Terminator Timeline

Even though this franchise has struggled to stay afloat since Terminator 3, it’s still one of the more beloved sci-fi franchises, thanks to some incredible films to start with. But did you know there are also books and comics? This is the Terminator timeline.

What’s on the Terminator Timeline?

The Terminator timeline is tricky to arrange, since it involves time travel, the result of which leads to alternate timelines. Terminator has also spawned a lot of comics and other tie-in media, most of which is not considered canonical, especially the comics that often crossed over with the likes of Robocop or other franchises.

However, we have included some of these on the timeline. We also include the Sarah Connor Chronicles that aired on television, even though these have only a loose connection to the films. All in all, we think this is the best order to experience a more complete story of the Terminator franchise.

Where to Start?

By far the best place to start is with the first two films, Terminator, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. These films are the reason the franchise has lasted this long, even though most would agree that none of the sequels have ever been that good.

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