Our Other Sites

MythBank is not the only website we operate. Here are some of the others: – For fans of the Arthurian genre, we have new books, articles, and basically anything related to King Arthur that you could want!

Story Hobby Media – The umbrella site for all of our websites. Story Hobby Media is the name of our web content business.

Jason Lee Hamilton – A personal website with the books from our founder, Jason Lee Hamilton

Other Timelines

We’re not the only timeline guys out there, and there are others that have different approaches that might appeal to some of you. Here’s a list of our kindred spirits who love chronology as much as we do.

Star Wars Readers Timeline – A great, up-to-date resource for those who want a different take on the Star Wars timeline.

They Might Be Geeks – Another great Star Wars timeline with increased functionality for sorting, and with more detail than I have here.

Reading Orders – Several good timelines, including one of the best collections of Marvel comics timelines on the web.

Timeline Universe – An impressive assortment of extremely detailed timelines, including another great Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline, an X-Files Timeline, and an Oz timeline.

The Timeline Site – Another catch-all timeline site, very similar to this one, with several extremely detailed timelines of various franchises.

Cosmic Teams – A site devoted to chronicling the story of the DC Universe and a few other stories. Some really detailed information on DC Comics.