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Discworld Reading Order

The late Sir Terry Pratchett is the undisputed king of humerous fantasy, and his Discworld universe is by far the most expansive of his writings. It’s a great way to experience his writing. What’s in

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Camp Half-Blood Reading Order

Once upon a time, there was Percy Jackson the demigod son of Poseidon who reintroduced audiences around the world to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. But soon he was joined by other heroes in a

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His Dark Materials Reading Order

One of the classics when it comes to middle-grade fantasy, Philip Pullman is one of the best authors for introspective philosophy presented in entertaining, literary form. This is the His Dark Materials reading order.

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Landover Reading Order

Terry Brooks is best known for his Shannara novels. But the Landover series is a smaller, lesser known work that is great for a light fantasy read (compared to other fantasy series that is). This

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The Dreamers Reading Order

David Eddings is known for many fantasy series, most notably the Belgariad series, but the Dreamers is another, lesser-known batch of books that will also capture your imagination. This is the Dreamers reading order.

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The Dark is Rising Reading Order

The Dark is Rising series has won numerous awards, and has become one of the first fantasy book series to appeal to a middle-grade audience, yet still remain entertaining for adults as well! This is

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