Darth Maul Canon Timeline

One of the breakout favorites from Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but he was seemingly killed off at the end. Or was he? …

How did Maul survive getting cut in half?

Yes, Darth Maul survived The Phantom Menace. This was a decision made by George Lucas himself during the production of the animated series, The Clone Wars. Since many casual fans will not be familiar with that story, this timeline will help you get caught up on how Darth Maul survived and what happened after that. The long and short of it is: he kept himself alive with pure Dark Side hatred. And he went a bit insane because of it.

But after gaining his sanity and a proper set of metal legs, he set about organizing the various crime syndicates. At that point, he caught the attention of his former master, Darth Sidious, who captured Maul and put him in his place. But Maul eventually escaped and…well I won’t spoil the rest.

What’s on the Darth Maul Canon Timeline?

This timeline contains all of the major works of fiction in the Star Wars universe that relate to Maul. There are some Clone Wars episodes that don’t include him, but are important backstory for his return. Enjoy!

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