Pokemon Episode Order Timeline

Pokemon launched a multi-million dollar franchise on both sides of the pacific, and the episodes have continued non-stop since the 90s. Take a look back at those episodes as well as what’s new!

What’s on the Pokemon Episode Order?

Many are revisiting the old anime Pokemon show. The show has run continuously since 1997 to the present, so that can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what you’re getting into. This Pokemon episode order hopes to help you figure out where to start. This timeline includes all of the seasons for the Pokemon anime, as well as all of the films. Note: Some of the films don’t really exist in continuity, though they are placed here anyway. The first film, at least, is definitely a part of continuity.

Where do I start watching Pokemon?

The easiest place to start is right at the beginning with Indigo League. This is the start of the show, and introduces you to the original 150 Pokemon also found in the original game and in Pokemon Go. You should watch that entire series and the first film. Then if you want to continue after that you can. However, since that’s a lot of episodes, and some can be harder to find, you can always jump ahead. We recommend jumping forward to XY if you want to skip.

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  1. Holiday Hi-Jynx and Snow Way Out is way too high up on the list. It didn’t occur in Japan until episode 65 and 66 after “It’s Mr. Mime Time” and doesn’t fit in chronologically there.


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