Pulp Fiction Magazines

Pulp magazines redefined multiple prose genres, including what we now think of as science fiction and fantasy. It would be impossible to ignore the huge ripple effect that pulps have had on pop culture, and yet many of these magazines are now forgotten. Only a few authors who made their name in pulps are remembered today. This is the full list of all Pulp Magazines on our site.

What’s on the Pulp Fiction Magazine List?

There are many pulp magazines out there, and this page does not attempt to list all of them. However, this is a catch-all for all pulp magazines that are found on the site, so you can see how they all fit together. We’re still working on uploading more timelines that aggregate to this list. Right now these include:

You can check out each of those individually to see just the items on that list. Thanks for checking out this list and if you find something that needs to be added, removed, or corrected, be sure to let us know. Thanks!