Marvel Animated Universe Timeline

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Starting with the classic X-Men Animated Series, the Marvel Animated Universe has delivered some of the quintessential Marvel storylines.

What’s in the Marvel Animated Universe Timeline?

This Marvel Animated Universe refers to the collection of animated shows from the 1990s. It started with the well-known X-Men Animated Series, which introduced many of us to the world of the X-Men. It was so successful that many other Marvel shows followed, the most successful of which was the Spider-Man animated series.

This timeline includes the following animated shows: X-men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Avengers: United They Stand. Some of these series didn’t fare so well, but others remain classics to this day.

Where to Start?

We recommend starting with the X-Men animated series. Many of these shows are hard to find, so if you can only watch a few of them, stick to X-Men and Spider-Man. Those are the two best and most readily available.

Additionally, be sure to let us know if you see anything we should change. And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our other Marvel timelines.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateSeriesNotes
1X-Men 1.01: Night of the Sentinels, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1992-10-31X-Men
2X-Men 1.02: Night of the Sentinels, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1992-11-07X-Men
3X-Men 1.03: Enter MagnetoTV EpisodeLarry Houston1992-11-27X-Men
4X-Men 1.04: Deadly ReunionsTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-01-23X-Men
5X-Men 1.05: Captive HeartsTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-01-30X-Men
6X-Men 1.06: Cold VengeanceTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-02-06X-Men
7X-Men 1.07: Slave IslandTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-02-13X-Men
8X-Men 1.08: The Unstoppable JuggernautTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-02-20X-Men
9X-Men 1.09: The CureTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-02-27X-Men
10X-Men 1.10: Come the ApocalypseTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-03-06X-Men
11X-Men 1.11: Days of Future Past, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-03-13X-Men
12X-Men 1.12: Days of Future Past, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-03-20X-Men
13X-Men 1.13: The Final DecisionTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-03-27X-Men
14X-Men 2.01: Till Death Do Us Part, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-10-23X-Men
15X-Men 2.02: Till Death Do Us Part, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-10-30X-Men
16X-Men 2.03: Whatever It TakesTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-11-06X-Men
17X-Men 2.04: Red DawnTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-11-13X-Men
18X-Men 2.05: Repo ManTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-11-20X-Men
19X-Men 2.06: X-Ternally YoursTV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-12-04X-Men
20X-Men 2.07: Time Fugitives, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-12-11X-Men
21X-Men 2.08: Time Fugitives, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1993-12-18X-Men
22X-Men 2.09: A Rogue's TaleTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-01-08X-Men
23X-Men 2.10: Beauty and the BeastTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-01-15X-Men
24X-Men 2.11: MojovisionTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-02-05X-Men
25X-Men 2.12: Reunion, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-02-12X-Men
26X-Men 2.13: Reunion, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-02-19X-Men
27X-Men 3.01: Out of the Past, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-07-29X-Men
28X-Men 3.02: Out of the Past, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-08-05X-Men
29X-Men 3.03: Phoenix Saga, Part 1: SacrificeTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-05X-Men
30X-Men 3.04: Phoenix Saga, Part 2: The Dark ShroudTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-06X-Men
31X-Men 3.05: Phoenix Saga, Part 3: The Cry of the BansheeTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-07X-Men
32X-Men 3.06: Phoenix Saga, Part 4: The StarjammersTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-08X-Men
33X-Men 3.07: Phoenix Saga, Part 5: Child of LightTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-09X-Men
34X-Men 3.08: Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-10X-Men
35X-Men 3.09: Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-17X-Men
36X-Men 3.10: ObsessionTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-09-24X-Men
37Iron Man 1.01: And the Sea Shall Give Up its DeadTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-09-24Iron Man
38Fantastic Four 1.01: The Origin of the Fantastic Four, Part 1TV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-09-24Fantastic Four
39Iron Man 1.02: Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy DelivererTV EpisodeTed Pederson, Francis Moss1994-10-01Iron Man
40Fantastic Four 1.02: The Origin of the Fantastic Four, Part 2TV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-10-01Fantastic Four
41Iron Man 1.03: Data In, Chaos OutTV EpisodeDoug Booth1994-10-08Iron Man
42Fantastic Four 1.03: Now Comes the Sub-MarinerTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-10-08Fantastic Four
43Iron Man 1.04: Silence My Companion, Death My DestinationTV EpisodeSteve Hayes1994-10-15Iron Man
44Fantastic Four 1.04: Incursion of the SkrullTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-10-15Fantastic Four
45Iron Man 1.05: The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon CoatTV EpisodeDoug Booth1994-10-22Iron Man
46Fantastic Four 1.05: The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus, Part 1TV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-10-22Fantastic Four
47Iron Man 1.06: Enemy Without, Enemy WithinTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-10-29Iron Man
48Fantastic Four 1.06: The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus, Part 2TV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-10-29Fantastic Four
49Iron Man 1.07: The Origin of the MandarinTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-11-05Iron Man
50Fantastic Four 1.07: Super SkrullTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-11-05Fantastic Four
51X-Men 3.11: The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 1: DazzledTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-11-12X-Men
52X-Men 3.12: The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 2: The Inner CircleTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-11-12X-Men
53Iron Man 1.08: The Defection of HawkeyeTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-11-12Iron Man
54Fantastic Four 1.08: The Mask of Doom, Part 1TV EpisodeElwin Ransom, Ron Friedman1994-11-12Fantastic Four
55X-Men 3.13: The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 3: The Dark PhoenixTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-11-19X-Men
56Spider-Man 1.01: Night of the LizardTV EpisodeBob Richardson1994-11-19Spider-Man
57Iron Man 1.09: Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 1TV EpisodeYale Rudoff1994-11-19Iron Man
58Fantastic Four 1.09: The Mask of Doom, Part 2TV EpisodeElwin Ransom, Ron Friedman1994-11-19Fantastic Four
59X-Men 3.14: The Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 4: The Fate of the PhoenixTV EpisodeLarry Houston1994-11-26X-Men
60Iron Man 1.10: Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 2TV EpisodeRon Friedman, Yale Rudoff1994-11-26Iron Man
61Fantastic Four 1.10: The Mask of Doom, Part 3TV EpisodeElwin Ransom, Ron Friedman1994-11-26Fantastic Four
62Iron Man 1.11: The Origin of Iron Man, Part 1TV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-12-03Iron Man
63Fantastic Four 1.11: Mole ManTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-12-03Fantastic Four
64Iron Man 1.12: The Origin of Iron Man, Part 2TV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-12-10Iron Man
65Fantastic Four 1.12: Behold the Negative ZoneTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-12-10Fantastic Four
66Iron Man 1.13: The Wedding of Iron ManTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-12-17Iron Man
67Fantastic Four 1.13: The Silver Surfer and the Return of GalactusTV EpisodeRon Friedman1994-12-17Fantastic Four
68X-Men 3.15: Cold ComfortTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-02-04X-Men
69Spider-Man 1.02: The Spider SlayerTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-02-04Spider-Man
70Spider-Man 1.03: Return of the Spider SlayersTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-02-11Spider-Man
71Spider-Man 1.04: Doctor Octopus: Armed and DangerousTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-02-18Spider-Man
72X-Men 3.16: Orphan's EndTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-02-25X-Men
73Spider-Man 1.05: The Menace of MysterioTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-02-25Spider-Man
74Spider-Man 1.06: The Sting of the ScorpionTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-03-11Spider-Man
75Spider-Man 1.07: Kraven the HunterTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-04-01Spider-Man
76Spider-Man 1.08: The Alien Costume, Part 1TV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-04-29Spider-Man
77X-Men 3.17: The Juggernaut ReturnsTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-05-06X-Men
78Spider-Man 1.09: The Alien Costume, Part 2TV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-05-06Spider-Man
79X-Men 3.18: NightcrawlerTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-05-13X-Men
80Spider-Man 1.10: The Alien Costume, Part 3TV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-05-13Spider-Man
81Spider-Man 1.11: The Hobgoblin, Part 1TV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-05-20Spider-Man
82Spider-Man 1.12: The Hobgoblin, Part 2TV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-05-27Spider-Man
83X-Men 3.19: Weapon X, Lies, and Video TapeTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-06-11X-Men
84Spider-Man 1.13: Day of the ChameleonTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-06-11Spider-Man
X-Men 4.01: One Man's Worth, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-09-09X-Men
86Spider-Man 2.01: The Insidious SixTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-09-09Spider-Man
X-Men 4.02: One Man's Worth, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-09-16X-Men
88Spider-Man 2.02: Battle of the Insidious SixTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-09-16Spider-Man
X-Men 4.03: CourageTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-09-23X-Men
90Spider-Man 2.03: Hydro-ManTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-09-23Spider-Man
91Iron Man 2.01: The Beast WithinTV EpisodeRichard Trueblood1995-09-23Iron Man
92Fantastic Four 2.01: And a Blind Man Shall Lead ThemTV EpisodeThomas Mclaughlin Jr.1995-09-23Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.04: Proteus, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-09-30X-Men
94Spider-Man 2.04: The Mutant AgendaTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-09-30Spider-Man
95Iron Man 2.02: Fire and RainTV EpisodeBob Arkwright1995-09-30Iron Man
96Fantastic Four 2.02: Inhumans Saga, Part 1: And the Wind Cries MedusaTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez, Graham Morris, Tom Tatatanowicz1995-09-30Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.05: Proteus, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-10-07X-Men
98Spider-Man 2.05: Mutants' RevengeTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-10-07Spider-Man
99Iron Man 2.03: Cell of IronTV EpisodeDan Thompson1995-10-07Iron Man
100Fantastic Four 2.03: Inhumans Saga, Part 2: The Inhumans Among UsTV EpisodeThomas Mclaughlin Jr.1995-10-07Fantastic Four
101Iron Man 2.04: Not Far From the TreeTV EpisodeBob Arkwright1995-10-14Iron Man
102Fantastic Four 2.04: Inhumans Saga, Part 3: Beware the Hidden LandTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez, Tom Tataranowicz1995-10-14Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.06: Sanctuary, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-10-21X-Men
104Iron Man 2.05: Beauty Knows No PainTV EpisodeDan Thompson1995-10-21Iron Man
105Fantastic Four 2.05: Worlds Within WorldsTV EpisodeMyrha Bushman1995-10-21Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.07: Sanctuary, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-10-28X-Men
107Spider-Man 2.06: MorbiusTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-10-28Spider-Man
X-Men 4.08: Beyond Good and Evil, Part 1: The End of TimeTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-11-04X-Men
109Spider-Man 2.07: Enter the PunisherTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-11-04Spider-Man
110Iron Man 2.06: Iron Man, on the InsideTV EpisodeDan Thompson1995-11-04Iron Man
111Fantastic Four 2.06: To Battle the Living PlanetTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez1995-11-04Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.09: Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2: Promise of ApocalypseTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-11-11X-Men
113Spider-Man 2.08: Duel of the HuntersTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-11-11Spider-Man
114Iron Man 2.07: Distant BoundariesTV EpisodeBob Arkwright1995-11-11Iron Man
115Fantastic Four 2.07: Prey of the Black PantherTV EpisodeThomas Mclaughlin Jr.1995-11-11Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.10: Beyond Good and Evil, Part 3: The Lazarus ChamberTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-11-18X-Men
117Spider-Man 2.09: Blade, the Vampire HunterTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-11-18Spider-Man
118Iron Man 2.08: The Armor Wars, Part 1TV EpisodeDan Thompson1995-11-18Iron Man
119Fantastic Four 2.08: When Calls GalactusTV EpisodeRichard Trueblood1995-11-18Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.11: Beyond Good and Evil, Part 4: End and BeginningTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-11-25X-Men
121Spider-Man 2.10: The Immortal VampireTV EpisodeBob Richardson1995-11-25Spider-Man
122Iron Man 2.09: The Armor Wars, Part 2TV EpisodeBob Arkwright1995-11-25Iron Man
123Fantastic Four 2.09: Nightmare in GreenTV EpisodeThomas Mclaughlin Jr.1995-11-25Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.12: Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-MasTV EpisodeLarry Houston1995-12-23X-Men
X-Men 4.13: The Lotus and the SteelTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-02-03X-Men
126Spider-Man 2.11: Tablet of TimeTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-02-03Spider-Man
127Iron Man 2.10: EmpoweredTV EpisodeBob Arkwright1996-02-03Iron Man
128Fantastic Four 2.10: Behold, a Distant StarTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez1996-02-03Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.14: Love in VainTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-02-10X-Men
130Spider-Man 2.12: Ravages of TimeTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-02-10Spider-Man
131Iron Man 2.11: Hulk BusterTV EpisodeBob Arkwright, Dan Thompson1996-02-10Iron Man
132Fantastic Four 2.11: Hopelessly ImpossibleTV EpisodeThomas Mclaughlin Jr.1996-02-10Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.15: Secrets, Not Long BuriedTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-02-17X-Men
134Spider-Man 2.13: Shriek of the VultureTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-02-17Spider-Man
135Iron Man 2.12: Hands of the Mandarin, Part 1TV EpisodeBob Arkwright1996-02-17Iron Man
136Fantastic Four 2.12: The Sentry SinisterTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez1996-02-17Fantastic Four
137Spider-Man 2.14: The Final NightmareTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-02-24Spider-Man
138Iron Man 2.13: Hands of the Mandarin, Part 2TV EpisodeBob Arkwright, Dan Thompson1996-02-24Iron Man
139Fantastic Four 2.13: DoomsdayTV EpisodeThomas Mclaughlin Jr.1996-02-24Fantastic Four
X-Men 4.16: Xavier RemembersTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-04-27X-Men
141Spider-Man 3.01: Doctor StrangeTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-04-27Spider-Man
X-Men 4.17: Family TiesTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-05-04X-Men
143Spider-Man 3.02: Make a WishTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-05-04Spider-Man
144Spider-Man 3.03: Attack of the OctobotTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-05-11Spider-Man
145Spider-Man 3.04: Enter the Green GoblinTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-05-18Spider-Man
146X-Men 5.01: The Phalanx Covenant, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-09-07X-Men
147X-Men 5.02: The Phalanx Covenant, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-09-07X-Men
148Incredible Hulk 1.01: Return of the Beast, Part 1TV EpisodeRichard Trueblood1996-09-08Incredible Hulk
149X-Men 5.03: A Deal with the DevilTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-09-14X-Men
150Spider-Man 3.05: Rocket RacerTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-09-14Spider-Man
151Incredible Hulk 1.02: Return of the Beast, Part 2TV EpisodeLeo Sullivan1996-09-15Incredible Hulk
152X-Men 5.04: No Mutant Is an IslandTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-09-21X-Men
153Spider-Man 3.06: FramedTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-09-21Spider-Man
154Incredible Hulk 1.03: Raw PowerTV EpisodeDan Thompson1996-09-22Incredible Hulk
155Spider-Man 3.07: The Man Without FearTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-09-28Spider-Man
156Incredible Hulk 1.04: Helping Hand, Iron FistTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez1996-09-29Incredible Hulk
157X-Men 5.05: LongshotTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-10-05X-Men
158Spider-Man 3.08: The Ultimate SlayerTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-10-05Spider-Man
159Incredible Hulk 1.05: Innocent BloodTV EpisodeRichard Trueblood1996-10-06Incredible Hulk
160Spider-Man 3.09: TombstoneTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-10-12Spider-Man
161X-Men 5.06: BloodlinesTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-10-26X-Men
162Spider-Man 3.12: The SpotTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-10-26Spider-Man
163Incredible Hulk 1.06: Man to Man, Beast to BeastTV EpisodeTom Tataranowicz1996-10-27Incredible Hulk
164X-Men 5.07: Storm Front, Part 1TV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-11-02X-Men
165Spider-Man 3.10: Venom ReturnsTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-11-02Spider-Man
166Incredible Hulk 1.07: DoomedTV EpisodeDan Thompson1996-11-03Incredible Hulk
167X-Men 5.08: Storm Front, Part 2TV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-11-09X-Men
168Spider-Man 3.11: CarnageTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-11-09Spider-Man
169Incredible Hulk 1.08: Fantastic FortitudeTV EpisodeTom Tataranowicz, Ernesto Lopez1996-11-10Incredible Hulk
170X-Men 5.09: Jubilee's Fairytale TheatreTV EpisodeLarry Houston1996-11-16X-Men
171Spider-Man 3.13: Goblin War!TV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-11-16Spider-Man
172Incredible Hulk 1.09: Mortal BoundsTV EpisodeErnesto Lopez1996-11-17Incredible Hulk
173Spider-Man 3.14: Turning PointTV EpisodeBob Richardson1996-11-23Spider-Man
174Incredible Hulk 1.10: And the Wind Cries...Wendigo!TV EpisodeTom Tataranowicz, Richard Trueblood1996-11-24Incredible Hulk
175Spider-Man 4.01: GuiltyTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-02-01Spider-Man
176Incredible Hulk 1.11: Darkness and Light, Part 1TV EpisodeTom Tataranowicz, Ernesto Lopez1997-02-02Incredible Hulk
177X-Men 5.10: The Fifth HorsemanTV EpisodeLarry Houston1997-02-08X-Men
178Spider-Man 4.02: The CatTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-02-08Spider-Man
179Incredible Hulk 1.12: Darkness and Light, Part 2TV EpisodeErnesto Lopez, Richard Trueblood1997-02-09Incredible Hulk
180Spider-Man 4.03: The Black CatTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-02-15Spider-Man
181Incredible Hulk 1.13: Darkness and Light, Part 3TV EpisodeErnesto Lopez, Dick Sebast1997-02-16Incredible Hulk
182X-Men 5.11: Old SoldiersTV EpisodeLarry Houston1997-02-22X-Men
183Spider-Man 4.04: The Return of KravenTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-02-22Spider-Man
184Spider-Man 4.05: PartnersTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-05-03Spider-Man
185Spider-Man 4.06: The AwakeningTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-05-10Spider-Man
186Spider-Man 4.07: The Vampire QueenTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-05-17Spider-Man
187Spider-Man 4.08: The Return fo the Green GoblinTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-07-12Spider-Man
188Spider-Man 4.09: The Haunting of Mary Jane WatsonTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-07-19Spider-Man
189Spider-Man 4.10: The Lizard KingTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-07-26Spider-Man
190Spider-Man 4.11: The ProwlerTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-08-02Spider-Man
191X-Men 5.12: Hidden AgendasTV EpisodeLarry Houston1997-09-06X-Men
192Spider-Man 5.01: The WeddingTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-09-12Spider-Man
193X-Men 5.13: DescentTV EpisodeLarry Houston1997-09-13X-Men
194Spider-Man 5.02: Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 1TV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-09-19Spider-Man
195X-Men 5.14: Graduation DayTV EpisodeLarry Houston1997-09-20X-Men
196Incredible Hulk 2.01: Hulk of a Different ColorTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-09-21Incredible Hulk
197Spider-Man 5.03: Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 2: Unclaimed LegacyTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-09-26Spider-Man
198Incredible Hulk 2.02: Down Memory LaneTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-09-28Incredible Hulk
199Spider-Man 5.04: Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 3: Secrets of the SixTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-10-03Spider-Man
200Incredible Hulk 2.03: Mind Over Anti-MatterTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-10-05Incredible Hulk
201Spider-Man 5.05: Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 4: The Six Fight AgainTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-10-10Spider-Man
202Spider-Man 5.06: Six Forgotten Warriors, Part 5: The Price of HeroismTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-10-17Spider-Man
203Spider-Man 5.07: The Return of Hydro-Man, Part 1TV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-10-24Spider-Man
204Incredible Hulk 2.04: They Call Me Mr. FixitTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-10-26Incredible Hulk
205Spider-Man 5.08: The Return of Hydro-Man, Part 2TV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-10-31Spider-Man
206Incredible Hulk 2.05: Fashion WarriorsTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-11-02Incredible Hulk
207Spider-Man 5.09: Secret Wars, Part 1: ArrivalTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-11-07Spider-Man
208Incredible Hulk 2.06: Hollywood RocksTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-11-09Incredible Hulk
209Spider-Man 5.10: Secret Wars, Part 2: The Gauntlet of the Red SkullTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-11-14Spider-Man
210Incredible Hulk 2.07: The Lost VillageTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-11-16Incredible Hulk
211Spider-Man 5.11: Secret Wars, Part 3: DoomTV EpisodeBob Richardson1997-11-21Spider-Man
212Incredible Hulk 2.08: Mission: IncredibleTV EpisodeRon Myrick1997-11-23Incredible Hulk
213Spider-Man 5.12: Spider Wars, Part 1: I Really, Really Hate ClonesTV EpisodeBob Richardson1998-01-31Spider-Man
214Spider-Man 5.13: Spider Wars, Part 2: Farewell, Spider-ManTV EpisodeBob Richardson1998-01-31Spider-Man
215Silver Surfer 1.01: The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 1TV EpisodeTom McLaughlin, Roy Allen Smith1998-02-07Silver Surfer
216Silver Surfer 1.02: The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 2TV EpisodeTom McLaughlin, Roy Allen Smith1998-02-14Silver Surfer
217Silver Surfer 1.03: The Origin of the Silver Surfer, Part 3TV EpisodeTom McLaughlin, Roy Allen Smith1998-02-21Silver Surfer
218Silver Surfer 1.04: The Planet of Dr. MoreauTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-02-28Silver Surfer
219Silver Surfer 1.05: Learning Curve, Part 1TV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-03-07Silver Surfer
220Silver Surfer 1.06: Learning Curve, Part 2TV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-03-14Silver Surfer
221Silver Surfer 1.07: InnervisionsTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-04-04Silver Surfer
222Silver Surfer 1.08: AntibodyTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-04-11Silver Surfer
223Silver Surfer 1.09: Second FoundationTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-04-25Silver Surfer
224Silver Surfer 1.10: Radical JusticeTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-05-02Silver Surfer
225Silver Surfer 1.12: Return to Zenn-LaTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-05-09Silver Surfer
226Silver Surfer 1.13: The End of EternityTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-05-16Silver Surfer
227Silver Surfer 1.11: The Forever WarTV EpisodeRoy Allen Smith1998-05-29Silver Surfer
228Spider-Man Unlimited 1.01: World's Apart, Part 1TV EpisodePatrick Archibald1999-10-02Spider-Man Unlimited
229Spider-Man Unlimited 1.02: World's Apart, Part 2TV EpisodePatrick Archibald1999-10-09Spider-Man Unlimited
230Spider-Man Unlimited 1.03: Where Evil NestsTV EpisodePatrick Archibald1999-10-16Spider-Man Unlimited
231Avengers: United They Stand 1.01: Avengers Assemble, Part 1TV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-10-30Avengers: United They Stand
232Avengers: United They Stand 1.02: Avengers Assemble, Part 2TV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-11-06Avengers: United They Stand
233Avengers: United They Stand 1.03: KangTV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-11-13Avengers: United They Stand
234Avengers: United They Stand 1.04: Comes a SwordmanTV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-11-27Avengers: United They Stand
235Avengers: United They Stand 1.05: RemnantsTV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-12-04Avengers: United They Stand
236Avengers: United They Stand 1.06: Command DecisionTV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-12-11Avengers: United They Stand
237Avengers: United They Stand 1.07: To Rule AtlantisTV EpisodeRon Myrick1999-12-18Avengers: United They Stand
238Avengers: United They Stand 1.08: Shooting StarsTV EpisodeRon Myrick2000-01-22Avengers: United They Stand
239Avengers: United They Stand 1.09: What a Vision Has to DoTV EpisodeRon Myrick2000-01-29Avengers: United They Stand
240Avengers: United They Stand 1.10: Egg-streme VengeanceTV EpisodeRon Myrick2000-02-05Avengers: United They Stand
241Avengers: United They Stand 1.11: The Sorceress' ApprenticeTV EpisodeRon Myrick2000-02-12Avengers: United They Stand
242Avengers: United They Stand 1.12: Earth and Fire, Part 1TV EpisodeRon Myrick2000-02-19Avengers: United They Stand
243Avengers: United They Stand 1.13: Earth and Fire, Part 2TV EpisodeRon Myrick2000-02-26Avengers: United They Stand
244Spider-Man Unlimited 1.04: Deadly ChoicesTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2000-12-23Spider-Man Unlimited
245Spider-Man Unlimited 1.05: Steel Cold HeartTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-01-13Spider-Man Unlimited
246Spider-Man Unlimited 1.06: Enter the Hunter!TV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-02-03Spider-Man Unlimited
247Spider-Man Unlimited 1.07: Cry VultureTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-02-10Spider-Man Unlimited
248Spider-Man Unlimited 1.08: Ill Met by MoonlightTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-02-17Spider-Man Unlimited
249Spider-Man Unlimited 1.09: SustenanceTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-03-03Spider-Man Unlimited
250Spider-Man Unlimited 1.10: Matters of the HeartTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-03-10Spider-Man Unlimited
251Spider-Man Unlimited 1.11: One is the Loneliest NumberTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-03-17Spider-Man Unlimited
252Spider-Man Unlimited 1.12: Sins of the FathersTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-03-24Spider-Man Unlimited
253Spider-Man Unlimited 1.13: Destiny UnleashedTV EpisodePatrick Archibald2001-03-31Spider-Man Unlimited