Marvel Games Universe Timeline

The Marvel Games Universe launched with the release of Spider-Man for the PS4, which most will consider to be just about the perfect superhero game. Marvel was quick to confirm it would be the first in a series of games all set within the same universe. This is the Marvel Games Universe timeline.

What’s on the Marvel Games Universe Timeline?

Right now, the Marvel Games Universe is not very big. We have the first Spider-Man game for PS4 that essentially launched the universe, and that game as a tie-in and a few DLCs. But apart from that, we have very little at this point.

However, creators have confirmed that Spider-Man was the MGU equivalent of the film Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So with that in mind, we can probably assume that many upcoming games are part of that universe. This may or may not include the upcoming Avengers title.

That being said, the first Spider-Man game is all the excuse you need to dive into this universe. Seriously guys, it’s amazing, it’s essentially a perfect game. Go look it up if you haven’t already.

Where to Start?

This may seem obvious at the moment, but perhaps in the future when there are more games, we might have a different answer. But for now, start with the first Spider-Man game. Then you can check out the tie-ins.

I cannot state it enough (and I rarely do this on this site) but you should really REALLY go and play that game.

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