Metroid Game Timeline

Metroid remains one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, and certainly one of the more famous early science fiction games that combine the styles of platformers and shooters. This is the Metroid game timeline.

What’s on the Metroid Game Timeline?

Even though Metroid has been a hugely popular series of games for Nintendo, there isn’t much beyond the games. This is probably due to Nintendo’s common reluctance to license their characters. However, there are a few comics that flesh out some backstory, in addition to the games in the series, and the release order of the games is not the same as the chronological order. The chronological order of the games has been confirmed by Nintendo, so here is that order of the Metroid games. Don’t forget to let us know if you see any errors.

Where to Start?

One of the hardest questions to ask about the Metroid games is: where should I start? The answer will depend on what you want, however, we generally recommend people start with Metroid Prime, as that is where great leaps and bounds were achieved in the franchise. The original games can also be fun to play if you enjoy side-scrolling action games.

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