The Argoverse Timeline

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An independently published shared universe from MythBank creator, Jason Hamilton.

What’s on the Argoverse timeline?

The Argoverse is our own complex shared universe. You will find it at It’s author, Jason Hamilton, also founded this website. While MythBank is an outlet to consume and analyze other stories, the Argoverse is the outlet for original stories. Because Jason would rather create than just consume.

These stories all take place in the same universe. We call them, collectively, the Argoverse. Therefore, this timeline gives you a sense of how all of the stories fit together, even though Jason hasn’t written them all yet. So far there are two main series: Roots of Creation and the Faerie Queen, which is also part of an Arthurian shared universe.

If you like this Argoverse timeline, and want to know more, we recommend you visit the site. Or perhaps visit some of our other timelines. Additionally, if you want to know more information not found online, we also recommend you use our contact page. There you can contact Jason directly.

Feel free to click on individual items to see more information! We hope you enjoy.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthorDateSeriesNotes
1Ends and BeginningsShort StoryJason Hamilton2011-08-01Other Writings10,000 BCE
2A New LightShort StoryJason Hamilton2018-07-17Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
3Out of ShadowNovelJason Hamilton2018-07-31Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
4Growing RipplesNovelJason Hamilton2018-08-07Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
5Through FireNovelJason Hamilton2018-08-21Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
6Into StormNovelJason Hamilton2019-01-01Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
7To World's AboveNovelJason Hamilton2019-01-28Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
8As Winter SpawnsNovelJason Hamilton2019-05-24Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
9Seeds of HopeNovelJason Hamilton2019-07-09Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE
10In Creation's HeartNovelJason Hamilton2019-08-20Roots of Creation~5,000 BCE