Marvel Animated Universe Timeline

Starting with the classic X-Men Animated Series, the Marvel Animated Universe has delivered some of the quintessential Marvel storylines.

What’s in the Marvel Animated Universe Timeline?

This Marvel Animated Universe refers to the collection of animated shows from the 1990s. It started with the well-known X-Men Animated Series, which introduced many of us to the world of the X-Men. It was so successful that many other Marvel shows followed, the most successful of which was the Spider-Man animated series.

This timeline includes the following animated shows: X-men, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Avengers: United They Stand. Some of these series didn’t fare so well, but others remain classics to this day.

Where to Start?

We recommend starting with the X-Men animated series. Many of these shows are hard to find, so if you can only watch a few of them, stick to X-Men and Spider-Man. Those are the two best and most readily available.

Additionally, be sure to let us know if you see anything we should change. And if you enjoyed this timeline, you might enjoy some of our other Marvel timelines.

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