Doctor Who Viewing Order

Doctor Who started small, but has lasted longer than most franchises, and more than any other TV franchise. This timeline deals with just the television show and its spin-offs.

What’s on the Doctor Who Viewing Order?

Creating a Doctor Who viewing order has always been tricky. The makers of Doctor Who never made clear statements about the canon of the Doctor Who franchise. Many of the novels have little to do with the show. However, some of the recent ones do. It is also very tricky to build a timeline due to the fact that the Doctor transcends space and time. Thankfully we have the chronology of the Doctors themselves. So I have tried to put the pieces of media in a list by doctor. For now, I’ve included just the television series. Perhaps the novels and other platforms will join this timeline eventually.

This is the episode list for all the Doctor Who episodes from William Hartnell to the present. Furthermore, this timeline also contains episodes from Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, and Class. These are spin-off series. So if you’re only interested in watching the episodes, here you go. Additionally, if you want a really good timeline with all forms of Doctor Who media, including books and comics, I recommend visiting this site.

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