Kurtherian Universe Reading Order

What started as a single author prolifically writing books, has turned into an independent publishing empire that is absolutely enormous, yet a lot of people still haven’t heard about it. This is the Kurtherian Universe.

What’s on the Kurtherian Universe Reading Order?

The Kurtherian Universe is probably the largest, independently published shared universe out there. Originally developed by Michael Anderle, other authors have joined with their own stories set in the same universe. Therefore, this Kurtherian Universe reading order assembles all of the books in the various series in chronological order.

At one point, the timeline splits into two main continuities, one that takes place in space, called the Age of Expansion. The other takes place in Earth’s far future, the Age of Magic.

Where to Start Reading the Kurtherian Universe

Each series in the Kurtherian Universe is designed to be read separately. However, if you want to start at the beginning, we do recommend Death Becomes Her, the book that started it all. It is also the start of the largest series in the universe, the Kurtherian Gambit series.

If that series is too long for you, keep in mind that only the first six books are a complete story arc. Read those, and then you can pick another series if you wish. Additionally, if you liked this timeline, you might also enjoy the Oriceran universe.

4 thoughts on “Kurtherian Universe Reading Order”

  1. I’ve been using your site to make sure I’m reading the Kurtherian Universe books in order. I can no longer get the list to open on my tablet. All I get is a cover page that only partially loads. What’s really odd is when I touched “comments” on the menu, the list flashed by at warp speed but it wouldn’t allow me could catch it. It was a great compilation while it lasted.

    • Hm, not sure what’s going on there. It’s working on my end. Can you try looking at it on another browser or device?

  2. I started to read Michael Anderle books wjth the “Ascension Myth” and discovered the Kurthrian Univers. I was using Goodread chronology list that has only 173 books. Then I got my daughter interressted by the serie. She is the one that send me the link to your list. So now I am all mixed up to where should I start?


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