Babylon 5 Episode Order

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One of the great peers of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and the like is Babylon 5. Though it hasn’t progressed much as a franchise since the early 2000s, it still remains a beloved science fiction television show.

What’s on the Babylon 5 Episode Timeline?

This is the unofficial Babylon 5 episode timeline that also includes the books, comics, and spin-off shows. The creator doesn’t consider all of the media to be canon, but much of it is. So we include all of the books and comics that are canon on this timeline in chronological order. In some cases, the comics or books take place between individual episodes. However, we thought it would be better to read those after the season is over. We thought that would make a more easy-to-follow list.

If you see anything that should be changed, added, or removed, please let us know. You can do this on our contact page. Or, if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of the others, like the Star Trek timeline.

Where to start watching Babylon 5?

Generally speaking, the best place to start is with the show itself, even though some of the films technically take place first. This timeline assembles it all chronologically, but it started with the show. Therefore, that is usually the best place to start.

#Get ItNameMediaAuthor/DirectorDateTimeNotes
1Dark Genesis - The Birth of the Psi CorpsNovelGreg Keyes1998-08-29
2Deadly Relations - Bester AscendantNovelGreg Keyes1999-03-01
3Final Reckoning - The Fate of BesterNovelGreg Keyes1999-10-05
4In the BeginningFilmMichael Vejar1998-01-042245-48Frame story takes place after season 4.
5The Shadow WithinNovelJeanne Cavelos1997-03-102257
6The GatheringFilmRichard Compton1993-02-222257
7Babylon 5 1.01: Midnight on the Firing LineTV EpisodeRichard Compton1994-01-262258
8Babylon 5 1.02: Soul HunterTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-02-022258
9Babylon 5 1.03: Born to the PurpleTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1994-02-092258
10Babylon 5 1.04: InfectionTV EpisodeRichard Compton1994-02-162258
11Babylon 5 1.05: The Parliament of DreamsTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-02-232258
12Babylon 5 1.06: Mind WarTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1994-03-022258
13Babylon 5 1.07: The War PrayerTV EpisodeRichard Compton1994-03-092258
14Babylon 5 1.08: And the Sky Full of StarsTV EpisodeJanet Greek1994-03-162258
15Babylon 5 1.09: DeathwalkerTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1994-04-202258
16Babylon 5 1.10: BelieversTV EpisodeRichard Compton1994-04-272258
17Babylon 5 1.11: SurvivorsTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-05-042258
18Babylon 5 1.12: By Any Means NecessaryTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-05-112258
19Babylon 5 1.13: Signs and PortentsTV EpisodeJanet Greek1994-05-182258
20Babylon 5 1.14: TKOTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1994-05-252258
21Babylon 5 1.15: GrailTV EpisodeRichard Compton1994-07-062258
22Babylon 5 1.16: EyesTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-07-132258
23Babylon 5 1.17: LegaciesTV EpisodeBruce Seth Green1994-07-202258
24Babylon 5 1.18: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1TV EpisodeJanet Greek1994-07-272258
25Babylon 5 1.19: A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2TV EpisodeJanet Greek1994-08-032258
26Babylon 5 1.20: Babylon SquaredTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-08-102258
27Babylon 5 1.21: The Quality of MercyTV EpisodeLorraine Senna Ferrara1994-08-172258
28Babylon 5 1.22: ChrysalisTV EpisodeJanet Greek1994-10-262258
29Passing of the Techno-Mages: Casting ShadowsNovelJeanne Cavelos2001-02-272258
30Babylon 5: The Price of PeaceGraphic NovelMark Moretti1995-04-012258
31Babylon 5 2.01: Points of DepartureTV EpisodeJanet Greek1994-11-022259
32Babylon 5 2.02: RevelationsTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-11-092259
33Babylon 5 2.03: The Geometry of ShadowsTV EpisodeMike Vejar1994-11-162259
34Babylon 5 2.04: A Distant StarTV EpisodeJim Johnston1994-11-232259
35Babylon 5 2.05: The Long DarkTV EpisodeMario Di Leo1994-11-302259
36Babylon 5 2.06: Spider in the WebTV EpisodeKevin G. Cremin1994-12-072259
37Babylon 5 2.07: Soul MatesTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1994-12-142259
38Babylon 5 2.08: A Race Through Dark PlacesTV EpisodeJim Johnston1995-01-252259
39Babylon 5 2.09: The Coming of ShadowsTV EpisodeJanet Greek1995-02-012259
40Babylon 5 2.10: GroposTV EpisodeJim Johnston1995-02-082259
41Babylon 5 2.11: All Alone in the NightTV EpisodeMario Di Leo1995-02-152259
42Babylon 5 2.12: Acts of SacrificeTV EpisodeJim Johnston1995-02-222259
43Babylon 5 2.13: Hunter, PreyTV EpisodeMenachem Binetski1995-03-012259
44Babylon 5 2.14: There All the Honor LiesTV EpisodeMike Vejar1995-04-262259
45Babylon 5 2.15: And Now for a WordTV EpisodeMario Di Leo1995-05-032259
46Babylon 5 2.16: In the Shadow of Z'ha'dumTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1995-05-102259
47Babylon 5 2.17: KnivesTV EpisodeStephen L. Posey1995-05-172259
48Babylon 5 2.18: Confessions and LamentationsTV EpisodeKevin G. Cremin1995-05-242259
49Babylon 5 2.19: Divided LoyaltiesTV EpisodeJesus Trevino1995-10-112259
50Babylon 5 2.20: The Long, Twilight StruggleTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1995-10-182259
51Babylon 5 2.21: Comes the InquisitorTV EpisodeMike Vejar1995-10-252259
52Babylon 5 2.22: The Fall of NightTV EpisodeJanet Greek1995-11-012259
53Laser-Mirror-StarwebGraphic NovelDavid Gerrold1995-10-012259
54Shadows Past and PresentGraphic NovelTim DeHaas1996-09-192259
55The Psi Corps and You!Graphic NovelTim DeHaas1995-12-012259
56Passing of the Techno-Mages: Summoning LightNovelJeanne Cavelos2001-07-032259
57Babylon 5 3.01: Matters of HonorTV EpisodeKevin G. Cremin1995-11-062260
58Babylon 5 3.02: ConvictionsTV EpisodeMike Vejar1995-11-132260
59Babylon 5 3.03: A Day in the StrifeTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1995-11-202260
60Babylon 5 3.04: Passing Through GethsemaneTV EpisodeAdam Nimoy1995-11-272260
61Babylon 5 3.05: Voices of AuthorityTV EpisodeMenachem Binetski1996-01-292260
62Babylon 5 3.06: Dust to DustTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1996-02-052260
63Babylon 5 3.07: ExogenesisTV EpisodeKevin G. Cremin1996-02-122260
64Babylon 5 3.08: Messages from EarthTV EpisodeMike Vejar1996-02-192260
65Babylon 5 3.09: Point of No ReturnTV EpisodeJim Johnston1996-02-262260
66Babylon 5 3.10: Severed DreamsTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1996-04-012260
67Babylon 5 3.11: Ceremonies of Light and DarkTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1996-04-082260
68Babylon 5 3.12: Sic Transit VirTV EpisodeJesus Trevino1996-04-152260
69Babylon 5 3.13: A Late Delivery from AvalonTV EpisodeMike Vejar1996-04-222260
70Babylon 5 3.14: Ship of TearsTV EpisodeMike Vejar1996-04-292260
71Babylon 5 3.15: Interludes and ExaminationsTV EpisodeJesus Trevino1996-05-062260
72Babylon 5 3.16: War Without End, Part 1TV EpisodeMike Vejar1996-05-132260
73Babylon 5 3.17: War Without End, Part 2TV EpisodeMike Vejar1996-05-202260
74Babylon 5 3.18: WalkaboutTV EpisodeKevin G. Cremin1996-09-302260
75Babylon 5 3.19: Grey 17 Is MissingTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1996-10-072260
76Babylon 5 3.20: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding PlaceTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1996-10-142260
77Babylon 5 3.21: Shadow DancingTV EpisodeKim Friedman1996-10-212260
78Babylon 5 3.22: Z'ha'dumTV EpisodeAdam Nimoy1996-10-282260
79Passing of the Techno-Mages: Invoking DarknessNovelJeanne Cavelos2001-11-272260
80To Dream in the City of SorrowNovelKathryn M. Drennan1997-06-092260
81Babylon 5 4.01: The Hour of the WolfTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1996-11-042261
82Babylon 5 4.02: Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?TV EpisodeKevin James Dobson1996-11-112261
83Babylon 5 4.03: The SummoningTV EpisodeJohn McPherson1996-11-182261
84Babylon 5 4.04: Falling Toward ApotheosisTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1996-11-252261
85Babylon 5 4.05: The Long NightTV EpisodeJohn Lafia1997-01-272261
86Babylon 5 4.06: Into the FireTV EpisodeKevin James Dobson1997-02-032261
87Babylon 5 4.07: EpiphaniesTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1997-02-102261
88Babylon 5 4.08: The Illusion of TruthTV EpisodeStephen Furst1997-02-172261
89ThirdspaceFilmJesus Trevino1998-07-192261
90Babylon 5 4.09: AtonementTV EpisodeTony Dow1997-02-242261
91Babylon 5 4.10: Racing MarsTV EpisodeJesus Trevino1997-04-212261
92Babylon 5 4.11: Lines of CommunicationTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1997-04-282261
93Babylon 5 4.12: Conflicts of InterestTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1997-05-052261
94Babylon 5 4.13: Rumors, Bargains and LiesTV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-05-122261
95Babylon 5 4.14: Moments of TransitionTV EpisodeTony Dow1997-05-192261
96Babylon 5 4.15: No Surrender, No RetreatTV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-05-262261
97Babylon 5 4.16: The Exercise of Vital PowersTV EpisodeJohn Lafia1997-06-022261
98Babylon 5 4.17: The Face of the EnemyTV EpisodeMike Vejar1997-06-092261
99Babylon 5 4.18: Intersections in Real TimeTV EpisodeJohn Lafia1997-06-162261
100Babylon 5 4.19: Between the Darkness and the LightTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1997-10-062261
101Babylon 5 4.20: EndgameTV EpisodeJohn Copeland1997-10-132261
102Babylon 5 4.21: Rising StarTV EpisodeTony Dow1997-10-202261
103Babylon 5 4.22: The Deconstruction of Falling StarsTV EpisodeStephen Furst1997-10-272261
104In Valen's NameGraphic NovelJ. Michael Straczynski, Peter David1998-12-032261
105Babylon 5 5.01: No CompromisesTV EpisodeJanet Greek1998-01-212262
106Babylon 5 5.02: The Very Long Night of Londo MollariTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1998-01-282262
107Babylon 5 5.03: The Paragon of AnimalsTV EpisodeMike Vejar1998-02-042262
108Babylon 5 5.04: A View from the GalleryTV EpisodeJanet Greek1998-02-112262
109Babylon 5 5.05: Learning CurveTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1998-02-182262
110Babylon 5 5.06: Strange RelationsTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1998-02-252262
111Babylon 5 5.07: Secrets of the SoulTV EpisodeTony Dow1998-03-042262
112Babylon 5 5.08: Day of the DeadTV EpisodeDoug Lefler1998-03-112262
113Babylon 5 5.09: In the Kingdom of the BlindTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1998-03-182262
114Babylon 5 5.10: A Tragedy of TelepathsTV EpisodeTony Dow1998-03-252262
115Babylon 5 5.11: Phoenix RisingTV EpisodeDavid J. Eagle1998-04-012262
116Babylon 5 5.12: The Ragged EdgeTV EpisodeJohn Copeland1998-04-082262
117Babylon 5 5.13: The Corps is Mother, the Corps is FatherTV EpisodeStephen Furst1998-04-152262
118Babylon 5 5.14: Meditations on the AbyssTV EpisodeMike Vejar1998-05-272262
119Babylon 5 5.15: Darkness AscendingTV EpisodeJanet Greek1998-06-032262
120Babylon 5 5.16: And All My Dreams, Torn AsunderTV EpisodeGoran Gajic1998-06-102262
121Babylon 5 5.17: Movements of Fire and ShadowTV EpisodeJohn C. Flinn III1998-06-172262
122Babylon 5 5.18: The Fall of Centauri PrimeTV EpisodeDouglas E. Wise1998-10-282262
123Babylon 5 5.19: The Wheel of FireTV EpisodeJanet Greek1998-11-042262
124Babylon 5 5.20: Objects in MotionTV EpisodeJesus Trevino1998-11-112262
125Babylon 5 5.21: Objects at RestTV EpisodeJohn Copeland1998-11-182262
126The River of SoulsFilmJanet Greek1998-11-082263
127The Legend of the RangersFilmMichael Vejar2002-01-192265
128Babylon 5 5.22: Sleeping in LightTV EpisodeJ. Michael Straczynski1998-11-252266
129The Long Night of Centauri PrimeNovelPeter David1999-12-07
130Armies of Light and DarkNovelPeter David2000-05-02
131A Call to ArmsFilmMichael Vejar1999-01-032266
132Out of the DarknessNovelPeter David2000-10-31
133Crusade 1.01: War ZoneTV EpisodeJanet Greek1999-06-092267
134Crusade 1.02: The Long RoadTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-06-162267
135Crusade 1.03: The Well of ForeverTV EpisodeJanet Greek1999-06-232267
136Crusade 1.04: The Path of SorrowsTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-06-302267
137Crusade 1.05: Patterns of the SoulTV EpisodeTony Dow1999-07-072267
138Crusade 1.06: Ruling From the TombTV EpisodeJohn Copeland1999-07-142267
139Crusade 1.07: The Rules of the GameTV EpisodeJesus Trevino1999-07-212267
140Crusade 1.08: Appearances and Other DeceitsTV EpisodeStephen Furst1999-07-282267
141Crusade 1.09: Racing the NightTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-08-042267
142Crusade 1.10: The Memory of WarTV EpisodeTony Dow1999-08-112267
143Crusade 1.11: The Needs of EarthTV EpisodeMike Vejar1999-08-182267
144Crusade 1.12: Visitors From Down the StreetTV EpisodeJerry Apoian1999-08-252267
145Crusade 1.13: Each Night I Dream of HomeTV EpisodeStephen Furst1999-09-012267
146The Lost Tales: Voices in the DarkTV EpisodeJ. Michael Straczynski2007-07-312271
147The Lost Tales mini-comicGraphic Novel2007-07-312271