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Saga of Recluce Reading Order

If you’re into long epic fantasy series, here’s another great one for you. The Saga of Recluce is the brain child of L. E. Modesitt, Jr. another epic fantasy author along the lines of Brandon

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Solar Cycle Reading Order

Gene Wolfe is considered a master at his craft, and that is profoundly apparent in the Solar Cycle, a collection of several series that all take place in the same universe. This is the Solar

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The Runelords Reading Order

David Farland has been a mentor to many great fantasy authors of today, including Brandon Sanderson. In the Runelords series, he’s at his best, displaying a true mastery of storytelling. This is the Runelords reading

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Oz Reading Order

The wonderful world of Oz has long been a place for children to escape, long before the 1939 film took us there on the big screen. And the tradition of Oz-related books has continued long

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Space Odyssey Reading Order

The short story that spawned a film that spawned a novelization that spawned a series, the Space Odyssey series has long been considered one of Arthur C. Clarke’s masterpieces. This is the Space Odyssey reading

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The Old Kingdom Reading Order

The Old Kingdom is one of those series that was at the forefront of young adult fantasy literature, even before Harry Potter was as popular as he was. This is the Old Kingdom reading order.

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