Best Pre-1930s Films

The 1920s saw the emergence of film as a popular medium, and launched the glamor of Hollywood in the public consciousness. Enjoy this timeline of the best pre-1930s films.

What’s on this Best pre-1930s Films Timeline?

The 1920s could be considered the age when Hollywood and film truly became a part of our culture, expanding as a subgroup out of theatre, but becoming its own thing. This timeline includes some of the most iconic and popular films from that decade, as well as a few important selections from the years before. This begins with “The Horse in Motion” which many consider to be the first motion picture ever. We make our selections based on popularity, the iconic factor, their influence, and two films that were the first winners of Best Picture (Wings, and The Broadway Melody).

While these film timelines will not usually include a lot of short films, we’ve made an exception in this case for some of the most innovative and influential of those videos. They provide a unique history lesson.

As always, if you see something you think we should add or change, give us a shout out in the comment section below. And if you liked this timeline, you might want to continue with our Best 1930s timeline.

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