How the DC Comics Multiverse Could Be DC’s Saving Grace

If there’s one thing DC has always embraced more than Marvel, it’s the multiverse. While Marvel does have a multiverse, they have never spent much time to flesh it out or clearly define how it works. Additionally, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made no hint of a multiverse crossover, even though it is technically part of the Marvel multiverse. Mutiverse crossovers are common in comicbooks, but most might say that including a multiverse in a cinematic universe would be too much to handle. However I would have said the same of a shared universe 10 years ago, and Marvel proved me wrong there.

In this post, I have a lot of seemingly random details to cover, so I’m just going to state my argument here, then slowly show you how it all works. My argument is that DC should, and probably will, use the concept of the multiverse in their film/television universes. By that I mean, they will have a crossover of their film/television universes (and potentially other mediums as well).

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