior NovelCavan Scott2021-01-05232 BBYThe High Republic
6The High Republic: A Test of CourageJunior NovelJustina Ireland2020-09-08232 BBYThe High Republic
7The High Republic Vol. 1Graphic NovelCavan Scott2021-08-17232 BBYThe High Republic
8The High Republic: Out of the ShadowsNovelCavan Scott2021-06-29231 BBYThe High Republic
9The High Republic: Race to Crashpoint TowerYA NovelDaniel José Older2021-06-29231 BBYThe High Republic
10The High Republic: The Rising StormJunior NovelJustina Ireland2021-07-27231 BBYThe High Republic
11The High Republic: Tempest RunnerAudio DramaCavan Scott2021-08-31231 BBYThe High Republic
12The High Republic: The Fallen StarNovelClaudia Gray2022-01-04230 BBYThe High Republic
13The High Republic: Midnight HorizonYA NovelDaniel José Older2022-02-01230 BBYThe High Republic
14The High Republic: Mission to DisasterJunior NovelJustina Ireland2022-01-04230 BBYThe High Republic
15Age of Republic: Qui-Gon JinnComic IssueJody Houser2019-05-14Prequel Era
16Master and ApprenticeNovelClaudia Gray2019-04-16Prequel Era
17Darth MaulGraphic NovelCullen Bunn2017-09-1933 BBYPrequel EraDarth Maul
18Age of Republic: Darth MaulComic IssueJody Houser2019-05-21Prequel EraDarth Maul
19Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceFilmGeorge Lucas1999-05-1932 BBYPrequel EraDarth Maul
20Queen's PerilYA NovelE. K. Johnston2020-06-02Prequel Era
21Forces of Destiny: Monster MisunderstandingShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-0432-22 BBYPrequel Era
22Age of Republic: Obi-Wan KenobiComic IssueJody Houser2019-05-14Prequel Era
Adventures: Raiders of the Lost GundarkComic IssueDelilah Dawson2019-02-20Prequel Era
24Queen's ShadowYA NovelE. K. Johnston2019-03-05Prequel Era
25Obi-Wan & AnakinGraphic NovelCharles Soule2016-07-1929 BBYPrequel Era
26Choose Your Destiny: An Obi-Wan and Anakin AdventureJunior NovelCavan Scott2019-03-19Prequel Era
27Age of Republic: Jango FettComic IssueJody Houser2019-05-21Prequel Era
28Age of Republic: DookuComic Issue2019-05-21Prequel Era
29Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesFilmGeorge Lucas2002-05-1622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
30Jedi of the Republic — Mace WinduGraphic NovelMatt Owens2018-03-0622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
31Dooku: Jedi LostAudio DramaCavan Scott2019-04-3022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
32The Clone Wars 2.16: Cat and MouseTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-03-2022 BBYThe Clone Wars were aired out of chronological order. They are here presented in chronological order.Prequel Era, The Clone Wars
33The Clone Wars 1.16: The Hidden EnemyTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-02-0622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
34The Clone WarsFilmDave Filoni2008-08-1522 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
35The Clone Wars 3.01: Clone CadetsTV EpisodeDave Filoni2010-09-1722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
36The Clone Wars 3.03: Supply LinesTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2010-09-2422 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
37The Clone Wars 1.01: AmbushTV EpisodeDave Bullock2008-10-0322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
38The Clone Wars 1.02: Rising MalevolenceTV EpisodeDave Filoni2008-10-0322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
39The Clone Wars 1.03: Shadow of MalevolenceTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2008-10-1022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
40The Clone Wars 1.04: Destroy MalevolenceTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2008-10-1722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
41The Clone Wars 1.05: RookiesTV EpisodeJustin Ridge2008-10-2422 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
42The Clone Wars 1.06: Downfall of a DroidTV EpisodeRob Coleman2008-11-0722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
43The Clone Wars 1.07: Duel of the DroidsTV EpisodeRob Coleman2008-11-1422 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
44The Clone Wars 1.08: Bombad JediTV EpisodeJesse Yeh2008-11-2122 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
45The Clone Wars 1.09: Cloak of DarknessTV EpisodeDave Filoni2008-12-0522 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
46The Clone Wars 1.10: Lair of GrievousTV EpisodeAtsushi Takeuchi2008-12-1222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
47Age of Republic: GrievousComic Issue2019-05-21Prequel Era, The Clone Wars
48The Clone Wars 1.11: Dooku CapturedTV EpisodeJesse Yeh2009-01-0222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
49The Clone Wars 1.12: The Gungan GeneralTV EpisodeJustin Ridge2009-01-0922 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
50The Clone Wars 1.13: Jedi CrashTV EpisodeRob Coleman2009-01-1622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
51The Clone Wars 1.14: Defenders of PeaceTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-01-2322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
52The Clone Wars 1.15: TrespassTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-01-3022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
53The Clone Wars 1.17: Blue Shadow VirusTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2009-02-1322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
54The Clone Wars 1.18: Mystery of a Thousand MoonsTV EpisodeJesse Yeh2009-02-2022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
55The Clone Wars 1.19: Storm Over RylothTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-02-2722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
56The Clone Wars 1.20: Innocents of RylothTV EpisodeJustin Ridge2009-03-0622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
57The Clone Wars 1.21: Liberty on RylothTV EpisodeRob Coleman2009-03-1322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
58The Clone Wars 2.01: Holocron HeistTV EpisodeJustin Ridge2009-10-0222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
59The Clone Wars 2.02: Cargo of DoomTV EpisodeRob Coleman2009-10-0222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
60The Clone Wars 2.03: Children of the ForceTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-10-0922 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
61The Clone Wars 2.17: Bounty HuntersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2010-03-2722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
62The Clone Wars 2.18: The Zillo BeastTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-04-0322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
63The Clone Wars 2.19: The Zillo Beast Strikes BackTV EpisodeSteward Lee2010-04-1022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
64The Clone Wars 2.04: Senate SpyTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-10-1622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
65The Clone Wars 2.05: Landing at Point RainTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2009-11-0622 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
66The Clone Wars 2.06: Weapons FactoryTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2009-11-1322 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
67The Clone Wars 2.07: Legacy of TerrorTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-11-2022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
68The Clone Wars 2.08: Brain InvadersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2009-12-0422 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
69The Clone Wars 2.09: Grevious IntrigueTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-01-0122 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
70The Clone Wars 2.10: The DeserterTV EpisodeRobert Dalva2010-01-0122 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
71The Clone Wars 2.11: Lightsaber LostTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-01-2222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
72The Clone Wars 2.12: The Mandalore PlotTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-01-2922 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
73The Clone Wars 2.13: Voyage of TemptationTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O' Connell2010-02-0522 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
74The Clone Wars 2.14: Duchess of MandaloreTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O' Connell2010-02-1222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
75The Clone Wars 2.20: Death TrapTV EpisodeSteward Lee2010-04-1722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
76The Clone Wars 2.21: R2 Come HomeTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-04-2422 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
77The Clone Wars 2.22: Lethal TrackdownTV EpisodeDave Filoni2010-04-3022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
78The Clone Wars 3.05: CorruptionTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-10-0822 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
79The Clone Wars 3.06: The AcademyTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2010-10-1522 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
80The Clone Wars 3.07: AssassinTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-10-2222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
81The Clone Wars 3.02: ARC TroopersTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-09-1722 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
82The Clone Wars 3.04: Sphere of InfluenceTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2010-10-0122 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
83The Clone Wars 3.08: Evil PlansTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2010-11-0522 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
84The Clone Wars 1.22: Hostage CrisisTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2009-03-2022 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
85The Clone Wars 3.09: Hunt for ZiroTV EpisodeSteward Lee2010-11-1222 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
86Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos RisingNovelTimothy Zahn2020-10-06Prequel Era, The Clone WarsThrawn
87Adventures: IntermissionComic IssueElsa Charretier, Pierrick Colinet2018-07-2522 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
88Forces of Destiny: The Padawan PathShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-0621 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
89Forces of Destiny: Teach You I WillShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-0121 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
90Forces of Destiny: The Imposter InsideShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-0821 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
91Forces of Destiny: The Starfighter StuntShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-0121 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
92Forces of Destiny: Unexpected CompanyShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-1921 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
93Age of Republic: Anakin SkywalkerComic Issue2019-05-1421 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
94Age of Republic: Padme AmidalaComic Issue2019-05-1421 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
Adventures: Roger RogerComic IssueCavan Scott2019-03-2721 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
Adventures: Hide and SeekComic IssueCavan Scott2019-04-1721 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
97Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater GoodNovelTimothy Zahn2021-05-04Prequel Era, The Clone WarsThrawn
98The Clone Wars 3.10: Heroes on Both SidesTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2021-04-2720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
99The Clone Wars 3.11: Pursuit of PeaceTV EpisodeDuwayne Dunham2010-12-0320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
100The Clone Wars 2.15: Senate MurdersTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O' Connell2010-03-1220 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
101The Clone Wars 3.12: NightsistersTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2011-01-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
102The Clone Wars 3.13: MonsterTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-01-1420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
103The Clone Wars 3.14: Witches of the MistTV EpisodeGiancarlo Volpe2011-01-2120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
104The Clone Wars 3.15: OverlordsTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-01-2820 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
105The Clone Wars 3.16: Altar of MortisTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-02-0420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
106The Clone Wars 3.17: Ghosts of MortisTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-02-1120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
107The Clone Wars 3.18: The CitadelTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-02-1820 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
108The Clone Wars 3.19: CounterattackTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-03-0420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
109The Clone Wars 3.20: Citadel RescueTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-03-1120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
110The Clone Wars 3.21: Padawan LostTV EpisodeDave Filoni2011-03-1920 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
111The Clone Wars 3.22: Wookiee HuntTV EpisodeDave Filoni2011-03-2620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
112The Clone Wars 4.01: Water WarTV EpisodeDuwayne Dunham2011-09-1620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
113The Clone Wars 4.02: Gungan AttackTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-09-1620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
114The Clone Wars 4.03: PrisonersTV EpisodeDanny Keller2011-09-2320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
115The Clone Wars 4.04: Shadow WarriorTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-09-3020 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
116The Clone Wars 4.05: Mercy MissionTV EpisodeDanny Keller2011-10-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
117The Clone Wars 4.06: Nomad DroidsTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-10-1420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
118The Clone Wars 4.07: Darkness On UmbaraTV EpisodeSteward Lee2011-10-2820 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
119The Clone Wars 4.08: The GeneralTV EpisodeWalter Murch2011-11-0420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
120The Clone Wars 4.09: Plan of DissentTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-11-1120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
121The Clone Wars 4.10: Carnage of KrellTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-11-1820 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
122The Clone Wars 4.11: KidnappedTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2011-11-2520 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
123The Clone Wars 4.12: Slaves of the RepublicTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2011-12-0220 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
124The Clone Wars 4.13: Escape from KadavoTV EpisodeDanny Keller2012-01-0620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
125The Clone Wars 4.14: A Friend in NeedTV EpisodeDave Filoni2012-01-1320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
126The Clone Wars 4.15: DeceptionTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-01-2020 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
127The Clone Wars 4.16: Friends and EnemiesTV EpisodeBosco Ng2012-01-2720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
128The Clone Wars 4.17: The BoxTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connel2012-02-0320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
129The Clone Wars 4.18: Crisis on NabooTV EpisodeDanny Keller2012-02-1020 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
130The Clone Wars 4.19: MassacreTV EpisodeSteward Lee2012-02-2420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
131The Clone Wars 4.20: BountyTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-03-0220 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
132The Clone Wars 4.21: BrothersTV EpisodeBosco Ng2012-03-0920 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
133The Clone Wars 4.22: RevengeTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2012-03-1620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
134The Clone Wars 5.02: A War on Two FrontsTV EpisodeDave Filoni2012-10-0620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
135The Clone Wars 5.03: Front RunnersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2012-10-1320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
136The Clone Wars 5.04: The Soft WarTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-10-2020 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
137The Clone Wars 5.05: Tipping PointsTV EpisodeBosco Ng2012-10-2720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
138The Clone Wars 5.06: The GatheringTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-11-0320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
139The Clone Wars 5.07: A Test of StrengthTV EpisodeBosco Ng2012-11-1020 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
140The Clone Wars 5.08: Bound for RescueTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2012-11-1720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
141The Clone Wars 5.09: A Necessary BondTV EpisodeDanny Keller2012-11-2420 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
142The Clone Wars 5.10: Secret Weapons'TV EpisodeDanny Keller2012-12-0120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
143The Clone Wars 5.11: A Sunny Day in the VoidTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2012-12-0820 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
144The Clone Wars 5.12: Missing in ActionTV EpisodeSteward Lee2013-01-0520 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
145The Clone Wars 5.13: Point of No ReturnTV EpisodeBosco Ng2013-01-1220 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
146The Clone Wars 5.01: RevivalTV EpisodeSteward Lee2012-09-2920 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
147The Clone Wars 5.14: EminenceTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2013-01-1920 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
148The Clone Wars 5.15: Shades of ReasonTV EpisodeBosco Ng2013-01-2620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
149The Clone Wars 5.16: The LawlessTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2013-02-0220 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
150The Clone Wars 5.17: SabotageTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2013-02-0920 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
151The Clone Wars 5.18: The Jedi Who Knew Too MuchTV EpisodeDanny Keller2013-02-1620 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
152The Clone Wars 5.19: To Catch a JediTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2013-02-2320 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
153The Clone Wars 5.20: The Wrong JediTV EpisodeDave Filoni2013-03-0220 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
154Age of Republic: SpecialComic IssueChip Zdarsky, Ethan Sacks, Jody Houser, Marc Guggenheim2019-05-21Prequel Era, The Clone Wars
155The Clone Wars 6.01: The UnknownTV EpisodeBosco Ng2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
156The Clone Wars 6.02: ConspiracyTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
157The Clone Wars 6.03: FugitiveTV EpisodeDanny Keller2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
158The Clone Wars 6.04: OrdersTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
159The Clone Wars 6.05: And Old FriendTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
160The Clone Wars 6.06: The Rise of ClovisTV EpisodeDanny Keller2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
161The Clone Wars 6.07: Crisis at HeartTV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
162The Clone Wars 6.08: The Disappeared, Part ITV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
163The Clone Wars 6.09: The Disappeared, Part IITV EpisodeBosco Ng2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
164The Clone Wars 6.10: The Lost OneTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
165The Clone Wars 6.11: VoicesTV EpisodeDanny Keller2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
166The Clone Wars 6.12: DestinyTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
167The Clone Wars 6.13: SacrificeTV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-03-0720 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
168The Clone Wars (unfinished): A Death on UtapauTV EpisodeDave Filoni2014-09-0120 BBYThis 4-episode arc is unfinished and can be found on, but is still considered canon by the Lucasfilm Story GroupPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
169The Clone Wars (unfinished): In Search of the CrystalTV EpisodeDave Filoni2014-09-0120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
170The Clone Wars (unfinished): Crystal CrisisTV EpisodeDave Filoni2014-09-0120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
171The Clone Wars (unfinished): The Big BangTV EpisodeDave Filoni2014-09-0120 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
172Darth Maul: Son of DathomirGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2014-10-0120 BBYAn adaption of 4 unfinished Clone Wars episodesPrequel Era, The Clone WarsDarth Maul
173Kindred SpiritsShort StoryChristie Golden2015-07-2120 BBYAvailable in Star Wars Insider 159. The story is a prequel to Golden's novel Dark Disciple.Prequel Era, The Clone Wars
174Dark DiscipleNovelChristie Golden2015-07-0720 BBYAn adaption of 8 unfinished Clone Wars episodesPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
175The Clone Wars 7.05: Gone with a TraceTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz, Kyle Dunlevy2020-03-2019 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
176The Clone Wars 7.06: Deal No DealTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva, Steward Lee2020-03-2719 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
177The Clone Wars 7.07: Dangerous DebtTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz, Bosco Ng2020-04-0319 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
178The Clone Wars 7.08: Together AgainTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2020-04-1019 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka
179The Clone Wars 7.01: The Bad BatchTV EpisodeKyle Dunlevy2020-02-2119 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
180The Clone Wars 7.02: A Distant EchoTV EpisodeSteward Lee2020-02-2819 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
181The Clone Wars 7.03: On the Wings of KeeradaksTV EpisodeBosco Ng2020-03-0619 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
182The Clone Wars 7.04: Unfinished BusinessTV EpisodeBrian Kalin O'Connell2020-03-1319 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
183The Clone Wars 7.09: Old Friends Not ForgottenTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2020-04-1719 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka, Darth Maul
184The Clone Wars 7.10: The Phantom ApprenticeTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2020-04-2419 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka, Darth Maul
185Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithFilmGeorge Lucas2005-05-1919 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone Wars
186The Clone Wars 7.11: ShatteredTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2020-05-0119 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka, Darth Maul
187The Clone Wars 7.12: Victory and DeathTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2020-05-0419 BBYPrequel Era, The Clone WarsAhsoka, Darth Maul
188Bad Batch 1.01: AftermathTV EpisodeSteward Lee, Saul Ruiz, Nathaniel Villanueva2021-05-0419 BBYThe Dark Times
189Bad Batch 1.02: Cut and RunTV EpisodeSteward Lee2021-05-0719 BBYThe Dark Times
190Bad Batch 1.03: ReplacementsTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2021-05-1419 BBYThe Dark Times
191Bad Batch 1.04: CorneredTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2021-05-2119 BBYThe Dark Times
192Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 1Graphic NovelCharles Soule2017-12-0519 BBYStarts immediately after Revenge of the Sith.The Dark Times
193Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 2: Legacy's EndGraphic NovelCharles Soule2018-04-2419 BBYThe Dark Times
194Bad Batch 1.05: RampageTV EpisodeSteward Lee2021-05-2819 BBYThe Dark Times
195Bad Batch 1.06: DecommissionedTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2021-06-0419 BBYThe Dark Times
196Bad Batch 1.07: Battle ScarsTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2021-06-1119 BBYThe Dark Times
197Bad Batch 1.08: ReunionTV EpisodeSteward Lee2021-06-1819 BBYThe Dark Times
198Bad Batch 1.09: Bounty LostTV EpisodeBrad Rau, Nathaniel Villanueva2021-06-2519 BBYThe Dark Times
199Bad Batch 1.10: Common GroundTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2021-07-0219 BBYThe Dark Times
200Bad Batch 1.11: Devil's DealTV EpisodeSteward Lee2021-07-0919 BBYThe Dark Times
201Bad Batch 1.12: Rescue on RylothTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2021-07-1619 BBYThe Dark Times
202Bad Batch 1.13: InfestedTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2021-07-2319 BBYThe Dark Times
203Bad Batch 1.14: War-MantleTV EpisodeSteward Lee2021-07-3019 BBYThe Dark Times
204Bad Batch 1.15: Return to KaminoTV EpisodeNathaniel Villanueva2021-08-0619 BBYThe Dark Times
205Bad Batch 1.16: Kamino LostTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2021-08-1319 BBYThe Dark Times
Adventures: Trouble AgainComic IssueJohn Barber2018-04-1819 BBYThe Dark Times
207Jedi Fallen Order - Dark TempleGraphic NovelMatthew Rosenberg2019-12-04The Dark Times
208Rogue One: CatalystNovelJames Luceno2016-11-1521 - 17 BBYThe Dark Times
209Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser EvilNovelTimothy Zahn2021-11-16The Dark Times
210The Voice of the EmpireShort StoryMur Laffert2016-12-1617 BBYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 170The Dark Times
211Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 3: The Burning SeasGraphic NovelCharles Soule2018-09-1116 BBYThe Dark Times
212Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Vol. 4: Fortress VaderGraphic NovelCharles Soule2019-02-1216 BBYThe Dark Times
213AhsokaYA NovelE. K. Johnston2016-10-1118 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
214Adventures in Wild Space: The EscapeJunior NovelCavan Scott2016-02-2516 BBYThe Dark Times
215Adventures in Wild Space: The SnareJunior NovelCavan Scott2016-02-2516 BBYThe Dark Times
216Adventures in Wild Space: The NestJunior NovelTom Huddleston2016-02-2516 BBYThe Dark Times
217Adventures in Wild Space: The StealJunior NovelCavan Scott2016-06-3016 BBYThe Dark Times
218Adventures in Wild Space: The DarkJunior NovelTom Huddleston2016-06-3016 BBYThe Dark Times
219Adventures in Wild Space: The ColdJunior NovelCavan Scott2017-03-0916 BBYThe Dark Times
220Adventures in Wild Space: The RescueJunior NovelTom Huddleston2017-05-0416 BBYThe Dark Times
221Lords of the SithNovelPaul S. Kemp2015-04-2814 BBYThe Dark Times
222OrientationShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2015-04-2114 BBYAvailable in Star Wars Insider 157. Takes place during Lords of the SithThe Dark Times
223Mercy MissionShort StoryMelissa Scott2015-10-0614 BBYPart of the Rise of the Empire collection.The Dark Times
224TarkinNovelJames Luceno2014-11-0414 BBYThe Dark Times
225BottleneckShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2015-10-0614 BBYPart of the Rise of the Empire collection.The Dark Times
226Jedi: Fallen OrderGame2019-11-1514 BBYThe Dark Times
227BeckettComic IssueGerry Duggan2018-08-15The Dark Times
228Most WantedYA NovelRae Carson2018-05-25The Dark TimesHan Solo
229Lando's LuckJunior NovelJustina Ireland2018-10-02The Dark Times
230Lando: Double or NothingGraphic NovelRodney Barnes2018-11-0611 BBYThe Dark Times
231Solo: A Star Wars StoryFilmChristopher Miller, Phil Lord, Ron Howard2018-05-2510 BBYThe Dark TimesDarth Maul, Han Solo
232Star Wars: Han Solo - Imperial CadetGraphic NovelRobbie Thompson2019-05-07The Dark TimesHan Solo
233Solo: A Star Wars Story (novel)NovelMur Lafferty2018-09-0410 BBYThe Dark TimesHan Solo
234Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from VandorJunior NovelJason Fry2018-09-1110 BBYThe Dark TimesHan Solo
235Forces of Destiny: TriplecrossShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-2510 BBYThe Dark Times
236Adventures: Hunter vs HuntedComic IssueCavan Scott2018-05-0510 BBYReleased on Free Comic Book Day 2018The Dark TimesHan Solo
237Adventures: Powered DownComic IssueCavan Scott2018-10-3010 BBYThe Dark TimesHan Solo
238A New DawnNovelJohn Jackson Miller2014-09-029 BBYThe Dark Times
239The End of HistoryShort StoryAlexander Freed2014-12-099 BBYThe Dark Times
240Target VaderGraphic NovelRobbie Thompson2019-07-03The Dark Times
241Choose Your Destiny: A Han and Chewie AdventureJunior NovelCavan Scott2018-04-17The Dark TimesHan Solo
242Star Wars: Secrets of the EmpireGameDavid S. Goyer2017-12-16A VR ExperienceThe Dark Times
243Servants of the Empire: Edge of the GalaxyJunior NovelJason Fry2014-10-215 BBYThe Dark Times
244Ezra’s GambleJunior NovelRyder Windham2014-08-055 BBYThe Dark Times
245Rebel Journal by Ezra BridgerJunior NovelDaniel Wallace2014-10-215 BBYThe Dark Times
246Sabine: My Rebel SketchbookJunior NovelDaniel Wallace2015-02-035 BBYThe Dark Times
247Rise of the Rebels 4 ShortsTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Justin Ridge2014-09-015 BBYThe Dark Times
248Star Wars Rebels: Spark of RebellionTV EpisodeSteward Lee, Steven G. Lee2014-10-035 BBYThe Dark Times
249Star Wars Rebels 1.01: Droids in DistressTV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-10-135 BBYThe Dark Times
250Star Wars Rebels 1.02: Fighter FlightTV EpisodeSteven G. Lee2014-10-205 BBYThe Dark Times
251Star Wars Rebels 1.03: Rise of the Old MastersTV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-10-275 BBYThe Dark Times
252Star Wars Rebels 1.04: Breaking RanksTV EpisodeSteven G. Lee2014-11-035 BBYThe Dark Times
253Servants of the Empire: Rebel in RanksJunior NovelJason Fry2015-03-035 BBYThe Dark Times
254Star Wars Rebels 1.05: Out of DarknessTV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-11-105 BBYThe Dark Times
255Star Wars Rebels 1.06: Empire DayTV EpisodeSteven G. Lee2014-11-175 BBYThe Dark Times
256Star Wars Rebels 1.07: Gathering ForcesTV EpisodeSteward Lee2014-11-245 BBYThe Dark Times
257Star Wars Rebels 1.08: Path of the JediTV EpisodeDave Filoni2015-01-054 BBYThe Dark Times
258Star Wars Rebels 1.09: Idiot's ArrayTV EpisodeSteward Lee2015-01-194 BBYThe Dark Times
259Servants of the Empire: Imperial JusticeJunior NovelJason Fry2015-07-074 BBYThe Dark Times
260Star Wars Rebels 1.10: Vision of HopeTV EpisodeSteven G. Lee2015-02-024 BBYThe Dark Times
261Servants of the Empire: The Secret AcademyJunior NovelJason Fry2015-10-064 BBYThe Dark Times
262Star Wars Rebels 1.11: Call to ActionTV EpisodeSteward Lee2015-02-094 BBYThe Dark Times
263Rebel BluffShort StoryMichael Kogge2015-06-094 BBYSet after Lando's appearance in the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels.The Dark Times
264Vader: Dark VisionsGraphic NovelDennis Hallum2019-09-10?The Dark Times
265Star Wars Rebels 1.12: Rebel ResolveTV EpisodeJustin Ridge2015-02-234 BBYThe Dark Times
266Star Wars Rebels 1.13: Fire Across the GalaxyTV EpisodeDave Filoni2015-03-024 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
267Kanan: The Last Padawan Vol. 1Graphic NovelGreg Weisman2015-11-0319 BBYFrame story takes place between seasons 1 and 2 of Star Wars Rebels.The Dark Times
268Kanan Vol. 2: First BloodGraphic NovelGreg Weisman2016-05-314 BBYFrame story placed here, many flashbacks to TCW era.The Dark Times
269TK-462Short StorySylvain Neuvel2016-06-074 BBYAvailable in Star Wars Insider 166The Dark Times
270Vader ImmortalGame2019-05-214 BBYThe Dark Times
271Age of Rebellion: Darth VaderComic IssueGreg Pak2019-06-124 BBYThe Dark Times
272Leia: Princess of AlderaanYA NovelClaudia Gray2017-09-013 BBYJourney to The Last Jedi. Takes place on the eve of her 16th birthday.The Dark Times
273Star Wars Rebels 2.00: The Siege of LothalTV EpisodeBosco Ng, Brad Rau2015-06-203 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
274Forces of Destiny: Bounty of TroubleShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-093 BBYThe Dark Times
275Star Wars Rebels 2.01: The Lost CommandersTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Sergio Paez2015-10-143 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
276Star Wars Rebels 2.02: Relics of the Old RepublicTV EpisodeBosco Ng2015-10-213 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
277Star Wars Rebels 2.03: Always Two There AreTV EpisodeBrad Rau2015-10-283 BBYThe Dark Times
278Star Wars Rebels 2.04: Brothers of the Broken HornTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2015-11-043 BBYThe Dark Times
279Star Wars Rebels 2.05: Wings of the MasterTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Sergio Paez2015-11-113 BBYThe Dark Times
280Star Wars Rebels 2.06: Blood SistersTV EpisodeBosco Ng2015-11-183 BBYThe Dark Times
281Forces of Destiny: Newest RecruitShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-013 BBYThe Dark Times
282Forces of Destiny: Accidental AlliesShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-293 BBYThe Dark Times
283Forces of Destiny: Crash CourseShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-293 BBYThe Dark Times
284Star Wars Rebels 2.07: Stealth StrikeTV EpisodeBrad Rau2015-11-253 BBYThe Dark Times
285Star Wars Rebels 2.08: The Future of the ForceTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2015-12-023 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
286Star Wars Rebels 2.09: LegacyTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2015-12-093 BBYThe Dark Times
287Star Wars Rebels 2.10: A Princess on LothalTV EpisodeBosco Ng2016-01-203 BBYThe Dark Times
288Star Wars Rebels 2.11: The Protector of Concord DawnTV EpisodeBrad Rau2016-01-273 BBYThe Dark Times
289Star Wars Rebels 2.12: Legends of the LasatTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2016-02-033 BBYThe Dark Times
290Star Wars Rebels 2.13: The CallTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2016-02-103 BBYThe Dark Times
291Star Wars Rebels 2.14: HomecomingTV EpisodeBosco Ng2016-02-173 BBYThe Dark Times
292Star Wars Rebels 2.15: The Honorable OnesTV EpisodeBrad Rau2016-02-243 BBYThe Dark Times
293Star Wars Rebels 2.16: Shroud of DarknessTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2016-03-023 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
294Star Wars Rebels 2.17: The Forgotten DroidTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2016-03-163 BBYThe Dark Times
295Star Wars Rebels 2.18: The Mystery of Chopper BaseTV EpisodeBosco Ng2016-03-233 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
296Forces of Destiny: A Disarming LessonShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-043 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
297Star Wars Rebels 2.19: Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 1TV EpisodeDave Filoni2016-03-303 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka, Darth Maul
298Star Wars Rebels 2.20: Twilight of the Apprentice, Part 2TV EpisodeDave Filoni2016-03-303 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka, Darth Maul
299ThrawnNovelTimothy Zahn2017-04-113 BBYBegins earlier, but ends just before Season 3 of RebelsThe Dark TimesThrawn
300Thrawn (comic)Graphic NovelJody Houser, Timothy Zahn2018-09-123 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
301Forces of Destiny: Hasty DepartureShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-192 BBYThe Dark Times
Adventures: EndangeredComic IssueSholly Fisch2018-06-192 BBYThe Dark Times
303Star Wars Rebels 3.01: Steps Into Shadow, Part 1TV EpisodeBosco Ng, Mel Zwyer2016-09-242 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
304Star Wars Rebels 3.02: Steps Into Shadow, Part 2TV EpisodeBosco Ng, Mel Zwyer2016-09-242 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
305Star Wars Rebels 3.03: The Holocrons of FateTV EpisodeSteward Lee2016-10-012 BBYThe Dark TimesDarth Maul
306Star Wars Rebels 3.04: The Antilles ExtractionTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2016-10-082 BBYThe Dark Times
307Star Wars Rebels 3.05: Hera's HeroesTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2016-10-152 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
308Star Wars Rebels 3.06: The Last BattleTV EpisodeBosco Ng2016-10-222 BBYThe Dark Times
309Star Wars Rebels 3.07: Imperial SupercommandosTV EpisodeSteward Lee2016-11-052 BBYThe Dark Times
310Star Wars Rebels 3.08: Iron SquadronTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2016-11-192 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
311Star Wars Rebels 3.09: The Wynkahthu JobTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2016-11-262 BBYThe Dark Times
312Star Wars Rebels 3.10: An Inside ManTV EpisodeSteward Lee2016-12-032 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
313Star Wars Rebels 3.11: Visions and VoicesTV EpisodeBosco Ng2016-12-102 BBYThe Dark TimesDarth Maul
314Star Wars Rebels 3.12: Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 1TV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2017-01-072 BBYThe Dark Times
315Star Wars Rebels 3.13: Ghosts of Geonosis, Part 2TV EpisodeMel Zwyer2017-01-072 BBYThe Dark Times
316Star Wars Rebels 3.14: WarheadTV EpisodeBosco Ng2017-01-142 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
317Star Wars Rebels 3.15: Trials of the DarksaberTV EpisodeSteward Lee2017-01-212 BBYThe Dark Times
318Star Wars Rebels 3.16: Legacy of MandaloreTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2017-02-182 BBYThe Dark Times
319Forces of Destiny: Art HistoryShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-042 BBYThe Dark Times
320Star Wars Rebels 3.17: Through Imperial EyesTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2017-02-252 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
321Star Wars Rebels 3.18: Secret CargoTV EpisodeBosco Ng2017-03-042 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
322Star Wars Rebels 3.19: Double Agent DroidTV EpisodeSteward Lee2017-03-112 BBYThe Dark Times
323Star Wars Rebels 3.20: Twin SunsTV EpisodeDave Filoni2017-03-182 BBYThe Dark TimesDarth Maul
324Star Wars Rebels 3.21: Zero Hour, Part 1TV EpisodeJustin Ridge2017-03-252 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
325Star Wars Rebels 3.22: Zero Hour, Part 2TV EpisodeJustin Ridge2017-03-252 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
326Thrawn: AlliancesNovelTimothy Zahn2018-06-26The Dark TimesThrawn
327Tales from Vader's CastleGraphic NovelCavan Scott2019-05-07Though the individual stories take place in various eras, the frame story remains a single point on the timeline.The Dark Times
328Return to Vader's CastleGraphic NovelCavan Scott2020-04-07The Dark Times
329Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day 2019Comic IssueCavan Scott2019-05-04The Dark Times
330Star Wars Rebels 4.01: Heroes of Mandalore, Part 1TV EpisodeSteward Lee, Saul Ruiz2017-10-161 BBYThe Dark Times
331Star Wars Rebels 4.02: Heroes of Mandalore, Part 2TV EpisodeSteward Lee, Saul Ruiz2017-10-161 BBYThe Dark Times
332Star Wars Rebels 4.03: In the Name of the Rebellion, Part 1TV EpisodeSergio Paez, Bosco Ng2017-10-231 BBYThe Dark Times
333Star Wars Rebels 4.04: In the Name of the Rebellion, Part 2TV EpisodeSergio Paez, Bosco Ng2017-10-231 BBYThe Dark Times
334Star Wars Rebels 4.05: The OccupationTV EpisodeSteward Lee2017-10-301 BBYThe Dark Times
335Star Wars Rebels 4.06: Flight of the DefenderTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2017-10-301 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
336Star Wars Rebels 4.07: KindredTV EpisodeSergio Paez2017-11-061 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
337Star Wars Rebels 4.08: Crawler CommandersTV EpisodeBosco Ng2017-11-061 BBYThe Dark Times
338Star Wars Rebels 4.09: Rebel AssaultTV EpisodeSteward Lee2017-11-131 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
339Star Wars Rebels 4.10: Jedi NightTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2018-02-191 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
340Thrawn: TreasonNovelTimothy Zahn2019-07-231 BBYThe Dark Times
341Star Wars Rebels 4.11: DUMETV EpisodeSergio Paez2018-02-191 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
342Star Wars Rebels 4.12: Wolves and a DoorTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Bosco Ng2018-02-261 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
343Star Wars Rebels 4.13: A World Between WorldsTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Steward Lee2018-02-261 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka
344Star Wars Rebels 4.14: A Fool's HopeTV EpisodeDave Filoni, Saul Ruiz2018-03-051 BBYThe Dark Times
345Star Wars Rebels 4.15: Family Reunion and Farewell, Part 1TV EpisodeDave Filoni, Bosco Ng, Sergio Paez2018-03-051 BBYThe Dark TimesThrawn
346Star Wars Rebels 4.16: Family Reunion and Farewell, Part 2TV EpisodeDave Filoni, Bosco Ng, Sergio Paez2018-03-051 BBYThe Dark TimesAhsoka, Thrawn
347Rogue One — Cassian & K-2SO SpecialComic IssueDuane Swierczynski2017-08-091 BBYThe Dark Times
348Pirate's PriceJunior NovelLou Anders2019-01-081 BBYThe Dark TimesHan Solo
349The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear!Junior NovelTom Angleberger2018-05-251 BBYThe Dark Times
350Adventures: Chewie's Day OffComic IssueJohn Barber2019-11-12The Dark Times
351Guardians of the WhillsJunior NovelGreg Rucka2017-05-02.5 BBYThe Dark Times
352Rebel RisingYA NovelBeth Revis2017-05-0213 - 0 BBYThe Dark Times
353Forces of Destiny: The StrangerShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-090 BBYThe Dark Times
354Forces of Destiny: Jyn's TradeShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-190 BBYThe Dark Times
355Age of Rebellion: SpecialComic IssueJon Adams, Marc Guggenheim, Simon Spurrier2019-04-170 BBYThe Dark Times
356Rogue OneFilmGareth Edwards2016-12-160 BBYThe Dark Times
357Rogue One (novel)NovelAlexander Freed2016-12-160 BBYNovelizationThe Dark Times
358Rogue One (comic)Graphic NovelJody Houser2017-12-190 BBYAdaptationThe Dark Times
359Star Wars: A New HopeFilmGeorge Lucas1977-05-250 BBYThe Classic EraHan Solo
360Age of Rebellion: Grand Moff TarkinComic IssueGreg Pak2019-04-100 BBYThe Classic Era
361A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the FarmboyJunior NovelAlexandra Bracken2015-09-220 BBYNovelizationThe Classic Era
362From a Certain Point of ViewAnthologyVarious Authors2017-10-030 BBY40 stories retelling ANH from the perspective of multiple side-characters.The Classic Era
363Last Call at the Zero AngleShort StoryJason Fry2015-03-100 BBYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 156The Classic Era
Princess LeiaGraphic NovelMark Waid2015-11-030 BBYThe Classic Era
365Adventures: Swoop RacersComic IssueCavan Scott2019-05-080 BBYThe Classic Era
366Battlefront II: Inferno SquadNovelChristie Golden2017-07-250 BBYA prequel to the campaign of Battlefront II.The Classic Era
367Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo AdventureJunior NovelGreg Rucka2015-09-040 BBYJourney to Star Wars: The Force AwakensThe Classic Era
368One Thousand Levels DownShort StoryAlexander Freed2014-07-220 BBYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 151The Classic Era
369ChewbaccaGraphic NovelGerry Duggan2016-03-080 BBYThe Classic Era
370Heir to the JediNovelKevin Hearne2015-03-030 BBYThe Classic Era
371The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker AdventureJunior NovelJason Fry2015-09-040 BBYJourney to Star Wars: The Force AwakensThe Classic Era
372Adventures: The Trouble at TibrinComic IssueLandry Q. Walker2018-02-200 BBYThe Classic Era
373Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker StrikesGraphic NovelJason Aaron2015-10-060 BBYThe Classic Era
374Darth Vader Vol. 1: VaderGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2015-10-060 BBYThe Classic Era
375Star Wars Vol. 2: Showdown on Smuggler's MoonGraphic NovelJason Aaron2016-01-261 ABYThe Classic Era
376Darth Vader Vol. 2: Shadows and SecretsGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2016-01-051 ABYThe Classic Era
377Vader DownGraphic NovelJason Aaron, Kieron Gillen2016-04-191 ABYThe Classic Era
378Star Wars Vol. 3: Rebel JailGraphic NovelJason Aaron2016-08-161 ABYThe Classic Era
379Darth Vader Vol. 3: The Shu-Torun WarGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2016-08-091 ABYThe Classic Era
380Star Wars Vol. 4: The Last Flight of the HarbingerGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-01-181 ABYThe Classic Era
381Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of GamesGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2016-11-231 ABYThe Classic Era
Doctor Aphra: An Audiobook OriginalAudio DramaSarah Kuhn2020-07-211 ABYThe Classic Era
383Star Wars Vol. 5: Yoda's Secret WarGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-07-181 ABYThe Classic Era
384Doctor Aphra, Vol. 1Graphic NovelKieron Gillen2017-07-031 ABYThe Classic Era
385The Screaming CitadelGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-10-241 ABYCrossover between Star Wars and Doctor AphraThe Classic Era
386Choose Your Destiny: A Luke and Leia AdventureJunior NovelCavan Scott2018-10-021 ABYThe Classic Era
387Star Wars Vol. 6: Out Among the StarsGraphic NovelJason Aaron2017-12-051 ABYThe Classic Era
388Doctor Aphra Vol. 2: Doctor Aphra and the Enormous ProfitGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2018-02-201 ABYThe Classic Era
389Star Wars Vol. 7: The Ghosts of JedhaGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2018-04-171 ABYThe Classic Era
390Doctor Aphra Vol. 3: RemasteredGraphic NovelKieron Gillen, Simon Spurrier2018-07-101 ABYThe Classic Era
391Star Wars Vol. 8: Mutiny at Mon CalaGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2018-08-071 ABYThe Classic Era
392The Last Jedi - The Storms of CraitComic IssueBen Acker, Ben Blacker2017-12-271 ABYA comic one-shot.The Classic Era
393Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 4: The Catastrophe ConGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2019-01-081 ABYThe Classic Era
394Star Wars Vol. 9: Hope DiesGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2018-12-251 ABYThe Classic Era
395Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 5: Worst Among EqualsGraphic NovelSimon Spurrier2019-06-111 ABYThe Classic Era
396Star Wars Vol. 10: The EscapeGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2019-04-091 ABYThe Classic Era
397Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 6: Unspeakable Rebel SuperweaponGraphic NovelSimon Spurrier2019-12-101 ABYThe Classic Era
398Star Wars Vol. 11: The Scourging of Shu-TorunGraphic NovelKieron Gillen2019-08-131 ABYThe Classic Era
399LandoGraphic NovelCharles Soule2016-01-192 ABYThe Classic Era
400Han SoloGraphic NovelMarjorie Liu2017-01-032 ABYThe Classic EraHan Solo
401Age of Rebellion: Han SoloComic IssueGreg Pak2019-05-012 ABYThe Classic Era
402Age of Rebellion: Lando CalrissianComic IssueGreg Pak2019-05-152 ABYThe Classic Era
Adventures: Mind Your MannersComic IssueJohn Jackson Miller2018-04-182 ABYThe Classic Era
Adventures: The Lost Eggs of LivornoComic IssueCavan Scott2018-04-182 ABYThe Classic Era
405InbriefShort StoryJanine K. Spendlove2015-11-102 ABYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 161The Classic Era
406Star Wars Vol. 12: Rebels and RoguesGraphic NovelGreg Pak2019-11-192 ABYThe Classic Era
407Doctor Aphra Vol. 7: A Rogue's EndGraphic NovelSimon Spurrier2020-02-112 ABYThe Classic Era
Star Wars Vol. 13: Rogues and RebelsGraphic NovelGreg Pak2020-03-173 ABYThe Classic Era
409Empire AscendantComic IssueCharles Soule, Greg Pak, Ethan Sacks, Simon Spurrier2019-12-183 ABYThe Classic Era
410Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackFilmIrvin Kershner1980-05-213 ABYThe Classic EraHan Solo
411The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi?Junior NovelAdam Gidwitz2015-09-223 ABYNovelizationThe Classic Era
412From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes BackAnthologyVarious Authors2020-11-103 ABYThe Classic Era
413Forces of Destiny: Beasts of Echo BaseShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-073 ABYThe Classic Era
414Forces of Destiny: The Path AheadShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-193 ABYThe Classic Era
415Battlefront: Twilight CompanyNovelAlexander Freed2015-11-033 ABYTakes place over multiple time periods. Ends post-ESB.The Classic Era
416Darth Vader Vol. 1: Dark Heart of the SithGraphic NovelGreg Pak2020-08-253 ABYThe Classic Era
417Star Wars Vol. 1: The Destiny PathGraphic NovelCharles Soule2020-07-213 ABYThe Classic Era
418Bounty Hunters Vol. 1: Galaxy's DeadliestGraphic NovelEthan Sacks2020-11-243 ABYThe Classic Era
419Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Vol. 1 — Fortune and FateGraphic NovelAlyssa Wong2021-01-263 ABYThe Classic Era
Star Wars Vol. 2: Tarkin's WillGraphic NovelCharles Soule2021-04-063 ABYThe Classic Era
421Adventures: A Matter of PerceptionComic IssuePierrick Colinet, Elsa Charretier2019-06-053 ABYThe Classic Era
422Adventures: A Race for AnswersComic IssueIan Flynn2019-07-033 ABYThe Classic Era
423Moving Target: A Princess Leia AdventureJunior NovelCecil Castellucci2015-09-043 ABYJourney to Star Wars: The Force AwakensThe Classic Era
424Forces of Destiny: Bounty HuntedShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-193 ABYThe Classic Era
425Age of Rebellion: Princess LeiaComic IssueGreg Pak2019-04-103 ABYThe Classic Era
426Age of Rebellion: Luke SkywalkerComic IssueGreg Pak2019-06-053 ABYThe Classic Era
427Age of Rebellion: Boba FettComic IssueGreg Pak2019-05-083 ABYThe Classic Era
428Age of Rebellion: Jabba the HuttComic IssueGreg Pak2019-05-223 ABYThe Classic Era
429Star Wars: Return of the JediFilmRichard Marquand1983-05-254 ABYThe Classic EraHan Solo
430Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side!Junior NovelTom Angleberger2015-09-224 ABYNovelizationThe Classic Era
431Blade Squadron: Parts 1 & 2Short StoryDavid/Mark Williams2014-06-104 ABYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issues 149/150The Classic Era
432Forces of Destiny: Ewok EscapeShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-054 ABYThe Classic Era
433Forces of Destiny: An Imperial FeastShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-294 ABYThe Classic EraHan Solo
434Forces of Destiny: Chopper and FriendsShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-044 ABYThe Classic Era
435Forces of Destiny: Traps and TribulationsShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-044 ABYThe Classic Era
436The Levers of PowerShort StoryJason Fry2015-10-064 ABYPart of the Rise of the Empire collection.Sequel Era
437Shattered EmpireGraphic NovelGreg Rucka2015-11-184 ABYJourney to Star Wars: The Force AwakensSequel Era
438Blade Squadron: Zero HourShort StoryDavid/Mark Williams2015-09-084 ABYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issues 160Sequel Era
439Turning PointShort StoryJason Hugh2016-10-255 ABYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 169Sequel Era
440AftermathNovelChuck Wendig2015-09-044 ABYJourney to Star Wars: The Force AwakensSequel Era
441Alphabet SquadronNovelAlexander Freed2019-06-04Sequel Era
442TIE FighterGraphic NovelJody Houser2019-10-15A companion piece to Alphabet Squadron.Sequel Era
443UprisingGame2015-09-104 ABYSequel Era
444Shadow FallNovelAlexander Freed2020-06-23Sequel Era
445Victory's Price NovelAlexander Freed2021-03-02Sequel Era
446Aftermath: Life DebtNovelChuck Wendig2016-07-125 ABYSequel EraHan Solo
447Blade Squadron: KuatShort StoryDavid/Mark Williams2016-09-075 ABYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 168Sequel Era
448SquadronsGameIan S. Frazier2020-10-02Sequel Era
Aftermath: Empire's EndNovelChuck Wendig2017-02-215 ABYSequel Era
450Blade Squadron: JakkuShort StoryDavid/Mark Williams2017-04-125 ABYSequel Era
451Lost StarsYA NovelClaudia Gray2015-09-045 ABYJourney to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Takes place over original trilogy but ends in 5 ABY.Sequel Era
452Lost Stars Vol. 1Graphic NovelKomiyama Yuusaku2018-05-085 ABYA manga adaptation of the book.Sequel Era
453Battlefront IIGame2017-11-174 BBY - 34 BBYThe single-player campaign only.Sequel EraHan Solo
454Last ShotNovelDaniel José Older2018-04-17The first part of this novel takes place before Solo: A Star Wars Story, but the second part is post ROTJ, which is where we place it.Sequel EraHan Solo
455The Mandalorian 1.01: Chapter 1: The MandalorianTV EpisodeDave Filoni2019-11-129 ABYSequel Era
456The Mandalorian 1.02: Chapter 2: The ChildTV EpisodeRick Famuyiwa2019-11-159 ABYSequel Era
457The Mandalorian 1.03: Chapter 3: The SinTV EpisodeDeborah Chow2019-11-229 ABYSequel Era
458The Mandalorian 1.04: Chapter 4: SanctuaryTV EpisodeBryce Dallas Howard2019-11-299 ABYSequel Era
459The Mandalorian 1.05: Chapter 5: The GunslingerTV EpisodeDave Filoni2019-12-069 ABYSequel Era
460The Mandalorian 1.06: Chapter 6: The PrisonerTV EpisodeRick Famuyiwa2019-12-139 ABYSequel Era
461The Mandalorian 1.07: Chapter 7: The ReckoningTV EpisodeDeborah Chow2019-12-189 ABYSequel Era
462The Mandalorian 1.08: Chapter 8: RedemptionTV EpisodeTaika Waititi2019-12-279 ABYSequel Era
463The Mandalorian 2.01: Chapter 9: The MarshalTV EpisodeJon Favreau2020-10-3010 ABYSequel Era
464The Mandalorian 2.02: Chapter 10: The PassengerTV EpisodePeyton Reed2020-11-0610 ABYSequel Era
465The Mandalorian 2.03: Chapter 11: The HeiressTV EpisodeBryce Dallas Howard2020-11-1310 ABYSequel Era
466The Mandalorian 2.04: Chapter 12: The SiegeTV EpisodeCarl Weathers2020-11-2010 ABYSequel Era
467The Mandalorian 2.05: Chapter 13: The JediTV EpisodeDave Filoni2020-11-2710 ABYSequel EraAhsoka, Thrawn
468The Mandalorian 2.06: Chapter 14: The TragedyTV EpisodeRobert Rodriguez2020-12-0410 ABYSequel Era
469The Mandalorian 2.07: Chapter 15: The BelieverTV EpisodeRick Famuyiwa2020-12-1110 ABYSequel Era
470The Mandalorian 2.08: Chapter 16: The RescueTV EpisodePeyton Reed2020-12-1810 ABYSequel Era
471Book of Boba Fett 1.01: Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange LandTV EpisodeRobert Rodriguez2021-12-2910 ABYSequel Era
472Book of Boba Fett 1.02: Chapter 2: The Tribes of TatooineTV EpisodeSteph Green2022-01-0510 ABYSequel Era
473Book of Boba Fett 1.03: Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos EspaTV EpisodeRobert Rodriguez2022-01-1210 ABYSequel Era
474Poe Dameron: Free FallYA NovelAlex Segura2020-08-04Sequel Era
475ScorchedShort StoryDelilah S. Dawson2016-05-0328 ABYSequel Era
476BloodlineNovelClaudia Gray2016-05-0328 ABYSequel Era
477Age of Resistance - SnokeComic IssueTom Taylor2019-09-11Sequel Era
478PhasmaNovelDelilah S. Dawson2017-09-0133 ABYJourney to The Last JediSequel Era
479Age of Resistance - SpecialComic IssueTom Taylor, G. Willow Wilson, Chris Eliopoulos2019-07-31Sequel Era
480Age of Resistance - Poe DameronComic IssueTom Taylor2019-08-28Sequel Era
481The Rise of Kylo RenGraphic NovelCharles Soule2020-07-29Sequel Era
482The Perfect WeaponShort StoryDelilah S. Dawson2015-11-2433 ABYSequel Era
483Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Vol. 1: AliensAnthologyLandry Q. Walker2016-04-0534 ABYSequel Era
484BaitShort StoryAlan Dean Foster2015-12-2234 ABYAvailable in Star Wars Insider, Issue 162Sequel Era
485Join the Resistance #1Junior NovelBen Acker, Ben Blacker2017-03-0734 ABYSequel Era
486Join the Resistance: Escape from VodranJunior NovelBen Acker, Ben Blacker2017-10-0334 ABYSequel Era
487Join the Resistance: Attack on Starkiller BaseJunior NovelBen Acker, Ben Blacker2018-07-3134 ABYSequel Era
488Before the AwakeningJunior NovelGreg Rucka2015-12-1834 ABYSequel Era
489Forces of Destiny: The Happabore HazardShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-2934 ABYSequel Era
490The Rebel FilesNovelDaniel Wallace2018-07-0334 ABYAn in-universe document. Placed approximately Sequel Era
491C-3PO: The Phantom LimbComic IssueJames Robinson2016-04-1334 ABYJourney to Star Wars: The Force AwakensSequel Era
492Poe Dameron, Vol. 1: Black SquadronGraphic NovelCharles Soule2016-12-0734 ABYSequel Era
493Poe Dameron, Vol. 2: The Gathering StormGraphic NovelCharles Soule2017-07-0434 ABYSequel Era
494Poe Dameron, Vol. 3: Legend LostGraphic NovelCharles Soule2017-10-3134 ABYSequel Era
495Poe Dameron, Vol. 4: Legend FoundGraphic NovelCharles Soule, Robbie Thompson2018-05-1534 ABYSequel Era
496Adventures: Better the Devil You KnowComic IssueCavan Scott2017-10-3134 ABYCollected in Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 1Sequel Era
497Adventures: Pest ControlComic IssueLandry Q. Walker2018-02-2034 ABYSequel Era
498Age of Resistance - FinnComic IssueTom Taylor2019-07-0334 ABYSequel Era
499Adventures: Tales from Wild SpaceComic IssueCavan Scott2017-10-3134 ABYCollected in Star Wars AdventuresSequel Era
500Adventures: The Ghost ShipComic IssueScott Beatty2017-12-2034 ABYPublished as an exclusive for Loot Crate.Sequel Era
501Adventures: Destroyer DownComic IssueScott Beatty2017-12-2034 ABYPublished as an exclusive for Loot Crate.Sequel Era
502Adventures: An Unlikely FriendshipComic IssueJames Gilarte2019-11-1234 ABYSequel Era
503Rey's Survival GuideJunior NovelJason Fry2015-12-1834 ABYSequel Era
504The Last Jedi–DJComic IssueBen Acker, Ben Blacker2018-01-3134 ABYSequel Era
505Adventures: Flight of the FalconGraphic NovelMichael Moreci2019-07-2334 ABYSequel Era
506Age of Resistance - Captain PhasmaComic IssueTom Taylor2019-07-1034 ABYSequel Era
507Age of Resistance - General HuxComic IssueTom Taylor2019-08-2834 ABYSequel Era
508Age of Resistance - Kylo RenComic IssueTom Taylor2019-09-2534 ABYSequel Era
509Star Wars Resistance 1.01: The Recruit, Part 1TV EpisodeSteward Lee, Saul Ruiz2018-10-0734 ABYSequel Era
510Star Wars Resistance 1.02: The Recruit, Part 2TV EpisodeSteward Lee, Saul Ruiz2018-10-0734 ABYSequel Era
511Star Wars Resistance 1.03: The Triple DarkTV EpisodeSergio Paez2018-10-1434 ABYSequel Era
512Star Wars Resistance 1.04: Fuel for the FireTV EpisodeBosco Ng2018-10-2134 ABYSequel Era
513Star Wars Resistance 1.05: The High TowerTV EpisodeSteward Lee2018-10-2834 ABYSequel Era
514Star Wars Resistance 1.06: The Children from TeharTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2018-11-0434 ABYSequel Era
Adventures: Rose KnowsComic IssueDelilah S. Dawson2018-06-1934 ABYSequel Era
516Star Wars Resistance 1.07: Signal from Sector SixTV EpisodeSergio Paez2018-11-1134 ABYSequel Era
517Star Wars Resistance 1.08: Synara's ScoreTV EpisodeBosco Ng2018-11-1834 ABYSequel Era
518Star Wars Resistance 1.09: The Platform ClassicTV EpisodeSteward Lee2018-11-2534 ABYSequel Era
519Star Wars Resistance 1.10: Secrets and HologramsTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2018-12-0234 ABYSequel Era
520Star Wars Resistance 1.11: Station Theta BlackTV EpisodeSergio Paez2018-12-0934 ABYSequel Era
521Adventures: All Aces Battle RoyaleComic IssueChris Wyatt, Kevin Burke2019-11-1234 ABYSequel Era
522Adventures: Sector 7-EComic IssueChris Wyatt, Kevin Burke2019-11-1234 ABYSequel Era
523Forces of Destiny: Run Rey RunShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-1934 ABYSequel Era
524The Search for KazShort Film2018-12-1034 ABYSequel Era
525Dart and CoverShort Film2018-12-1034 ABYSequel Era
526Neeku's RewardShort Film2018-12-1034 ABYSequel Era
527When Thieves Drop ByShort Film2018-12-1734 ABYSequel Era
528Treasure ChestShort Film2018-12-1734 ABYSequel Era
529GL-NShort Film2018-12-1734 ABYSequel Era
530Bucket's QuestShort Film2018-12-2334 ABYSequel Era
531UnmotivatedShort Film2018-12-2434 ABYSequel Era
532The Need for SpeedShort Film2018-12-2434 ABYSequel Era
533Sixty Seconds to DestructionShort Film2018-12-2434 ABYSequel Era
534Buggle's Day OutShort Film2018-12-2434 ABYSequel Era
535The RematchShort Film2018-12-2434 ABYSequel Era
536Star Wars Resistance 1.12: BiboTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-01-1334 ABYSequel Era
537Star Wars Resistance 1.13: Dangerous BusinessTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2019-01-2034 ABYSequel Era
538Star Wars Resistance 1.14: The Doza DilemmaTV EpisodeSergio Paez2019-01-2734 ABYSequel Era
539Star Wars Resistance 1.15: The First Order OccupationTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-02-0334 ABYSequel Era
540Star Wars Resistance 1.16: The New TrooperTV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-02-1034 ABYSequel Era
541Force CollectorYA NovelKevin Shinick2019-11-1934 ABYSequel Era
542Star Wars Resistance 1.17: The Core ProblemTV EpisodeSaul Ruiz2019-02-1734 ABYSequel Era
543Star Wars Resistance 1.18: The DisappearedTV EpisodeSergio Paez2019-02-2434 ABYSequel Era
544Star Wars Resistance 1.19: DescentTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-03-0334 ABYSequel Era
Star Wars: The Force AwakensFilmJ. J. Abrams2015-12-1834 ABYSequel EraHan Solo
546Star Wars: The Force Awakens (novel)NovelAlan Dean Foster2015-12-1834 ABYNovelizationSequel Era
547Star Wars: The Force Awakens (comic)Graphic NovelChuck Wendig2016-12-0634 ABYAdaptationSequel Era
548Forces of Destiny: Sands of JakkuShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-0334 ABYTakes place near the beginning of The Force AwakensSequel Era
549Forces of Destiny: BB-8 BanditsShort FilmBrad Rau2017-07-0334 ABYSequel Era
550Forces of Destiny: Tracker TroubleShort FilmBrad Rau2017-10-0134 ABYSequel EraHan Solo
551Forces of Destiny: Perilous PursuitShort FilmBrad Rau2018-05-0434 ABYSequel Era
552Age of Resistance - ReyComic IssueTom Taylor2019-09-1834 ABYSequel Era
553Star Wars Resistance 1.20: No Escape, Part 1TV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-03-1034 ABYSequel Era
554Star Wars Resistance 1.21: No Escape, Part 2TV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-03-1734 ABYSequel Era
555Battlefront II: ResurrectionGame2017-12-1334 ABYA DLC to Battlefront 2 that takes place 30 years later than the bulk of the main game.Sequel Era
556Captain PhasmaGraphic NovelKelly Thompson2017-11-2834 ABYJourney to The Last JediSequel Era
557Age of Resistance - Rose TicoComic IssueTom Taylor2019-09-1834 ABYSequel Era
558The Last Jedi: Cobalt SquadronJunior NovelElizabeth Wein2017-12-1534 ABYSequel Era
559The Last Jedi: Bomber CommandJunior NovelJason Fry2017-12-1534 ABYA companion piece to Cobalt Squadron.Sequel Era
The Legends of Luke SkywalkerYA NovelKen Liu2017-10-3134 ABYJourney to The Last Jedi. Frame story set shortly before The Last Jedi.Sequel Era
561The Legends of Luke Skywalker: The MangaGraphic NovelKen Liu, Akira Fukaya, Takashi Kisaki, Haruichi, Subaru, Akira Himekawa2020-01-1434 ABYSequel Era
562Myths & FablesJunior NovelGeorge Mann2019-08-06Sequel Era
Dark LegendsJunior NovelGeorge Mann2020-07-28Sequel Era
564Star Wars Resistance 2.01: Into the UnknownTV EpisodeBrad Rau2019-10-0634 ABYSequel Era
565A Crash of FateYA NovelZoraida Córdova2019-08-0634 ABYSequel Era
566Galaxy's EdgeGraphic NovelEthan Sacks2019-11-0534 ABYSequel Era
567Canto BightAnthologySaladin Ahmed, Rae Carson, Mira Grant, John Jackson Miller2017-12-0534 ABYJourney to The Last JediSequel Era
568Star Wars: The Last JediFilmRian Johnson2017-12-1534 ABYSequel Era
569Star Wars: The Last Jedi (novel)NovelJason Fry2018-03-0634 ABYSequel Era
570Star Wars: The Last Jedi (comic)Graphic NovelGary Whitta2018-11-0634 ABYSequel Era
571Forces of Destiny: Shuttle ShockShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-1934 ABYSequel Era
572Forces of Destiny: Porg ProblemsShort FilmBrad Rau2018-03-1934 ABYSequel Era
573Forces of Destiny: Porgs!Short FilmBrad Rau2018-05-0434 ABYSequel Era
574Star Wars Resistance 2.02: A Quick Salvage RunTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-10-1334 ABYSequel Era
575Poe Dameron Vol. 5: The Spark and the FireGraphic NovelCharles Soule2018-12-0434 ABYSequel Era
576Star Wars Resistance 2.03: Live FireTV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-10-2034 ABYSequel Era
577Star Wars Resistance 2.04: Hunt on Celsor 3TV EpisodeBrad Rau2019-10-2734 ABYSequel Era
578Star Wars Resistance 2.05: The EngineerTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-11-0334 ABYSequel Era
579Star Wars Resistance 2.06: From BeneathTV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-11-1034 ABYSequel Era
580Star Wars Resistance 2.07: The Relic RaidersTV EpisodeBrad Rau2019-11-1734 ABYSequel Era
581Star Wars Resistance 2.08: Rendezvous PointTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-11-2434 ABYSequel Era
582Star Wars Resistance 2.09: The Voxx Vortex 5000TV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-12-0134 ABYSequel Era
583Star Wars Resistance 2.10: Kaz's CurseTV EpisodeBrad Rau2019-12-0834 ABYSequel Era
584Star Wars Resistance 2.11: Station to StationTV EpisodeBosco Ng2019-12-1534 ABYSequel Era
585Star Wars Resistance 2.12: The Missing AgentTV EpisodeSteward Lee2019-12-2234 ABYSequel Era
586Star Wars Resistance 2.13: BreakoutTV EpisodeBrad Rau2019-12-2934 ABYSequel Era
587Star Wars Resistance 2.14: The MutinyTV EpisodeBosco Ng2020-01-0534 ABYSequel Era
588Star Wars Resistance 2.15: The New WorldTV EpisodeSteward Lee2020-01-1234 ABYSequel Era
589Star Wars Resistance 2.16: No Place SafeTV EpisodeBrad Rau2020-01-1234 ABYSequel Era
590Star Wars Resistance 2.17: Rebuilding the ResistanceTV EpisodeBosco Ng2020-01-1934 ABYSequel Era
591Star Wars Resistance 2.18: The Escape, Part 1TV EpisodeSteward LeeBrad Rau2020-01-2634 ABYSequel Era
592Star Wars Resistance 2.19: The Escape, Part 2TV EpisodeSteward LeeBrad Rau2020-01-2634 ABYSequel Era
593Galaxy's Edge: Black SpireNovelDelilah S. Dawson2019-08-2734 ABYSequel Era
Resistance RebornNovelRebecca Roanhorse2019-11-1234 ABYSequel Era
595Choose Your Destiny: A Finn & Poe AdventureJunior NovelCavan Scott2019-10-0434 ABYSequel Era
596Spark of the ResistanceJunior NovelJustina Ireland2019-10-0434 ABYSequel Era
597The Skywalker SagaJunior NovelDelilah S. Dawson2019-10-01Sequel Era
AllegianceGraphic NovelEthan Sacks2019-11-1935 ABYSequel Era
Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerFilmJ.J. Abrams2019-05-2435 ABYSequel EraHan Solo
600Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded EditionNovelRae Carson2020-03-1735 ABYSequel Era