Star Wars Legends Timeline

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A massive universe with hundreds of stories spread out across thousands of years, this Star Wars Legends timeline attempts to share it all in chronological order.

What’s on the Star Wars Legends Timeline?

This is the continuity of Star Wars Legends timeline, or in other words, the alternate universe of Star Wars material that takes place separate from the film continuity or official canon. All of the previously named expanded universe, together in one timeline. Note: None of this is official Star Wars canon. The films, Clone Wars television show, Rebels, and other canonical material is included on the official canon page.

This timeline includes:

  • Older Star Wars Television: Everything from the Ewok Adventures, to the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars series. Oh and that Holiday Special thing…
  • Legends novels: The bulk of all Star Wars novels so far.
  • Legends comics: Most of these were published by Dark Horse Comics prior to Disney acquiring Lucasfilm. There are a lot of them, and only comics that have been re-released with the Legends banner on them have a “Buy” link.
  • Young Reader Novels: Such as Young Jedi Knights or Jedi Apprentice, there are several series of books for younger readers.
  • Video Games: Popular favorites like Knights of the Old Republic or Rogue Squadron are also part of the Legends timeline.

Though Star Wars Legends is not currently part of the active canon, it’s still largely cohesive and offers a huge story set in the Star Wars universe. Since it’s not canon, you could think of it as an alternate universe. As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our contact page.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1EruptionShort StoryJohn Ostrander2013-04-3025,793 BBYIncluded in Into the Void paperback.
2Dawn of the Jedi: Into the VoidNovelTim Lebbon2014-04-0125,793 BBY
3The Adventures of Lanoree Brock, Je’daii RangerShort StoryTim Lebbon2013-04-2525,793 BBY
4Dawn of the Jedi: Force StormGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2012-12-2525,793 BBY
5Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of BoganGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2013-08-0625,793 BBY
6Dawn of the Jedi: Force WarGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2014-06-2625,793 BBY
7Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the SithGraphic NovelKevin J. Anderson1995-06-305000-4975 BBY
8Lost Tribe of the Sith 1: PrecipiceShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2009-05-285000-4975 BBY
9Lost Tribe of the Sith 2: SkybornShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2009-07-215000-4975 BBY
10Tales of the Jedi: Fall of the Sith EmpireGraphic NovelKevin J. Anderson1998-05-195000-4975 BBY
11Lost Tribe of the Sith 3: ParagonShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010-02-105000-4975 BBY
12Lost Tribe of the Sith 4: SaviorShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010-04-275000-4975 BBY
13Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old RepublicGraphic NovelTom Veitch1994-08-163,998 BBY
14Tales of the Jedi: The Freedon Nadd UprisingGraphic NovelTom Veitch1997-12-303,998 BBY
15Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old RepublicAudio DramaJohn Whitman2005-05-053,998 BBY
16Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the SithGraphic NovelTom Veitch, Kevin J. Anderson1996-02-133,997 BBY
17Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the SithAudio DramaJohn Whitman2005-05-053,997 BBY
18Tales of the Jedi: The Sith WarGraphic NovelKevin J. Anderson1996-07-163,996 BBY
19Tales: Shadows and LightComic IssueJoshua Ortega2005-05-113993 BBY
20Tales of the Jedi: RedemptionGraphic NovelKevin J. Anderson2001-08-073986 BBY
21The Secret Journal of Doctor DemagolShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010-04-293964 BBY
22Knights of the Old Republic: CommencementGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2006-12-053964 BBY
23Knights of the Old Republic: FlashpointGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2007-05-223964 BBY
24Labor PainsShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2008-04-093964 BBY
25Knights of the Old Republic: Days of Fear, Nights of AngerGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2008-02-223963 BBY
26Knights of the Old Republic: Daze of Hate, Knights of SufferingGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2008-09-303963 BBY
27InterferenceShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2008-09-293963 BBY
28Knights of the Old Republic: VectorGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2009-02-173963 BBY
29Knights of the Old Republic: VindicationGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2009-05-123963 BBY
30Knights of the Old Republic: Dueling AmbitionsGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2009-11-033963 BBY
31Knights of the Old Republic: DestroyerGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2010-03-263963 BBY
32Knights of the Old Republic: DemonGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2010-06-293963 BBY
33Knights of the Old Republic: WarGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2012-11-063963 BBY
34Lost Tribe of the Sith 5: PurgatoryShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010-10-253960 BBY
35Lost Tribe of the Sith 6: SentinelShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2011-02-213960 BBY
36Knights of the Old RepublicGame2003-07-153956 BBY
37Tales: Unseen, UnheardComic IssueChris Avellone2005-07-133951 BBY
38Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsGame2004-12-063951 BBY
39The Old Republic: RevanNovelDrew Karpyshyn2012-09-253951 BBYThe first part of this book takes place between Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2.
40VacationShort StoryN/A2015-07-073951 BBY
41The Old Republic: Blood of the EmpireGraphic NovelAlexander Freed2011-02-223678 BBY
42The Third LessonShort StoryPaul S. Kemp2011-03-023678 BBYIncluded in Deceived paperback.
43The Old Republic: Smuggler’s VanguardShort StoryRobert Chestney2010-03-253678 BBY
44The Old Republic: DeceivedNovelPaul S. Kemp2012-05-293,653 BBY
45The Old Republic: Threat of PeaceGraphic NovelRobert Chestney2011-05-273,653 BBY
46Red HarvestNovelJoe Schreiber2010-12-283,643 BBY
47The Final TrialShort StoryN/A2015-03-063,643 BBY
48The Old Republic: Fatal AllianceNovelSean Williams2011-05-243,643 BBY
49The Price of PowerShort StoryN/A2015-02-023,643 BBY
50The Sixth LineShort StoryN/A2015-04-243,643 BBYAvailable online. Part 1 and Part 2
51Star Wars: The Old RepublicGame2011-12-203,643 BBY
52The Old Republic: The Lost SunsGraphic NovelAlexander Freed2012-04-273,643 BBY
53The Last Battle of Colonel Jace MalcomShort StoryAlexander Freed2012-10-013,640 BBYPublished in Star Wars Insider 137
54The Old Republic: AnnihilationNovelDrew Karpyshyn2012-11-133,640 BBY
55The Old Republic: Rise of the Hutt CartelGame2013-04-143,640 BBY
56Surface DetailsShort StoryBioware2014-08-083,640 BBY
57Wanted: Dead and DismantledShort StoryBioware2014-08-263,640 BBY
58RemnantsShort StoryBioware2014-09-043,640 BBY
59Bedtime on ConcordiaShort StoryBioware2014-10-283,640 BBY
60The Old Republic: Shadow of RevanGame2014-12-093,638 BBY
61One Night in the Dealer's DenShort StoryBioware2015-02-133,637 BBY
62RegretsShort StoryBioware2015-04-033,637 BBY
63BrothersShort StoryBioware2015-07-283,637 BBY
64The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen EmpireGame2015-10-273,631 BBY
65A Mother's HopeShort StoryDrew Karpyshyn2016-11-173,631 BBY
66The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal ThroneGame2016-12-023,630 BBY
67Trading ScarsShort StorySamantha Wallschlaeger2017-08-173,630 BBY
68Chasing CoperoShort StoryCharles Boyd2017-11-163,630 BBY
69Lost Tribe of the Sith 7: PantheonShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2011-07-183,000 BBY
70Lost Tribe of the Sith 8: SecretsShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2012-03-053,000 BBY
71Lost Tribe of the Sith 9: PandemoniumShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2012-07-242,975 BBY
72Lost Tribe of the Sith: SpiralGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2013-07-052,975 BBY
73Visionaries: PrototypesComic IssueRobert E. Barnes2005-04-021,500 BBY
74InfluxShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2010-10-191,032 BBY
75Knight Errant: AflameGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2011-07-261,032 BBY
76Knight ErrantNovelJohn Jackson Miller2011-01-251,032 BBY
77Knight Errant: DelugeGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2012-06-191,032 BBY
78Knight Errant: EscapeGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller2013-04-301,032 BBY
79Darth Bane: Path of DestructionNovelDrew Karpyshyn2006-09-261,000-990 BBY
80Darkness SharedShort StoryBill Slavicsek2001-07-241,000-990 BBY
81Jedi vs. SithGraphic NovelDarko Macan2002-03-261,000-990 BBY
82Tales: The ApprenticeComic IssueMike Denning2003-10-011,000-990 BBY
83Darth Bane: Rule of TwoNovelDrew Karpyshyn2007-12-261,000-990 BBY
84Bane of the SithShort StoryKevin J. Anderson2001-01-011,000-990 BBY
85Tales: All for YouComic IssueAdam Gallardo2003-10-011,000-990 BBY
86The Jedi PathNovelDaniel Wallace2011-09-071,000-990 BBY
87Darth Bane: Dynasty of EvilNovelDrew Karpyshyn2009-12-08980 BBY
88Tales: Heart of DarknessComic IssuePaul Lee2003-06-25980 BBY
89Prelude to Rebellion: Vow of JusticeGraphic NovelJan Strnad2000-05-1667 BBY
90The Tenebrous WayShort StoryMatthew Stover2011-12-0167 BBYStar Wars Insider 130
91Tales: StonesComic IssueHaden Blackman2002-09-2553 BBY
92Star Wars: Jedi – The Dark SideGraphic NovelScott Allie2012-03-0653 BBY
93Tales: SurvivorsComic IssueJim Krueger2002-09-2547 BBY
94Tales: Children of the ForceComic IssueJason Hall2002-09-2547 BBY
95Tales: The Secret of Tet-AmiComic IssueFabian Nicieza2002-09-2544 BBY
96Jedi Apprentice #1: The Rising ForceJunior NovelDave Wolverton1999-05-0344 BBY
97Jedi Apprentice #2: The Dark RivalJunior NovelJude Watson1999-05-0344 BBY
98Jedi Apprentice #3: The Hidden PastJunior NovelJude Watson1999-08-0144 BBY
99Tales: MythologyComic IssueChris Eliopoulos2002-12-1144 BBY
100Jedi Apprentice #4: The Mark of the CrownJunior NovelJude Watson1999-10-0144 BBY
101Jedi Apprentice #5: The Defenders of the DeadJunior NovelJude Watson1999-12-0144 BBY
102Jedi Apprentice #6: The Uncertain PathJunior NovelJude Watson2000-02-0144 BBY
103Jedi Apprentice #7: The Captive TempleJunior NovelJude Watson2000-04-0144 BBY
104Jedi Apprentice #8: The Day of ReckoningJunior NovelJude Watson2000-06-0144 BBY
105Jedi Apprentice #9: The Fight for TruthJunior NovelJude Watson2000-08-0144 BBY
106Jedi Apprentice #10: The Shattered PeaceJunior NovelJude Watson2000-10-0144 BBY
107Tales: Life, Death, and the Living ForceComic IssueJim Woodring1999-09-2944 BBY
108Tales: George R. BinksComic IssueTony Millionaire2004-06-3044 BBY
109Jedi Apprentice #11: The Deadly HunterJunior NovelJude Watson2000-12-0143 BBY
110Jedi Apprentice #12: The Evil ExperimentJunior NovelJude Watson2001-02-0143 BBY
111Jedi Apprentice #13: The Dangerous RescueJunior NovelJude Watson2001-04-0143 BBY
112Tales: Yaddle’s TaleComic IssueDean Motter2000-09-2742 BBY
113Jedi Apprentice #14: Ties That BindJunior NovelJude Watson2001-08-0141 BBY
114Jedi Apprentice #15: The Death of HopeJunior NovelJude Watson2001-10-0141 BBY
115Jedi Apprentice #16: The Call to VengeanceJunior NovelJude Watson2001-12-0141 BBY
116Jedi Apprentice #17: The Only WitnessJunior NovelJude Watson2002-02-0140 BBY
117Jedi Apprentice #18: The Threat WithinJunior NovelJude Watson2002-03-0140 BBY
118RestraintShort StoryJames Luceno2011-12-2739 BBYIncluded in Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
119Qui-Gon and Obi Wan: The Aurorient Express #1-2Comic IssueMike Kennedy2002-06-1238 BBY
120Qui-Gon and Obi Wan: Last Stand on Ord Mantell #1-3Comic IssueRyder Windham2001-03-2138 BBY
121Aurra’s SongComic IssueDean Motter2000-06-2136 BBY
122The MonsterShort StoryDaniel Wallace2000-11-0136 BBY
123The Syrox RedemptionShort StoryJoe Schreiber2013-12-1036 BBY
124Tales: Jedi ChefComic IssueRandy Stradley2001-03-0736 BBY
125Tales: UrchinsComic IssueStan Sakai2002-12-1136 BBY
126The Jedi Council: Acts of WarGraphic NovelRandy Stradley2001-06-1933 BBY
127Darth Maul: SaboteurShort StoryJames Luceno2001-02-1533 BBYIncluded in Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
128The Starfighter TrapShort StorySteve Miller2000-09-0133 BBY
129Tales: A Summer’s DreamComic IssueTerry Moore2000-09-2733 BBY
130Tales: MarkedComic IssueRob Williams2005-07-1333 BBY
131Tales: NamelessComic IssueChristian Read2001-12-1233 BBY
132Tales: Deal with a DemonComic IssueJohn Ostrander2000-03-2933 BBY
133Tales: Single CellComic IssueHaden Blackman2001-03-0733 BBY
134Deep SpoilersShort StoryRyder Windham2001-06-0133 BBY
135Maul: LockdownNovelJoe Schreiber2014-01-2833 BBY
136Republic: Prelude to RebellionGraphic NovelJan Strnad2000-05-1633 BBY
137Darth MaulGraphic NovelRon Marz2001-05-1533 BBY
138Obi-WanGame2001-12-2032 BBY
139Tales: The Death of Captain TarpalsComic IssueRyder Windham2000-03-2932 BBY
140Cloak of DeceptionNovelJames Luceno2001-05-2932 BBY
141Darth Maul: Shadow HunterNovelMichael Reaves2001-01-3032 BBY
142StarfighterGame2001-02-1932 BBY
143Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (novel)NovelTerry Brooks1999-04-2132 BBY
144Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy1999-05-0332 BBY
145Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceGame1999-04-3032 BBY
146Episode I Journals: Queen AmidalaJunior NovelJude Watson1999-05-0332 BBY
147Episode I Journals: Darth MaulJunior NovelJude Watson2000-03-0132 BBY
148Episode I Journals: Anakin SkywalkerJunior NovelTodd Strasser1999-05-0332 BBY
149Episode I AdventuresGraphic NovelTimothy Truman, Ryder Windham, Mark Schultz, Henry Gilroy2012-01-1732 BBY
150Battle for NabooGame2000-12-1432 BBY
151Darth PlagueisNovelJames Luceno2012-01-1032 BBY
152End GameShort StoryJames Luceno2012-01-3132 BBYPublished in the Phantom Menace novelization.
153Bounty HunterGame2002-11-1932 BBY
154Jango Fett: Open SeasonsGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2002-12-2432 BBY
155Republic: OutlanderGraphic NovelTimothy Truman2001-04-0432 BBY
156Republic: Emissaries to MalastareGraphic NovelTimothy Truman2001-09-0532 BBY
157Tales: Incident at Horn StationComic IssueDan Jolley2000-01-0532 BBY
158Tales: Bad BusinessComic IssueJohn Ostrander2001-06-1332 BBY
159Tales: Nomad, Chapter One to FourComic IssueRob Williams2004-10-2032 BBY
160Visionaries: The Eyes of RevolutionComic IssueWarren Fu2005-04-0231 BBY
161Republic: TwilightGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2001-12-1931 BBY
162Republic: Infinity’s EndGraphic NovelPat Mills2001-01-3131 BBY
163Republic: The Hunt for Aurra SingGraphic NovelTimothy Truman2002-07-1630 BBY
164Dark Horse Extra: Heart of FireComic IssueJohn Ostrander2001-07-0130 BBY
165Republic: DarknessGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2002-08-0730 BBY
166Republic: The Stark Hyperspace WarGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2003-11-1330 BBY
167Republic: The Devaronian VersionGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2002-05-0830 BBY
168Republic: Rite of PassageGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2004-02-1130 BBY
169Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: DeceptionsJunior NovelJude Watson2001-07-0129 BBY
170Rogue PlanetNovelGreg Bear2000-05-0229 BBY
171Jedi Apprentice Special Edition: The FollowersJunior NovelJude Watson2002-04-0129 BBY
172Jedi Quest: Path to TruthJunior NovelJude Watson2001-09-0128 BBY
173Jedi QuestGraphic NovelRyder Windham2001-12-1228 BBY
174Jedi Quest #1: Way of the ApprenticeJunior NovelJude Watson2002-04-2327-26 BBY
175Outbound FlightNovelTimothy Zahn2006-01-3127-26 BBY
176Jedi Quest #2: The Trail of the JediJunior NovelJude Watson2002-05-0127-26 BBY
177Jedi Quest #3: The Dangerous GamesJunior NovelJude Watson2002-08-0127-26 BBY
178The Bounty Hunters: Aurra SingComic IssueTimothy Truman1999-08-1127-26 BBY
179Jango FettGraphic NovelRon Marz2002-03-2627-26 BBY
180Zam WessellGraphic NovelRon Marz2002-04-0927-26 BBY
181Dark Horse Extra: Poison MoonComic IssueMichael Carriglitto2002-05-0127-26 BBY
182Jedi Quest #4: The Master of DisguiseJunior NovelJude Watson2002-11-0125-24 BBY
183Jedi Quest #5: The School of FearJunior NovelJude Watson2003-02-0125-24 BBY
184Jedi Quest #6: The Shadow TrapJunior NovelJude Watson2003-05-0125-24 BBY
185Jedi Quest #7: The Moment of TruthJunior NovelJude Watson2003-11-0125-24 BBY
186Jedi Quest #8: The Changing of the GuardJunior NovelJude Watson2004-03-0125-24 BBY
187Jedi Quest #9: The False PeaceJunior NovelJude Watson2004-07-0125-24 BBY
188Tales: A Jedi’s WeaponComic IssueHenry Gilroy2002-06-0525-24 BBY
189Starfighter: CrossbonesGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2002-03-1325-24 BBY
190Visionaries: Eyes of the RevolutionComic IssueWarren Fu2005-04-0225-24 BBY
191Honor and DutyGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2006-05-2325-24 BBY
192ReputationShort StoryAri Marmell2012-09-0425-24 BBYStar Wars Insider 136
193Jedi Quest #10: The Final ShowdownJunior NovelJude Watson2004-11-0123-22 BBY
194Tales: Puzzle PeaceComic IssueScott Beatty2002-09-2523-22 BBY
195Tales: The Way of the WarriorComic IssuePeter Alilunas2003-12-2423-22 BBY
196Tales: The Sith in ShadowComic IssueBob Harris2002-09-2523-22 BBY
197Hondo Onaka’s Not-so-big ScoreShort StoryJason Fry2013-09-0323-22 BBYStar Wars Insider 144
198Jedi StarfighterGame2002-03-1022 BBY
199The Approaching StormNovelAlan Dean Foster2002-01-2922 BBY
200Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (novel)NovelR.A. Salvatore2002-04-2322 BBY
201Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy2002-03-2622 BBY
202PrecipiceShort StoryChris Cassidy2008-04-2322 BBY
203Tales: The LessonComic IssueAdam Gallardo2002-12-1122 BBY
204Boba Fett 1: The Fight to SurviveJunior NovelTerry Bisson2003-04-0122 BBY
205Death in the CatacombsShort StoryMike W. Barr2004-12-0122 BBYStar Wars Insider 79
206Elusion Illusion: A Tale of the Clone WarsShort StoryMichael A. Stackpole2003-03-0122 BBYStar Wars Insider 66
207The Clone WarsGame2002-11-2822 BBY
208Boba Fett 2: CrossfireJunior NovelTerry Bisson2003-04-0122 BBY
209Republic: SacrificeComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-01-2222 BBY
210Boba Fett 3: Maze of DeceptionJunior NovelElizabeth Hand2003-04-0122 BBY
211Republic: Defense of KaminoComic IssueJohn Ostrander, Haden Blackman, Scott Allie2003-02-2622 BBY
212Boba Fett 4: HuntedJunior NovelElizabeth Hand2003-10-0122 BBY
213Republic: The New Face of WarGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2003-03-1922 BBY
214Jedi: Mace WinduComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-02-2622 BBY
215The Pengalan Trade-offShort StoryAaron Allston2003-02-0122 BBYStar Wars Insider 65
216The League of SpiesShort StoryAaron Allston2004-02-0122 BBYStar Wars Insider 73
217Republic Commando: Hard ContactNovelKaren Traviss2004-10-2622 BBY
218Omega Squad: TargetsShort StoryKaren Traviss2005-03-2822 BBYIncluded in Triple Zero
219Tales: Tides of TerrorComic IssueDavid Land2002-12-1122 BBY
220Republic: Blast RadiusComic IssueHaden Blackman2003-04-3022 BBY
221Scholastic Presents: Storm Fleet WarningShort StoryJude Watson2003-08-0122 BBY
222Star Wars Insider Presents: DuelShort StoryTimothy Zahn2003-08-0122 BBY
223The Clone Wars Adventures #1Graphic NovelHaden Blackman2004-07-2022 BBY
224The Clone Wars Adventures #2Graphic NovelHaden Blackman, Welles Hartley2004-11-3022 BBY
225The Clone Wars Adventures #3Graphic NovelHaden Blackman, Ryan Kaufman2005-03-1522 BBY
226The Clone Wars Adventures #4Graphic NovelHaden Blackman, Ryan Kaufman2005-11-0822 BBY
227The Clone Wars Adventures #5Graphic NovelThe Fillbach Brothers, Justin Lambros, Chris Avellone, Matt Jacobs2006-05-0922 BBY
228The Clone Wars Adventures #6Graphic NovelThe Fillbach Brothers, Mike Kennedy, Haden Blackman2006-08-2922 BBY
229The Clone Wars Adventures #7Graphic NovelMatthew Fillbach, Shawn Fillbach, Ryan Kaufman, Chris Avellone, Jeremy Barlow2007-02-1322 BBY
230The Clone Wars Adventures #8Graphic NovelMatthew Fillbach, Shawn Fillbach, Jason Hall, Jeremy Barlow2007-07-0322 BBY
231The Clone Wars Adventures #9Graphic NovelMatthew Fillbach, Shawn Fillbach2007-11-1322 BBY
232The Clone Wars Adventures #10Graphic NovelThe Fillbach Brothers, Chris Avellone, Jason Hall2008-01-0122 BBY
233Tales: Dark JourneyComic IssueJason Hall2003-10-0122 BBY
234Jedi: Shaak TiComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-05-1422 BBY
235Tales: Rather Darkness VisibleComic IssueJeremy Barlow2004-05-1422 BBY
236Republic: Double BlindComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-06-0422 BBY
237ShatterpointNovelMatthew Stover2003-06-0322 BBY
238EquipmentShort StoryMatthew Stover2003-07-0122 BBY
239Jedi: Aayla SecuraComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-08-2022 BBY
240Jedi: DookuComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-12-0322 BBY
241Republic Commando: Triple ZeroNovelKaren Traviss2006-02-2822 BBY
242Hero of CartaoShort StoryTimothy Zahn2003-06-0122 BBYStar Wars Insider 68, 69, 70
243The Cestus DeceptionNovelSteven Barnes2004-06-0122 BBY
244The HiveShort StorySteven Barnes2004-05-2722 BBYIncluded in The Cestus Deception
245Legacy of the JediJunior NovelJude Watson2003-08-0122 BBY
246OddsShort StoryKaren Traviss2006-04-0121 BBYIncluded in True Colors
247Republic Commando: True ColorsNovelKaren Traviss2007-10-3021 BBY
248Republic: Battle of JabiimGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2003-07-0221 BBY
249Republic: Enemy LinesComic IssueJohn Ostrander2003-12-3121 BBY
250Republic: Dead EndsComic IssueJohn Ostrander2004-02-1821 BBY
251Republic: Striking from the ShadowsComic IssueJohn Ostrander2004-04-0721 BBY
252Republic: BloodlinesComic IssueJohn Ostrander2004-04-2821 BBY
253Republic: Hate and FearComic IssueHaden Blackman2004-01-2821 BBY
254Republic: No Man’s LandComic IssueJohn Ostrander2004-03-1721 BBY
255Jedi: YodaComic IssueJeremy Barlow2004-07-2121 BBY
256Republic: Show of ForceGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2004-06-0221 BBY
257Republic: Forever YoungComic IssueRandy Stradley2004-08-0421 BBY
258Medstar I: Battle SurgeonsNovelMichael Reaves2004-06-2921 BBY
259MedStar: IntermezzoShort StoryMichael Reaves2005-07-0121 BBYStar Wars Insider 83
260Medstar II: Jedi HealerNovelMichael Reaves2004-09-2821 BBY
261Republic: ArmorGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2004-08-2521 BBY
262General GrievousGraphic NovelChuck Dixon2006-01-1021 BBY
263Changing SeasonsShort StoryTimothy Zahn2004-07-0121 BBYStar Wars Insider 76, 77
264Secrets of the JediJunior NovelJude Watson2005-03-0121 BBY
265Jedi TrialNovelDavid Sherman2004-10-2621 BBY
266Clone Wars Vol. 1TelevisionGenndy Tartakovsky2005-03-2221 BBY
267Republic: The Dreadnaughts of RendiliGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2004-09-2921 BBY
268The Clone Wars Webcomic: PreludeComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-10-0221 BBY
269The Clone Wars Webcomic: ShakedownComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-10-0221 BBY
270The Clone Wars Webcomic: ProcedureComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-10-0621 BBY
271The Clone Wars Webcomic: AgendaComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-10-1421 BBY
272Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Out FoxedShort StoryRob Valois2008-07-0121 BBY
273Secret Missions #1: Breakout SquadJunior NovelRyder Windham2009-09-0321 BBY
274Secret Missions #2: Curse of the Black Hole PiratesJunior NovelRyder Windham2009-07-1221 BBY
275Secret Missions #3: Duel at Shattered RockJunior NovelRyder Windham2011-03-0321 BBY
276Secret Missions #4: Guardians of the Chiss KeyJunior NovelRyder Windham2012-03-1521 BBY
277The Clone Wars Webcomic: Mouse HuntComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-10-2321 BBY
278The Clone Wars Webcomic: The Fall of FalleenComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-11-0721 BBY
279The Clone Wars: Wild SpaceNovelKaren Miller2008-12-0921 BBY
280The Clone Wars Webcomic: DiscountComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-11-1221 BBY
281The Clone Wars: No PrisonersNovelKaren Traviss2009-05-1921 BBY
282The Clone Wars Webcomic: DepartureComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-11-1921 BBY
283The Clone Wars Webcomic: TransferComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-12-0421 BBY
284The Clone Wars Webcomic: The Dreams of General GrievousComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2008-12-1021 BBY
285The Clone Wars Webcomic: BaitComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-01-0221 BBY
286The Clone Wars Webcomic: SwitchComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-01-0921 BBY
287The Clone Wars Webcomic: HeadgamesComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-01-1521 BBY
288The Clone Wars Webcomic: NeighborsComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-01-2121 BBY
289Clone Wars Gambit: StealthNovelKaren Miller2010-02-2321 BBY
290Clone Wars Gambit: SiegeNovelKaren Miller2010-07-0621 BBY
291The Clone Wars Webcomic: Cold SnapComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-01-2921 BBY
292The Clone Wars Webcomic: ShadowedComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-02-0621 BBY
293The Clone Wars Webcomic: The ValleyComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-02-1321 BBY
294The Clone Wars Webcomic: CovetousComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-02-2621 BBY
295The Clone Wars Webcomic: CurfewComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-03-0921 BBY
296The Clone Wars Webcomic: The Ballad of Cham SynduliaComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-03-1221 BBY
297The Clone Wars Webcomic: Invitation OnlyComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-03-1921 BBY
298The Clone Wars Webcomic: Hunting the Hunters #1-3Comic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-06-1221 BBY
299The Clone Wars Webcomic: Act on InstinctComic IssuePablo Hidalgo2009-09-3021 BBY
300The Clone Wars Webcomic: The Valsedian OperationComic IssueThomas Hodges2010-09-1421 BBY
301Speaking SilentlyShort StoryJason Fry2013-01-2921 BBY
302The Wrath of Darth MaulJunior NovelRyder Windham2012-01-0121 BBY
303The Clone Wars Volume 1: Shipyards of DoomGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy2008-10-0721 BBY
304The Clone Wars Volume 2: Crash CourseGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy2009-01-1321 BBY
305The Clone Wars Volume 3: The Wind Raiders of TaloraanGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2009-06-0921 BBY
306The Clone Wars Volume 4: The Colossus of DestinyGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2009-12-2321 BBY
307The Clone Wars Volume 5: Deadly Hands of Shon-JuGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2010-12-0221 BBY
308The Clone Wars Volume 6: The Starcrusher TrapGraphic NovelMike W. Barr2011-08-0921 BBY
309The Clone Wars Volume 7: Strange AlliesGraphic NovelRyder Windham2011-11-0121 BBY
310The Clone Wars Volume 8:The Enemy WithinGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2012-03-1321 BBY
311The Clone Wars Volume 9: The Sith HuntersGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy, Steven Melching2012-08-2820 BBY
312The Clone Wars Volume 10: The Defenders of the Lost TempleGraphic NovelJustin Aclin2013-03-2620 BBY
313The Clone Wars: Slaves of the RepublicGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy2009-12-1521 BBY
314The Clone Wars: In Service of the RepublicGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy, Steven Melching2010-06-2921 BBY
315The Clone Wars: Hero of the ConfederacyGraphic NovelHenry Gilroy, Steven Melching2010-09-1421 BBY
316The Clone Wars: The Gauntlet of DeathComic IssueHenry Gilroy2009-05-0221 BBY
317Darth Maul: Death SentenceGraphic NovelTom Taylor2013-05-2820 BBY
318Tales: Honor BoundComic IssueIan Edginton2005-02-2320 BBY
319Visionaries: Deep ForestComic IssueSang Jun Lee2005-04-0220 BBY
320Routine ValorComic IssueRandy Stradley2006-05-0620 BBY
321Republic: TrackdownGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2004-12-2920 BBY
322ObsessionGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2005-12-1320 BBY
323Visionaries: The Artist of NabooComic IssueErik Tiemens2005-04-0220 BBY
324Brothers in ArmsGraphic NovelMiles Lane2005-05-0120 BBY
325Yoda: Dark RendezvousNovelSean Stewart2004-11-2319 BBY
326Boba Fett 5: A New ThreatJunior NovelElizabeth Hand2004-04-0119 BBY
327Boba Fett 6: PursuitJunior NovelElizabeth Hand2004-12-0119 BBY
328Visionaries: SithisisComic IssueDerek Thompson2005-04-0219 BBY
329Republic: The Siege of SaleucamiGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2005-07-2019 BBY
330Republic CommandoGame2005-02-2819 BBY
331Evasive Action: Reversal of FortuneGraphic NovelPaul Ens2005-06-0119 BBY
332Kinect Star WarsGame2012-04-0319 BBY
333Labyrinth of EvilNovelJames Luceno2005-01-2519 BBY
334Clone Wars Vol. 2TelevisionGenndy Tartakovsky2005-12-0619 BBY
335Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (novel)NovelMatthew Stover2005-04-0219 BBY
336Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithGraphic NovelMiles Lane2005-03-1619 BBY
337Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithGame2005-05-0519 BBY
338Republic Commando: Order 66NovelKaren Traviss2008-09-1619 BBY
339Republic: The Hidden EnemyGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2006-01-0419 BBY
340HammerShort StoryEdward Erdelac2014-01-2119 BBYStar Wars Insider 147
341Republic: Into the UnknownComic IssueWelles Hartley2005-11-0919 BBY
342Mist EncounterShort StoryTimothy Zahn1995-08-0119 BBYIncluded in Outbound Flight
343Republic: LoyaltiesGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2005-10-1919 BBY
344Evasive Action: RecruitmentGraphic NovelPaul Ens2005-12-0119 BBY
345IncognitoShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2013-07-2319 BBYIncluded in Kenobi
346KenobiNovelJohn Jackson Miller2013-08-2719 BBY
Book of SithNovelDaniel Wallace2013-04-1619 BBY
348PurgeComic IssueJohn Ostrander2005-12-2819 BBY
349Purge: Seconds to DieComic IssueJohn Ostrander2009-11-1119 BBY
350Purge: The Hidden BladeComic IssueHaden Blackman2010-04-0719 BBY
351Purge: The Tyrant's FistComic IssueAlexander Freed2012-12-0519 BBY
352Darth Vader and the Lost CommandGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2011-12-1319 BBY
353Dark Times: The Path to NowhereGraphic NovelMick Harrison2008-02-1219 BBY
354Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth VaderNovelJames Luceno2005-11-2219 BBY
355Pax Empirica - The Wookiee AnnihilationShort StorySteve Kent2001-11-0619 BBY
356Imperial Commando: 501stNovelKaren Traviss2009-10-2719 BBY
357Dark Times: ParallelsGraphic NovelMick Harrison2008-08-2619 BBY
358The Last One StandingShort StoryJude Watson2006-05-0119 BBYIncluded in Legacy/Secrets of the Jedi Omnibus
359Dark Times: VectorGraphic NovelMick Harrison2008-05-2919 BBY
360Coruscant Nights I: Jedi TwilightNovelMichael Reaves2008-06-2419 BBY
361Darth Vader and the Ghost PrisonGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2013-04-2319 BBY
362Tales: The DutyComic IssueChristian Read2002-06-0519 BBY
363Dark Times: Blue HarvestGraphic NovelMick Harrison2010-11-1619 BBY
364Dark Times: Out of the WildernessGraphic NovelMick Harrison2012-11-0619 BBY
365Dark Times: Fire CarrierGraphic NovelMick Harrison2013-10-0119 BBY
366Dark Times: A Spark RemainsGraphic NovelMick Harrison2014-05-0619 BBY
367In His ImageShort StoryKaren Traviss2005-07-0119 BBYIncluded in Legacy of the Force: Betrayal
368Darth Vader and the Ninth AssassinGraphic NovelTim Siedell2013-12-0319 BBY
369The Last of the Jedi #1: The Desperate MissionJunior NovelJude Watson2005-05-0118 BBY
370The Last of the Jedi #2: Dark WarningJunior NovelJude Watson2005-09-0118 BBY
371Ghosts of the SithShort StoryJude Watson2006-06-1318 BBYStar Wars Insider 88
372The Last of the Jedi #3: UnderworldJunior NovelJude Watson2005-12-0118 BBY
373The Last of the Jedi #4: Death on NabooJunior NovelJude Watson2006-04-0118 BBY
374The Last of the Jedi #5: A Tangled WebJunior NovelJude Watson2006-08-0118 BBY
375The Last of the Jedi #6: Return of the Dark SideJunior NovelJude Watson2006-12-0118 BBY
376The Last of the Jedi #7: Secret WeaponJunior NovelJude Watson2007-04-0118 BBY
377The Last of the Jedi #8: Against the EmpireJunior NovelJude Watson2007-10-0118 BBY
378The Last of the Jedi #9: Master of DeceptionJunior NovelJude Watson2008-02-0118 BBY
379The Last of the Jedi #10: ReckoningJunior NovelJude Watson2008-06-0118 BBY
380Coruscant Knights II: Street of ShadowsNovelMichael Reaves2008-08-2618 BBY
381Evasive Action: PreyGraphic NovelPaul Ens2006-11-0718 BBY
382Evasive Action: End GameGraphic NovelPaul Ens2006-11-0718 BBY
383Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of ForceNovelMichael Reaves2009-01-2718 BBY
384Two-Edged SwordShort StoryKaren Traviss2005-11-0118 BBYIncluded in Legacy of the Force: Betrayal
385The Last JediNovelMichael Reaves2013-02-2618 BBY
386Darth Vader and the Cry of ShadowsGraphic NovelTim Siedell2014-07-1517-16 BBY
387The Guns of Kelrodo-AiShort StoryJason Fry2012-03-0117-16 BBYStar Wars Insider 132
388Visionaries: Old WoundsComic IssueAaron McBride2005-04-0217-16 BBY
389Animated Adventures: DroidsTelevisionVarious1986-06-0715-14 BBY
390Dark VendettaShort StoryEric S. Trautmann1996-07-0110-6 BBY
391The Han Solo Trilogy: Volume #1: The Paradise SnareNovelA. C. Crispin1997-05-0510-6 BBY
392Tales: The Princess Leia DiariesComic IssueJason Hall2002-03-2010-6 BBY
393Tales: Falling StarComic IssueJim Beard2003-03-1210-6 BBY
394Tales: SandstormComic IssueJason Hall2003-03-1210-6 BBY
395The HearingShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993-06-0110-6 BBYIncluded in Dark Empire Sourcebook
396The Lesser EvilShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-0110-6 BBYIncluded in Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
397The King's RequiemShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-0110-6 BBYIncluded in Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook
398Luke Skywalker's WalkaboutComic IssuePhill Norwood1999-08-1110-6 BBYCollected in Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy
399Turning PointShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995-02-0110-6 BBY
400Droids: SpecialGraphic NovelDan Thorsland1995-01-3110-6 BBY
401Droids: The Kalarba AdventuresGraphic NovelDan Thorsland1996-06-1110-6 BBY
402Droids: RebellionGraphic NovelRyder Windham1997-01-0110-6 BBY
403Droids: Season of RevoltGraphic NovelJan Strnad1995-12-2610-6 BBY
404Droids: The Protocol OffensiveGraphic NovelAnthony Daniels, Ryder Windham1997-09-0310-6 BBY
405Tales: Young Lando CalrissianComic IssueGilbert Hernandez2004-06-3010-6 BBY
406Jabba the Hutt: Art of the DealGraphic NovelJim Woodring1998-06-1610-6 BBY
407Tales: GhostComic IssueJan Duursema2002-03-2010-6 BBY
408Tales from the Empire: The Final ExitShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1994-11-015-4 BBY
409The Han Solo Trilogy: Volume #2: The Hutt GambitNovelA. C. Crispin1997-08-115-4 BBY
410Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of SharuNovelL. Neil Smith1983-07-125-4 BBY
411Tales: In the BeginningComic IssueGarth Ennis2002-03-205-4 BBY
412Tales: RoutineComic IssueTony Isabella2000-01-055-4 BBY
413PassagesShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995-08-013 BBY
414Out of the CradleShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1994-05-013 BBY
415Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of OseonNovelL. Neil Smith1983-09-123 BBY
416Boba Fett: Enemy of the EmpireGraphic NovelJohn Wagner2005-01-183 BBY
417Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThonbokaNovelL. Neil Smith1983-11-123 BBY
418Tales: First ImpressionsComic IssueNathan Walker2003-03-123 BBY
419The Lost City of TatooineShort StoryDavid West Reynolds1999-07-013 BBY
420The Force UnleashedGame2008-09-163 BBY
421The Force UnleashedNovelSean Williams2008-08-193 BBY
422The Force UnleashedGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2008-08-183 BBY
423Agent of the Empire: Iron EclipseGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2012-11-063 BBY
424Agent of the Empire: Hard TargetsGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2013-08-062 BBY
425And Leebo Makes ThreeShort StoryMichael Reaves2011-08-012 BBYStar Wars Insider 128
426Han Solo at Star’s EndNovelBrian Daley1979-04-122 BBY
427Han Solo at Star’s EndGraphic NovelBrian Daley, Archie Goodwin1981-02-082 BBY
428This Crumb for HireComic IssueRyder Windham1996-08-012 BBY
429Han Solo’s RevengeNovelBrian Daley1979-10-122 BBY
430When the Domino FallsShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1994-08-012 BBY
431Blood Ties: A Tale of Jango and Boba FettGraphic NovelTom Taylor2011-05-312 BBY
432Strangers with SweetsShort StoryKathy Tyers1996-02-012 BBYTruce at Bakura Sourcebook
433Last Strike at G'rhoShort StoryKathy Tyers1996-02-012 BBYTruce at Bakura Sourcebook
434Constant SpiritShort StoryJennifer Heddle2013-10-222 BBYStar Wars Insider 145
435Han Solo and the Lost LegacyNovelBrian Daley1980-08-122 BBY
436Rebel BassShort StoryKathy Tyers2001-07-012 BBY
437Tales: Planet of the DeadComic IssueSteve Niles2003-10-012 BBY
438The Force Unleashed IIGame2010-10-261 BBY
439The Force Unleashed IINovelSean Williams2010-10-051 BBY
440The Force Unleashed IIGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2010-10-051 BBY
441Star Wars Adventures: Han Solo and the Hollow Moon of KhnoryaGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2009-05-121 BBY
442Dark Forces: Soldier for the EmpireGraphic NovelWilliam C. Dietz1997-04-141 BBY
443Dark Forces: Soldier for the EmpireAudio DramaJohn Whitman1997-03-011 BBY
444Tales: ExtinctionComic IssueRon Marz1999-09-291 BBY
445Empire: BetrayalGraphic NovelScott Allie2003-08-051 BBY
446Death TroopersNovelJoe Schreiber2009-10-131 BBY
447Tales: The Hovel on Terk StreetComic IssueTom Fassbender, Jim Pascoe2000-12-201 BBY
448Tales from the Empire: Tinian on TrialShort StoryKathy Tyers1994-11-011 BBY
449Underworld: The Yavin VassilikaGraphic NovelMike Kennedy2001-10-161 BBY
450Empire: DarklighterGraphic NovelPaul Chadwick2004-06-011 BBY
451Empire: The Short Happy Life of Roons SewellGraphic NovelPaul Chadwick2003-09-101 BBY
452The Farlander PapersShort StoryRusel DeMaria1993-02-011 BBY
453Tales: ResurrectionComic IssueRon Marz2001-10-101 BBY
454X-Wing Rogue Squadron 1/2Comic IssueMike W. Barr1997-02-011 BBY
455Empire: Princess...WarriorGraphic NovelRandy Stradley2003-03-051 BBY
456Wanderer of WorldsShort StoryJohn Dunivant1996-10-011 BBY
457Tales: The Value of Proper Intelligence...Comic IssueKen Lizzl2004-05-141 BBY
458Empire at WarGame2006-02-161 BBY
459X-WingGame1993-02-011 BBY
460Blood Ties: Boba Fett is DeadGraphic NovelTom Taylor2013-02-051 BBY
461Dark ForcesGame1995-02-28Before ANH
462Tales from the New Republic: Interlude at DarkknellShort StoryTimothy Zahn1999-12-01Before ANH
463Shadow GamesNovelMichael Reaves2011-11-29Before ANH
464RingersShort StoryLaurie Burns1995-05-01Before ANH
465Maze RunShort StoryDavid Williams2012-01-01Before ANHStar Wars Insider 131
466Breaking Free: The Adventures of Dannen LifeholdShort StoryDave Marron1994-02-01Before ANH
467Star Wars Journals: The Fight for JusticeJunior NovelJohn Peel1998-07-01Before ANH
468Star Wars Journals: Captive to EvilJunior NovelJude Watson1998-07-01Before ANH
469The Han Solo Trilogy: Volume #3: Rebel DawnNovelA. C. Crispin1998-03-09Before ANH
470Tales: PreyComic IssueKia Asamiya2002-03-20Before ANH
471Star Wars: A New Hope (novel)NovelAlan Dean Foster1976-11-120 ABY
472Star Wars: A New Hope The Original Radio DramaAudio DramaBrian Daley1981-01-010 ABY
473Star Wars: A New Hope: Special EditionGraphic NovelBruce Jones2017-04-050 ABY
474Death StarNovelMichael Reaves2007-10-160 ABY
475Artoo's TaleShort StoryGrant S. Boucher1989-01-010 ABY
476Tales from the Mos Eisley CantinaAnthologyKevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason, M. Shayne Bell, David Bischoff, A.C. Crispin, Kenneth C. Flint, Barbara Hambly, Rebecca Moesta, Daniel Keys Moran, Jerry Oltion, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Jennifer Roberson, Kathy Tyers, Tom Veitch, Martha Veitch, Dave Wolverton, Timothy Zahn1995-08-010 ABY
477Tales from Mos EisleyComic IssueBruce Jones1996-03-260 ABY
478Tales: TrooperComic IssueGarth Ennis2001-12-120 ABY
479Spare PartsShort StoryPablo Hidalgo1996-11-010 ABY
480Cantina CommunicationsShort StoryJohn Chesterman1979-01-010 ABY
481Tales: Once BittenComic IssueC. B. Cebulski2002-06-050 ABY
482Tales from the Empire: A Certain Point of ViewShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995-11-010 ABY
483Empire: What Sin Loyalty?Comic IssueJeremy Barlow2003-11-260 ABY
484Empire: The Savage HeartComic IssueDave Land2003-12-100 ABY
485Changing the Odds: The Adventures of Dannen LifeholdShort StoryDave Marron1994-08-010 ABY
486Priority: XShort StoryGeorge R. Strayton1997-08-010 ABY
487Droid TroubleShort StoryChuck Sperati1994-08-010 ABY
488The Occupation of RhamalaiShort StoryM. H. Watkins1997-05-010 ABY
489To Fight Another DayShort StoryKathy Tyers1995-05-010 ABY
490Small FavorsShort StoryPaul Danner1997-02-010 ABY
491Sandbound on TatooineShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1997-01-010 ABY
492ScoundrelsNovelTimothy Zahn2013-01-010 ABY
493Tales from the New Republic: Uhl Eharl KhoehgShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1995-11-010 ABY
494HeistShort StoryTimothy Zahn2012-12-010 ABYStar Wars Insider 138
495Rebel Force #1: TargetJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009-01-010 ABY
496Rebel Force #2: HostageJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009-01-010 ABY
497Rebel Force #3: RenegadeJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009-05-010 ABY
498Rebel Force #4: FirefightJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2009-09-010 ABY
499Rebel Force #5: TrappedJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2010-01-010 ABY
500AllegianceNovelTimothy Zahn2007-01-300 ABY
501Rebel Force #6: UprisingJunior NovelAlex Wheeler2010-05-010 ABY
502Winner Lose AllShort StoryTimothy Zahn2012-12-100 ABYIncluded in Scoundrels
503Rogue SquadronGame1998-12-070 ABY
504Empire: To the Last ManGraphic NovelWelles Hartley2004-04-210 ABY
505Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years Vol. 1Graphic NovelRoy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, Archie Goodwin2016-11-150 ABYCollection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
506Epic Collection: The Newspaper Strips Vol. 1Graphic NovelRuss Manning, Steve Gerber, Russ Helm, Archie Goodwin2017-02-070 ABYCollection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
507Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years Vol. 2Graphic NovelRoy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, Archie Goodwin2017-07-120 ABYCollection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
508Epic Collection: The Newspaper Strips Vol. 2Graphic NovelAl Williamson, Archie Goodwin2019-07-030 ABYCollection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
509Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years Vol. 3Graphic NovelRoy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, Archie Goodwin2018-07-31Collection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
510Epic Collection: The Original Marvel Years Vol. 4Graphic NovelDavid Michelinie, Walter Simonson, Jo Duffy, Louise Jones, Michael Fleisher2019-08-070 ABYCollection; doesn't quite fit with continuity, but is worth including.
511Empire: SacrificeComic IssueJohn Wagner2003-04-090 ABY
512Tales: Lady LuckComic IssueRich Handley, Darko Macan2000-03-290 ABY
513Star Wars: In the Shadow of YavinGraphic NovelBrian Wood2013-10-010 ABY
514Star Wars: From the Ruins of AlderaanGraphic NovelBrian Wood2014-05-270 ABY
515Star Wars: Five Days of SithGraphic NovelBrian Wood2014-10-150 ABY
516Star Wars: Rebel GirlGraphic NovelBrian Wood2014-10-010 ABY
517Star Wars: A Shattered HopeGraphic NovelBrian Wood, Zack Whedon2014-10-150 ABY
518Vader’s QuestGraphic NovelDarko Macan2000-02-180 ABY
519Shadow StalkerComic IssueRyder Windham1997-11-190 ABY
520The Most Dangerous FoeShort StoryAngela Philips1996-11-010 ABY
521The Great Herdship HeistShort StoryDaniel Wallace1997-11-010 ABY
522Fair PreyShort StoryDaniel Wallace2000-09-010 ABY
523Imperial SpinShort StoryGreg Gorden1989-10-010 ABY
524Empire: Target: VaderComic IssueRon Marz2004-05-120 ABY
525Tales: Death Star PiratesComic IssueHenry Gilroy2001-06-130 ABY
526Boba Fett 1/2: SalvageComic IssueJohn Wagner1997-12-010 ABY
527Galaxy of Fear: Eaten AliveJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-01-010 ABY
528Galaxy of Fear: City of the DeadJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-01-010 ABY
529Galaxy of Fear: Planet PlagueJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-03-100 ABY
530Empire: A Little Piece of HomeGraphic NovelRon Marz2004-06-300 ABY
531Empire: Alone TogetherComic IssueWelles Hartley2004-07-140 ABY
532Empire: The Bravery of Being Out of RangeComic IssueJeremy Barlow2004-08-180 ABY
533Empire: Idiot's ArrayComic IssueRon Marz2004-09-080 ABY
534Galaxy of Fear: The Nightmare MachineJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-05-120 ABY
535Only Droids Serve the MakerShort StoryKathy Tyers1996-05-010 ABY
536A Bitter WinterShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1995-02-010 ABY
537Galaxy of Fear: Ghost of the JediJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-07-070 ABY
538Empire: General SkywalkerComic IssueRon Marz2004-11-100 ABY
539The Rebel ThiefComic IssueRyder Windham1997-10-010 ABY
540X-Wing Marks the SpotComic IssueMike W. Barr1998-04-010 ABY
541Imperial SpyGraphic NovelMike W. Barr1998-09-010 ABY
542Empire: WreckageComic IssueRon Marz2004-12-290 ABY
543Galaxy of Fear: Army of TerrorJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-09-080 ABY
544Death in the Slave Pits of LoordShort StoryAdrick Tolliver2009-06-010 ABY
545Empire: In the Shadows of Their FathersGraphic NovelThomas Andrews, Scott Allie2006-11-070 ABY
546Empire: A Model OfficerComic IssueJohn Jackson Miller2005-09-140 ABY
547Empire: The Wrong Side of the WarGraphic NovelJohn Jackson Miller, Welles Hartley2007-01-300 ABY
548Galaxy of Fear: The Brain SpidersJunior NovelJohn Whitman1997-11-100 ABY
549Galaxy of Fear: The SwarmJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998-01-120 ABY
550Choices of OneNovelTimothy Zahn2011-07-190 ABY
551Rebellion: My Brother, My EnemyGraphic NovelRob Williams2007-03-200 ABY
552Rebellion: The Ahakista GambitGraphic NovelBrandon Badeaux, Rob Williams2008-04-080 ABY
553Rebellion: Small VictoriesGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2008-11-180 ABY
554Rebellion: VectorGraphic NovelRob Williams2008-08-270 ABY
555Boba Fett: OverkillComic IssueThomas Andrews2006-04-120 ABY
556Galaxy of Fear: SporeJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998-03-090 ABY
557Tales: Sand BlastedComic IssueKilian Plunkett2000-06-280 ABY
558Galaxy of Fear: The Doomsday ShipJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998-05-110 ABY
559Galaxy of Fear: ClonesJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998-07-060 ABY
560Across the Burning Sands of TatooineShort StoryGrant S. Boucher1989-04-010 ABY
561Camie's StoryShort StoryGrant S. Boucher1989-04-010 ABY
562Star Wars Adventures: Chewbacca and the Slavers of the ShadowlandsGraphic NovelChris Cerasi2011-08-310 ABY
563Tales: Outbid but Never OutgunnedComic IssueBeau Smith2001-03-070 ABY
564Galaxy of Fear: The HungerJunior NovelJohn Whitman1998-09-081 ABY
565The Star Wars Holiday SpecialTelevisionSteve Binder1978-11-171 ABY
566Tales: Captain ThreepioComic IssueRyan Kinnaird2001-06-131 ABY
567Tales: Walking the Path that’s GivenComic IssueThomas Andrews, Shane McCarthy2004-10-201 ABY
568Tales: PaybackComic IssueAndy Diggle2003-12-241 ABY
569Silver and ScarletShort StoryJames S. A. Corey2014-03-041 ABYIncluded in Honor Among Thieves
570Honor Among ThievesNovelJames S. A. Corey2014-03-041 ABY
571Galaxies: The Ruins of DantooineNovelVoronica Whitney Robinson2003-12-301 ABY
572Pearls in the SandShort StoryVoronica Whitney Robinson2004-02-241 ABYStar Wars Insider 74
573Lando Calrissian: Idiot’s ArrayShort StoryRich Handley2008-05-241 ABY
574Finder’s FeeShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1995-05-011 ABY
575The Breath of GelgelarShort StoryJean Rabe1997-08-011 ABY
576River of ChaosGraphic NovelLouise Simonson1996-02-262 ABY
577Splinter of the Mind’s EyeNovelAlan Dean Foster1978-03-012 ABY
578Splinter of the Mind’s EyeGraphic NovelTerry Austin1996-12-102 ABY
579Star Wars Adventures: Princess Leia and the Royal RansomGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2009-07-292 ABY
580Old Corellian: A Guide for the Curious ScholarShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1995-08-012 ABY
581The Battle of Turak IVShort StoryEnrique Guerrero2009-05-122 ABY
582Swoop GangsShort StoryWayne Humfleet1995-05-012 ABY
583LumrunnersShort StoryWayne Humfleet1996-02-012 ABY
584Crimson BountyShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1997-08-012 ABY
585Combat MoonShort StoryJohn Whitman1996-02-012 ABY
586Tales from the Empire: Do No HarmShort StoryErin Endom1996-05-012 ABY
587The Capture of Imperial HazardShort StoryNora Mayers1996-05-012 ABY
588Idol IntentionsShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1997-02-012 ABY
589Tales from the New Republic: The Last HandShort StoryPaul Danner1997-05-012 ABY
590Tales from the Empire: Side TripShort StoryTimothy Zahn1997-02-012 ABY
591Command DecisionShort StoryTimothy Zahn1996-11-012 ABY
592Laughter After DarkShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1997-11-012 ABY
593The DrawShort StoryAngela Philips1997-11-012 ABY
594Star Wars Adventures: Boba Fett and the Ship of FearGraphic NovelJeremy Barlow2011-05-112 ABY
595Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s EdgeNovelMartha Wells2013-09-242 ABY
596TIE FighterGame1994-07-012 ABY
597Rebel HeistGraphic NovelMatt Kindt2014-10-213 ABY
598A Valentine StoryGraphic NovelJudd Winick2003-02-123 ABY
Rebel Mission to Ord MantellAudio DramaBrian Daley1983-01-013 ABY
600Double-Cross on Ord MantellShort StoryMichael Mikaelian1995-10-013 ABY
601Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (novel)NovelDonald F. Glut1980-04-123 ABY
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Audio DramaAudio DramaBrian Daley1983-02-143 ABY
603Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Special EditionGraphic NovelArchie Goodwin1997-02-183 ABY
604Tales: Ghosts of HothComic IssueRob Williams2003-10-013 ABY
605Visionaries: EntrenchedComic IssueM. Zachary Sherman2005-04-023 ABY
606Mutiny on the Rand EclipticShort StoryMichael Stern1989-01-013 ABY
607One Step AheadShort StoryMichael Stern1996-07-013 ABY
608Running the GauntletShort StoryMichael Stern1989-01-013 ABY
609Tales of the Bounty HuntersAnthologyKevin J. Anderson, Dave Wolverton, Kathy Tyers, M. Shayne Bell, Daniel Keys Moran1996-12-013 ABY
610Star Wars Adventures: Luke Skywalker and the Treasure of the DragonsnakesGraphic NovelTom Taylor2010-02-033 ABY
611Tales: Moment of DoubtComic IssueLovern Kindzierski2000-06-283 ABY
612Tales: Slippery SlopeComic IssueScott Lobdell2003-03-123 ABY
613Tales: Thank the MakerComic IssueRyder Windham2000-12-203 ABY
614Up the Intelligence LaderShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABY
615Clone B-2332-54Short StoryEric S. Trautmann1994-03-013 ABYThe Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
616Temporary ReassignmentShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
617An Old Flame in Need...Short StoryPeter Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
618Star Wars Adventures: The Will of Darth VaderGraphic NovelTom Taylor2010-07-213 ABY
619Tales: Lucky StarComic IssueBrian Augustyn2003-03-123 ABY
620Permission GrantedShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
621In the Emperor's ServiceShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
622Droids Can't FlyShort StoryPeter Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
623Vader AdriftShort StoryRyder Windham2011-11-013 ABYStar Wars Insider Special Edition 2012
624X-Wing vs. TIE FighterGame1997-04-303 ABY
625The Stele ChroniclesShort StoryRusel DeMaria1994-07-013 ABY
626Hunting the HuntersShort StoryBill Smith1996-01-013 ABY
627The Emperor’s TrophyShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1997-05-013 ABY
628Tales: The HiddenComic IssueSean Konot, Scott Morse2000-12-203 ABY
629Tales from the Empire: Slaying DragonsShort StoryAngela Philips1996-02-013 ABY
630Tales from the New Republic: The Longest FallShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1996-11-013 ABY
631FirepowerShort StoryCarolyn Golledge1995-11-013 ABY
632Desperate MeasuresShort StoryCarolyn Golledge1996-05-013 ABY
633Ewoks Animated AdventuresTelevisionVarious1986-12-133 ABY
634Ewoks: Shadows of EndorGraphic NovelZack Giallongo2013-10-223 ABY
635Caravan of CourageTelevisionJohn Korty1984-11-253 ABY
636The Battle for EndorTelevisionJohn Korty1985-11-243 ABY
637Shadows of the EmpireNovelSteve Perry1996-04-013 ABY
638Shadows of the EmpireJunior NovelChristopher Golden1996-09-013 ABY
639Shadows of the EmpireGraphic NovelJohn Wagner1997-04-153 ABY
640The Regalia of OfficeShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABY
641Just Another Day's WorkShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
642A Very Special MealShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
643Glory SupportShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
644The Backup PlanShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
645Out of the PictureShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
646Hand-OffShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
647Hasty ExitShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
648Let's Go!Short StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABYShadows of the Empire Sourcebook
649Dead End DropShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1996-06-013 ABY
650The Bounty Hunters: Scoundrel’s WagesComic IssueMark Schultz1999-09-083 ABY
651Tales: A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite!Comic IssueIan Edginton2000-12-203 ABY
652Special Ops: Drop PointsShort StoryJohn Beyer1997-08-013 ABY
653Tales: Nerf HerderComic IssuePhil Amara2001-03-073 ABY
654Tales: Number Two in the GalaxyComic IssueHenry Gilroy2003-12-243 ABY
X-Wing AllianceGame1999-02-283 ABY
656Rebel Assault II: The Hidden EmpireGame1995-11-013 ABY
657The Employment TestShort StoryMichael Stern1990-01-013 ABY
658Tales: Stop That Jawa!Comic IssueDave Cooper2000-01-054 ABY
659Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (novel)NovelJames Kahn1983-05-124 ABY
660Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: The Original Radio DramaAudio DramaBrian Daley1996-01-014 ABY
661Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Special EditionGraphic NovelArchie Goodwin1997-02-184 ABY
662Tales from Jabba’s PalaceAnthologyKevin J. Anderson, M. Shayne Bell, John Gregory Betancourt, Mark Budz, Marina Fitch, A. C. Crispin, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes, George Alec Effinger, Kenneth C. Flint, Esther M. Friesner, Barbara Hambly, Daryl F. Mallett, Daniel Keys Moran, Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Jennifer Roberson, Kathy Tyers, Deborah Wheeler, Dave Wolverton, William F. Wu, Timothy Zahn1995-12-014 ABY
663Star Wars Journals: Hero for HireJunior NovelDonna Tauscher1998-07-014 ABY
Rogue Squadron II: Rogue LeaderGame2001-11-174 ABY
Rogue Squadron III: Rebel StrikeGame2003-10-204 ABY
666The Rise and Fall of Darth VaderJunior NovelRyder Windham2010-05-014 ABY
667A New Hope: The Life of Luke SkywalkerJunior NovelRyder Windham2009-09-014 ABY
The Bounty Hunter Wars #1: The Mandalorian ArmorNovelK. W. Jeter1998-07-024 ABY
669The Bounty Hunter Wars #2: Slave ShipNovelK. W. Jeter1998-10-064 ABY
The Bounty Hunter Wars #3: Hard MerchandiseNovelK. W. Jeter1999-07-064 ABY
671The Briefing of Red GroupShort StoryMichael Stern1990-01-014 ABY
672Gambler's RunShort StoryMichael Stern1990-06-014 ABY
673The Deposition of General SoloShort StoryKathy Tyers1996-02-014 ABYTruce at Bakura Sourcebook
674The Truce at BakuraNovelKathy Tyers1993-11-014 ABY
675Tales: A Wookiee Scorned!Comic IssueJason Hall2001-12-124 ABY
676Tales: Do or Do NotComic IssueJay Laird2003-03-124 ABY
677Tales: LuckyComic IssueRob Williams2005-05-114 ABY
678Tales: Spare PartsComic IssueMark Evanier, Sergio Aragonés2000-06-284 ABY
679Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s HandGraphic NovelTimothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole2005-01-184 ABY
680Tales: Mara Jade, A Night on the TownComic IssueTimothy Zahn1999-09-294 ABY
681Tales: Three Against the GalaxyComic IssueRich Hedden2000-03-294 ABY
682A Credit for your ThoughtsShort StoryTish Eggleston Pahl2000-11-014 ABY
683Escape from Balis-BaurghShort StoryPaul Balsamo1994-02-014 ABY
684Tales from the New Republic: Day of the Sepulchral NightShort StoryJean Rabe1997-05-014 ABY
685Tales from the New Republic: Gathering ShadowsShort StoryKathy Burdette1999-12-014 ABY
686Tales: A Day in the LifeComic IssueBrett Matthews2002-06-054 ABY
687Rogue LeaderGraphic NovelHaden Blackman2005-09-284 ABY
688The Rebel OppositionGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole, Mike Baron1995-10-314 ABY
689The Phantom AffairGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole, Darko Macan1997-11-254 ABY
690Rogue Squadron SpecialComic IssueRyder Windham1995-08-014 ABY
691Battleground: TatooineGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole, Jan Strnad1998-04-144 ABY
692Shadows of the Empire: EvolutionGraphic NovelSteve Perry2000-02-154 ABY
693Jabba the Hutt: The Jabba TapeComic IssueJohn Wagner1998-12-234 ABY
694The Warrior PrincessGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole, Scott Tolson1998-11-174 ABY
695Requiem for a RogueGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole, Jan Strnad, Mike W. Barr1999-02-164 ABY
696In the Empire’s ServiceGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole1999-05-184 ABY
697Blood and HonorGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole1999-08-174 ABY
698MasqueradeGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole2000-06-204 ABY
699Mandatory RetirementGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole2000-12-264 ABY
700HandoffShort StoryTimothy Zahn2002-04-194 ABY
701Lumiya: Dark Star of the EmpireShort StoryMichael Mikaelian1995-04-014 ABY
702One of a KindShort StoryPaul Danner1995-02-014 ABY
703Easy CreditsShort StoryPaul Danner1996-02-014 ABY
The Glove of Darth VaderJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1992-06-014 ABY
705The Lost City of the JediJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1992-06-014 ABY
706Zorba the Hutt's RevengeJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1992-07-014 ABY
707Mission from Mount YodaJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1993-01-014 ABY
708Queen of the EmpireJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1993-02-014 ABY
Prophets of the Dark SideJunior NovelPaul & Hollace Davids1993-04-014 ABY
710It's a Gambler's LifeShort StoryTony Russo1994-11-015 ABY
711Tales: MaroonedComic IssueLucas Marangon2005-02-235 ABY
712Jedi Knight: Dark Forces IIGame1997-10-095 ABY
713Rebel AgentGraphic NovelWilliam C. Dietz1998-03-115 ABY
714Jedi KnightGraphic NovelWilliam C. Dietz1998-11-095 ABY
715Dark Forces: Rebel AgentAudio DramaJohn Whitman1998-03-115 ABY
716Dark Forces: Jedi KnightAudio DramaJohn Whitman1998-10-145 ABY
717Buyer’s MarketShort StoryTimothy Zahn2011-05-015 ABY
718Tales: Free MemoryComic IssueBrett Matthews2001-12-125 ABY
719Tales: Collapsing New EmpiresComic IssueJim Pascoe2004-05-145 ABY
720Boba Fett: Twin Engines of DestructionGraphic NovelAndy Mangels1997-01-155 ABY
721Tales: Lando’s CommandosComic IssueIan Edginton2000-09-275 ABY
722Tales: The One That Got AwayComic IssueAndi Watson2001-06-135 ABY
723Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of MindorNovelMatthew Stover2008-12-305 ABY
724The Battle of CadinthShort StoryBill Smith1995-01-016 ABY
725Fists of IronShort StoryEdward M. Erdelac2008-10-316 ABY
726Deader Than A Triton MoonShort StoryJason Fry2008-08-196 ABY
727Tales from the Empire: Missed ChanceShort StoryMichael A. Stackpole1995-08-016 ABY
728A Glimmer of HopeShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994-02-016 ABY
729Whispers in the DarkShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994-05-016 ABY
730X-wing #1: Rogue SquadronNovelMichael A. Stackpole1996-01-016 ABY
X-wing #2: Wedge’s GambleNovelMichael A. Stackpole1996-05-027 ABY
X-wing #3: The Krytos TrapNovelMichael A. Stackpole1996-09-017 ABY
733X-wing #4: The Bacta WarNovelMichael A. Stackpole1997-01-017 ABY
734Tales from the New Republic: Conflict of InterestShort StoryLaurie Burns1997-05-017 ABY
X-wing #5: Wraith SquadronNovelAaron Allston1998-02-027 ABY
736X-wing #6: Iron FistNovelAaron Allston1998-07-067 ABY
737X-wing #7: Solo CommandNovelAaron Allston1999-02-027 ABY
738Chessa's DoomShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994-02-017 ABY
739Big QuinceShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994-05-017 ABY
740Explosive DevelopmentsShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994-08-017 ABY
741Starter's TaleShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1994-11-017 ABY
742Vengeance StrikeShort StoryPeter M. Schweighofer1995-02-017 ABY
743Kella Rand, ReportingShort StoryLaurie Burns1995-05-017 ABY
744Tales: Phantom MenacesComic IssueJoe Casey2003-10-018 ABY
745Tales: Being Boba FettComic IssueJason Hall2003-12-248 ABY
746Tales from the Empire: First ContactShort StoryTimothy Zahn1994-02-018 ABY
747Crisis of FaithShort StoryTimothy Zahn2011-09-068 ABY
748CrossroadsShort StoryChristopher Cerasi2008-08-228 ABY
749The Courtship of Princess LeiaNovelDave Wolverton1995-04-018 ABY
750Tales from the New Republic: Hutt and SeekShort StoryChris Cassidy1999-12-018 ABY
751Corphelion InterludeShort StoryTroy Denning2003-02-148 ABYIncluded in Tatooine Ghost
752A Forest ApartShort StoryTroy Denning2003-02-018 ABYIncluded in Tatooine Ghost
753Tatooine GhostNovelTroy Denning2003-03-048 ABY
754The Trouble with SquibsShort StoryTroy Denning2003-05-018 ABYStar Wars Insider 67
755Mission to ZilaShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994-08-018 ABY
756A Grand Admiral ReturnsShort StoryBill Slavicsek1992-07-018 ABYHeir to the Empire Sourcebook
757Shadows of DarknessShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1994-11-018 ABY
Heir to the EmpireNovelTimothy Zahn1991-06-019 ABY
759Heir to the EmpireGraphic NovelMike Baron1996-09-109 ABY
760Dark Force RisingNovelTimothy Zahn1992-06-019 ABY
761Dark Force RisingGraphic NovelMike Baron1998-02-179 ABY
762The Last CommandNovelTimothy Zahn1993-05-019 ABY
763The Last CommandGraphic NovelMike Baron1999-06-159 ABY
X-wing #8: Isard’s RevengeNovelMichael A. Stackpole1999-04-139 ABY
765Rendezvous with DestinyShort StoryCharlene Newcomb1995-05-019 ABY
766Mirror ImageShort StoryEric S. Trautmann1994-03-019 ABYThrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
767A Day at the RacesShort StoryBill Slavicsek1992-11-019 ABYDark Force Rising Sourcebook
768The Empire's Locate and Detain ListShort StoryN/A1994-03-019 ABYThrawn Trilogy Sourcebook
769Tales from the Empire: Blaze of GloryShort StoryTony Russo1995-11-019 ABY
770Betrayal by KnightShort StoryPatricia A. Jackson1997-02-019 ABY
771The Life and Legend of Obi-Wan KenobiJunior NovelRyder Windham2008-01-019 ABY
772Jedi Knight : Mysteries of the SithGame1998-02-1710 ABY
773Tales from the Empire: Retreat from CoruscantShort StoryLaurie Burns1995-08-0110 ABY
774A Change of CommandShort StoryPaul Sudlow1996-04-0110 ABYJedi Academy Sourcebook
775A Rebel's Job is Never DoneShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993-06-0110 ABYDark Empire Sourcebook
776Down and Out On CoruscantShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993-06-0110 ABYDark Empire Sourcebook
777Eyewitness to ApocalypseShort StoryMichael Allen Horne1993-06-0110 ABYDark Empire Sourcebook
778Dark EmpireGraphic NovelTom Veitch1993-05-0110 ABY
Dark EmpireAudio DramaJohn Whitman1994-07-0110 ABY
780Dark Empire IIGraphic NovelTom Veitch1995-09-0510 ABY
781Dark Empire IIAudio DramaJohn Whitman1995-05-0210 ABY
782Tales from the New Republic: No Disintegrations, PleaseShort StoryPaul Danner1997-08-0110 ABY
783Boba Fett: Death, Lies and TreacheryGraphic NovelJohn Wagner1998-02-0310 ABY
784Empire’s EndGraphic NovelTom Veitch, Mike Beidler1997-09-2311 ABY
785Empire’s EndAudio DramaJohn Whitman1995-10-1711 ABY
786Boba Fett: Agent of DoomGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2000-11-0811 ABY
787Crimson EmpireGraphic NovelMike Richardson, Randy Stradley1998-12-1511 ABY
Crimson EmpireAudio DramaMike Richardson1999-03-0211 ABY
789The Bounty Hunters: Kenix KilComic IssueRandy Stradley1999-10-1311 ABY
790Crimson Empire II: Council of BloodGraphic NovelMike Richardson, Randy Stradley1999-11-1611 ABY
791Hard CurrencyGraphic NovelRandy Stradley2000-03-0111 ABY
792The Jedi Academy: Volume 1: Jedi SearchNovelKevin J. Anderson1994-02-0111 ABY
793The Jedi Academy: Volume 2: Dark ApprenticeNovelKevin J. Anderson1994-06-0111 ABY
794The Jedi Academy: Volume 3: Champions of the ForceNovelKevin J. Anderson1994-09-0111 ABY
795FirestormShort StoryKevin J. Anderson1997-11-0111 ABY
796I, JediNovelMichael A. Stackpole1998-05-0411 ABY
797Tales: The OtherComic IssueJason Hall2003-06-2511 ABY
798From the Files of Corellia AntillesShort StoryTimothy O'Brien1997-08-0111 ABY
799Children of the JediNovelBarbara Hambly1995-04-0112 ABY
800Tales from the New Republic: Simple TricksShort StoryChris Cassidy1999-12-0112 ABY
801Jedi Knight 2: Jedi OutcastGame2002-03-2612 ABY
802Shades of Gray: From the Daventures of Alex WingerShort StoryCharlene Newcomb2009-12-2212 ABY
803DarksaberNovelKevin J. Anderson1995-10-0112 ABY
804X-wing #9: Starfighters of AdumarNovelAaron Allston1999-08-0313 ABY
805Murder in SlushtimeShort StoryBarbara Hambly1997-08-0113 ABY
806Planet of TwilightNovelBarbara Hambly1997-03-3113 ABY
807Jedi Academy: LeviathanGraphic NovelKevin J. Anderson2000-07-1913 ABY
808Crimson Empire IIIGraphic NovelMike Richardson, Randy Stradley2012-09-2813 ABY
809Tales: The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand!Comic IssueHenry Gilroy2001-06-1314 ABY
810The Crystal StarNovelVonda N. McIntyre1994-11-0114 ABY
811Tales: Tall TalesComic IssueScott Allie2002-03-2014 ABY
812Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyGame2003-09-1614 ABY
813The Black Fleet Crisis #1: Before the StormNovelMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996-03-0116 ABY
814The Black Fleet Crisis #2: Shield of LiesNovelMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996-08-0116 ABY
815The Black Fleet Crisis #3: Tyrant’s TestNovelMichael P. Kube-McDowell1996-12-0116 ABY
816The New RebellionNovelKristine Kathryn Rusch1996-11-0117 ABY
817Two for OneShort StoryPaul Danner1997-11-0117 ABY
818Tales from the New Republic: Jade SolitaireShort StoryTimothy Zahn1999-12-0118 ABY
819The Corellian Trilogy #1: Ambush at CorelliaNovelRoger MacBride Allen1995-02-0218 ABY
820The Corellian Trilogy #2: Assault at SeloniaNovelRoger MacBride Allen1995-06-0118 ABY
821The Corellian Trilogy #3: Showdown at CenterpointNovelRoger MacBride Allen1995-09-0118 ABY
822The Hand of Thrawn #1: Specter of the PastNovelTimothy Zahn1997-11-0319 ABY
823The Hand of Thrawn #2: Vision of the FutureNovelTimothy Zahn1998-09-0119 ABY
824UnionGraphic NovelMichael A. Stackpole2000-08-2219 ABY
825Red Sky, Blue FlameShort StoryElaine Cunningham2001-11-0119 ABY
ScourgeNovelJeff Grubb2012-04-2419 ABY
827Hunting for GorachShort StoryJeff Grubb2012-05-0119 ABY
828Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba FettShort StoryDaniel Keys Moran1996-12-0119 ABY
829Judge’s CallShort StoryTimothy Zahn2004-02-0121 ABY
830Junior Jedi Knights #1: The Golden GlobeJunior NovelNancy Richardson1995-10-0122 ABY
831Junior Jedi Knights #2: Lyric’s WorldJunior NovelNancy Richardson1996-03-0122 ABY
832Junior Jedi Knights #3: PromisesJunior NovelNancy Richardson1996-04-0122 ABY
833Junior Jedi Knights #4: Anakin’s QuestJunior NovelRebecca Moesta1997-04-0122 ABY
Junior Jedi Knights #5: Vader’s FortressJunior NovelRebecca Moesta1997-07-0122 ABY
835Junior Jedi Knights #6: Kenobi’s BladeJunior NovelRebecca Moesta1997-09-0122 ABY
836Survivor’s QuestNovelTimothy Zahn2004-02-0322 ABY
837Fool’s BargainShort StoryTimothy Zahn2004-02-0322 ABY
838Young Jedi Knights #1: Heirs of the ForceJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1995-06-0123 ABY
839Young Jedi Knights #2: Shadow AcademyJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1995-09-0123 ABY
840Young Jedi Knights #3: The Lost OnesJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1995-12-0123 ABY
841Young Jedi Knights #4: LightsabersJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1996-03-0123 ABY
842Young Jedi Knights #5: Darkest KnightJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1996-06-0123 ABY
843Young Jedi Knights #6: Jedi under SiegeJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1996-09-0123 ABY
844Young Jedi Knights #7: Shards of AlderaanJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997-01-0124 ABY
845Young Jedi Knights #8: Diversity AllianceJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997-04-0124 ABY
846Young Jedi Knights #9: Delusions of GrandeurJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997-07-0124 ABY
Young Jedi Knights #10: Jedi BountyJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1997-10-0124 ABY
848Young Jedi Knights #11: The Emperor’s PlagueJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998-01-0124 ABY
849Young Jedi Knights #12: Return to Ord MantellJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998-05-0124 ABY
850Young Jedi Knights #13: Trouble on Cloud CityJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998-08-0124 ABY
851Young Jedi Knights #14: Crisis at Crystal ReefJunior NovelKevin J. Anderson1998-12-0124 ABY
852The CrystalShort StoryElaine Cunningham2001-08-0124 ABY
853Tales: Apocalypse EndorComic IssueChristian Read2002-12-1124 ABY
854Vector PrimeNovelR. A. Salvatore1999-10-0525 ABY
855Invasion: RefugeesGraphic NovelTom Taylor2010-05-1125 ABY
856Invasion: RescuesGraphic NovelTom Taylor2011-04-2625 ABY
857Invasion: RevelationsGraphic NovelTom Taylor2012-05-0825 ABY
Dark Tide #1: OnslaughtNovelMichael A. Stackpole2000-02-0125 ABY
859Dark Tide #2: RuinNovelMichael A. Stackpole2000-06-0625 ABY
860Tales: RevenantsComic IssueHaden Blackman2003-12-2425 ABY
861Agents of Chaos #1: Hero’s TrialNovelJames Luceno2000-08-0125 ABY
862Agents of Chaos #2: Jedi EclipseNovelJames Luceno2000-10-0325 ABY
863ChewbaccaGraphic NovelDarko Macan2001-01-2325 ABY
864Boba Fett: A Practical ManShort StoryKaren Traviss2006-08-0125 ABY
865Balance PointNovelKathy Tyers2000-10-3126 ABY
866RecoveryShort StoryTroy Denning2001-10-0126 ABYIncluded in Star by Star
867Edge of Victory #1: ConquestNovelGreg Keyes2001-04-0326 ABY
868Emissary of the VoidShort StoryGreg Keyes2002-12-0326 ABY
869Edge of Victory #2: RebirthNovelGreg Keyes2001-07-3126 ABY
870Star by StarNovelTroy Denning2001-10-3027 ABY
871Dark JourneyNovelElaine Cunningham2002-01-2927 ABY
872The ApprenticeShort StoryElaine Cunningham2002-01-0127 ABY
873Enemy Lines #1: Rebel DreamNovelAaron Allston2002-03-2627 ABY
874Enemy Lines #2: Rebel StandNovelAaron Allston2002-05-2827 ABY
875TraitorNovelMatthew Stover2002-07-3027 ABY
876Destiny’s WayNovelWalter Jon Williams2002-10-0128 ABY
877YlesiaShort StoryWalter Jon Williams2002-09-0128 ABYIncluded in Dark Nest I: The Joiner King
878Force Heretic #1: RemnantNovelSean Williams2003-02-0428 ABY
879Tales: Equals and OppositesComic IssueNathan P. Butler2004-10-2028 ABY
880Force Heretic #2: RefugeeNovelSean Williams2003-04-2928 ABY
881Or Die TryingShort StorySean Williams2004-04-0628 ABYStar Wars Insider 75
882Force Heretic #3: ReunionNovelSean Williams2003-07-0128 ABY
883The Final ProphecyNovelGreg Keyes2003-09-3028 ABY
884The Unifying ForceNovelJames Luceno2003-11-0429 ABY
885The Dark Nest I: The Joiner KingNovelTroy Denning2005-07-2635 ABY
886The Dark Nest II: The Unseen QueenNovelTroy Denning2005-09-2736 ABY
887The Dark Nest III: The Swarm WarNovelTroy Denning2005-12-2736 ABY
888ImprintShort StoryChristie Golden2009-07-0137 ABY
889Legacy of the Force I: BetrayalNovelAaron Allston2006-05-3040 ABY
890Legacy of the Force II: BloodlinesNovelKaren Traviss2006-08-2940 ABY
891Legacy of the Force III: TempestNovelTroy Denning2006-11-2840 ABY
892Legacy of the Force IV: ExileNovelAaron Allston2007-02-2740 ABY
893Legacy of the Force V: SacrificeNovelKaren Traviss2007-05-2940 ABY
894Legacy of the Force VI: InfernoNovelTroy Denning2007-08-2840 ABY
895Legacy of the Force VII: FuryNovelAaron Allston2007-11-2740 ABY
896A Fair TradeShort StoryPaul S. Kemp2011-10-0141 ABY
897Legacy of the Force VIII: RevelationNovelKaren Traviss2008-02-2641 ABY
898Legacy of the Force IX: InvincibleNovelTroy Denning2008-05-1341 ABY
899CrosscurrentNovelPaul S. Kemp2010-01-2641 ABY
900RiptideNovelPaul S. Kemp2011-10-2541 ABY
901First BloodShort StoryChristie Golden2011-04-0141 ABY
902Millennium FalconNovelJames Luceno2008-10-2143 ABY
903Fate of the Jedi: OutcastNovelAaron Allston2009-03-2443 ABY
904Fate of the Jedi: OmenNovelChristie Golden2009-06-2343 ABY
905Fate of the Jedi: AbyssNovelTroy Denning2009-08-1843 ABY
906Fate of the Jedi: BacklashNovelAaron Allston2010-03-0943 ABY
907Fate of the Jedi: AlliesNovelChristie Golden2010-05-2544 ABY
908Fate of the Jedi: VortexNovelTroy Denning2010-11-3044 ABY
909Fate of the Jedi: ConvictionNovelAaron Allston2011-05-2444 ABY
910Fate of the Jedi: AscensionNovelChristie Golden2011-08-0944 ABY
911Fate of the Jedi: ApocalypseNovelTroy Denning2012-03-1344 ABY
912GetawayShort StoryChristie Golden2012-05-0144 ABY
913Roll of the DiceShort StoryKaren Miller2012-07-0144 ABY
914X-Wing: Mercy KillNovelAaron Allston2012-08-0744 ABY
915CrucibleNovelTroy Denning2013-07-0945 ABY
916Good HuntingShort StoryChristie Golden2013-06-1145 ABY
917Legacy: BrokenGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Jan Durrsema2007-01-10137 ABY
918Legacy: AlliesGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Jan Durrsema2008-03-19137 ABY
919Legacy: NoobGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Jan Durrsema2008-03-19137 ABY
920Legacy: Trust IssuesGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Jan Durrsema2008-03-19137 ABY
921Legacy: GhostsGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Jan Durrsema2008-03-19137 ABY
922Legacy: Ready to DieGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Jan Durrsema2008-03-19137 ABY
923Legacy: Claws of the DragonGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2008-06-25137 ABY
924Legacy: IndomitableGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2008-12-30137 ABY
925Legacy: The Wrath of the DragonGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2008-12-30137 ABY
926Legacy: LoyaltiesGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2009-02-25137 ABY
927Legacy: The Hidden TempleGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2009-02-25137 ABY
928Legacy: Into the CoreGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2008-12-30137 ABY
929Legacy: VectorGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2008-12-31137 ABY
930Legacy: Fight Another DayGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2009-11-25137 ABY
931Legacy: StormsGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2009-11-25137 ABY
932Legacy: RenegadeGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2009-11-25137 ABY
933Legacy: TatooineGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2010-02-10137 ABY
934Legacy: Rogue’s EndGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2010-02-10137 ABY
935Legacy: Divided LoyaltiesGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2010-07-20137 ABY
936Legacy: MonsterGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2010-07-20137 ABY
937Legacy: The Fate of DacGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2010-12-08137 ABY
938Legacy: ExtremesGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2010-12-08138 ABY
939Legacy: WarGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander2012-01-24138 ABY
940Legacy Vol. 2: Prisoner of the Floating WorldGraphic NovelCorinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman2013-12-18138 ABY
941Legacy Vol. 2: Outcasts of the Broken RingGraphic NovelCorinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman2014-06-10138 ABY
942Legacy Vol. 2: Wanted: Ania SoloGraphic NovelCorinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman2014-08-13138 ABY
943Legacy Vol 2: Empire of OneGraphic NovelCorinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman2014-10-28138 ABY
944Tales: StorytellerComic IssueJason Hall2004-05-14Far Future…