All-Story Weekly Magazine Issues

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All-Story became famous primary because of certain authors that contributed to it. Though it is not an exclusively speculative fiction publisher, it did feature a lot of science fiction literature. This is our list of All-Story Weekly Magazine issues.

What is All-Story Weekly Magazine?

All-Story Weekly Magazine was a spin-off publication of the popular Argosy Magazine, and both of these were published by the Frank A. Munsey company. It has become noteworthy thanks to the authors that contributed to it, such as Edgar Rice Burroughs. It also featured horror and fantasy stories from the likes of Tod Robbins, Abraham Merritt, Perley Poore Sheehan and Charles B. Stilson.

Despite a slightly higher quantity of sci-fi/fantasy stories, it was not exclusive to that genre. It would publish many popular mystery, western, and adventure stories.

What’s in this List of All-Story Weekly Magazines?

This list contains every issue of All-Story Weekly that has ever been published. However, in some cases, details are scant, and all we have is the issue volume, number, and release date. Wherever possible, we’ve collected as many PDF scans of the issues that we can. If you don’t see a PDF here, that likely means that we were unable to find it online. As we find more resources with more information on the different issues out there, we will include them here.

And if you have more information about this magazine or other pulp magazines, be sure to let us know and we can update the page accordingly. And don’t forget to check out our Pulp Magazine Central Hub. Thank you for visiting!

#Get ItNameMediaDateEditorArtistNotes
1The All-Story Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1Magazine1905-01-01
2The All-Story Magazine Vol. 1 No. 2Magazine1905-02-01
3The All-Story Magazine Vol. 1 No. 3Magazine1905-03-01
4The All-Story Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4Magazine1905-04-01
5The All-Story Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1Magazine1905-05-01Valentine Sandberg
6The All-Story Magazine Vol. 2 No. 2Magazine1905-06-01
7The All-Story Magazine Vol. 2 No. 3Magazine1905-07-01
8The All-Story Magazine Vol. 2 No. 4Magazine1905-08-01
9The All-Story Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1Magazine1905-09-01
10The All-Story Magazine Vol. 3 No. 2Magazine1905-10-01
11The All-Story Magazine Vol. 3 No. 3Magazine1905-11-01
12The All-Story Magazine Vol. 3 No. 4Magazine1905-12-01
13The All-Story Magazine Vol. 4 No. 1Magazine1906-01-01
14The All-Story Magazine Vol. 4 No. 2Magazine1906-02-01
15The All-Story Magazine Vol. 4 No. 3Magazine1906-03-01
16The All-Story Magazine Vol. 4 No. 4Magazine1906-04-01
17The All-Story Magazine Vol. 5 No. 1Magazine1906-05-01
18The All-Story Magazine Vol. 5 No. 2Magazine1906-06-01
19The All-Story Magazine Vol. 5 No. 3Magazine1906-07-01
20The All-Story Magazine Vol. 5 No. 4Magazine1906-08-01
21The All-Story Magazine Vol. 6 No. 1Magazine1906-09-01Frank J. Murch
22The All-Story Magazine Vol. 6 No. 2Magazine1906-10-01
23The All-Story Magazine Vol. 6 No. 3Magazine1906-11-01
24The All-Story Magazine Vol. 6 No. 4Magazine1906-12-01
25The All-Story Magazine Vol. 7 No. 1Magazine1907-01-01
26The All-Story Magazine Vol. 7 No. 2Magazine1907-02-01
27The All-Story Magazine Vol. 7 No. 3Magazine1907-03-01
28The All-Story Magazine Vol. 7 No. 4Magazine1907-04-01
29The All-Story Magazine Vol. 8 No. 1Magazine1907-05-01J. N. Marchand
30The All-Story Magazine Vol. 8 No. 2Magazine1907-06-01
31The All-Story Magazine Vol. 8 No. 3Magazine1907-07-01Beverly Towles
32The All-Story Magazine Vol. 8 No. 4Magazine1907-08-01
33The All-Story Magazine Vol. 9 No. 1Magazine1907-09-01
34The All-Story Magazine Vol. 9 No. 2Magazine1907-10-01
35The All-Story Magazine Vol. 9 No. 3Magazine1907-11-01
36The All-Story Magazine Vol. 9 No. 4Magazine1907-12-01
37The All-Story Magazine Vol. 10 No. 1Magazine1908-01-01
38The All-Story Magazine Vol. 10 No. 2Magazine1908-02-01Valentine Sandberg
39The All-Story Magazine Vol. 10 No. 3Magazine1908-03-01
40The All-Story Magazine Vol. 10 No. 4Magazine1908-04-01
41The All-Story Magazine Vol. 11 No. 1Magazine1908-05-01
42The All-Story Magazine Vol. 11 No. 2Magazine1908-06-01
43The All-Story Magazine Vol. 11 No. 3Magazine1908-07-01
44The All-Story Magazine Vol. 11 No. 4Magazine1908-08-01Winemiller
45The All-Story Magazine Vol. 12 No. 1Magazine1908-09-01
46The All-Story Magazine Vol. 12 No. 2Magazine1908-10-01
47The All-Story Magazine Vol. 12 No. 3Magazine1908-11-01
48The All-Story Magazine Vol. 12 No. 4Magazine1908-12-01
49The All-Story Magazine Vol. 13 No. 1Magazine1909-01-01
50The All-Story Magazine Vol. 13 No. 2Magazine1909-02-01
51The All-Story Magazine Vol. 13 No. 3Magazine1909-03-01
52The All-Story Magazine Vol. 13 No. 4Magazine1909-04-01
53The All-Story Magazine Vol. 14 No. 1Magazine1909-05-01
54The All-Story Magazine Vol. 14 No. 2Magazine1909-06-01
55The All-Story Magazine Vol. 14 No. 3Magazine1909-07-01
56The All-Story Magazine Vol. 14 No. 4Magazine1909-08-01
57The All-Story Magazine Vol. 15 No. 1Magazine1909-09-01
58The All-Story Magazine Vol. 15 No. 2Magazine1909-10-01
59The All-Story Magazine Vol. 15 No. 3Magazine1909-11-01
60The All-Story Magazine Vol. 15 No. 4Magazine1909-12-01
61The All-Story Magazine Vol. 16 No. 1Magazine1910-01-01
62The All-Story Magazine Vol. 16 No. 2Magazine1910-02-01Clinton Pettee
63The All-Story Magazine Vol. 16 No. 3Magazine1910-03-01
64The All-Story Magazine Vol. 16 No. 4Magazine1910-04-01
65The All-Story Magazine Vol. 17 No. 1Magazine1910-05-01
66The All-Story Magazine Vol. 17 No. 2Magazine1910-06-01
67The All-Story Magazine Vol. 17 No. 3Magazine1910-07-01
68The All-Story Magazine Vol. 17 No. 4Magazine1910-08-01
69The All-Story Magazine Vol. 18 No. 1Magazine1910-09-01
70The All-Story Magazine Vol. 18 No. 2Magazine1910-10-01
71The All-Story Magazine Vol. 18 No. 3Magazine1910-11-01
72The All-Story Magazine Vol. 18 No. 4Magazine1910-12-01
73The All-Story Magazine Vol. 19 No. 1Magazine1911-01-01
74The All-Story Magazine Vol. 19 No. 2Magazine1911-02-01
75The All-Story Magazine Vol. 19 No. 3Magazine1911-03-01
76The All-Story Magazine Vol. 19 No. 4Magazine1911-04-01
77The All-Story Magazine Vol. 20 No. 1Magazine1911-05-01
78The All-Story Vol. 20 No. 2Magazine1911-06-01Geo. J. Cox
79The All-Story Vol. 20 No. 3Magazine1911-07-01
80The All-Story Vol. 20 No. 4Magazine1911-08-01
81The All-Story Vol. 21 No. 1Magazine1911-09-01
82The All-Story Vol. 21 No. 2Magazine1911-10-01
83The All-Story Vol. 21 No. 3Magazine1911-11-01
84The All-Story Vol. 21 No. 4Magazine1911-12-01
85The All-Story Vol. 22 No. 1Magazine1912-01-01
86The All-Story Vol. 22 No. 2Magazine1912-02-01
87The All-Story Vol. 22 No. 3Magazine1912-03-01
88The All-Story Vol. 22 No. 4Magazine1912-04-01
89The All-Story Vol. 23 No. 1Magazine1912-05-01
90The All-Story Vol. 23 No. 2Magazine1912-06-01
91The All-Story Vol. 23 No. 3Magazine1912-07-01
92The All-Story Vol. 23 No. 4Magazine1912-08-01
93The All-Story Vol. 24 No. 1Magazine1912-09-01
94The All-Story Vol. 24 No. 2Magazine1912-10-01Clinton Pettee
95The All-Story Vol. 24 No. 3Magazine1912-11-01
96The All-Story Vol. 24 No. 4Magazine1912-12-01
97The All-Story Vol. 25 No. 1Magazine1913-01-01
98The All-Story Vol. 25 No. 2Magazine1913-02-01
99The All-Story Vol. 25 No. 3Magazine1913-03-01
100The All-Story Vol. 25 No. 4Magazine1913-04-01Clinton Pettee
101The All-Story Vol. 26 No. 1Magazine1913-05-01
102The All-Story Vol. 26 No. 2Magazine1913-06-01
103The All-Story Vol. 26 No. 3Magazine1913-07-01Clinton Pettee
104The All-Story Vol. 26 No. 4Magazine1913-08-01
105The All-Story Vol. 27 No. 1Magazine1913-09-01P. J. Monahan
106The All-Story Vol. 27 No. 2Magazine1913-10-01
107The All-Story Vol. 27 No. 3Magazine1913-11-01P. J. Monahan
108The All-Story Vol. 27 No. 4Magazine1913-12-01
109The All-Story Vol. 28 No. 1Magazine1914-01-01
110The All-Story Vol. 28 No. 2Magazine1914-02-01P. J. Monahan
111The All-Story Vol. 28 No. 3Magazine1914-03-01
112All-Story Weekly Vol. 29 No. 1Magazine1914-03-07
113All-Story Weekly Vol. 29 No. 2Magazine1914-03-14
114All-Story Weekly Vol. 29 No. 3Magazine1914-03-21
115All-Story Weekly Vol. 29 No. 4Magazine1914-03-28
116All-Story Weekly Vol. 30 No. 1Magazine1914-04-04
117All-Story Weekly Vol. 30 No. 2Magazine1914-04-11
118All-Story Weekly Vol. 30 No. 3Magazine1914-04-18
119All-Story Weekly Vol. 30 No. 4Magazine1914-04-25
120All-Story Weekly Vol. 31 No. 1Magazine1914-05-02
121All-Story Weekly Vol. 31 No. 2Magazine1914-05-09
122All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 32 No. 1Magazine1914-05-16
123All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 32 No. 2Magazine1914-05-23
124All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 32 No. 3Magazine1914-05-30
125All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 32 No. 4Magazine1914-06-06
126All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 33 No. 1Magazine1914-06-13
127All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 33 No. 2Magazine1914-06-20
128All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 33 No. 3Magazine1914-06-27
129All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 33 No. 4Magazine1914-07-04
130All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 34 No. 1Magazine1914-07-11
131All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 34 No. 2Magazine1914-07-18
132All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 34 No. 3Magazine1914-07-25
133All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 34 No. 4Magazine1914-08-01
134All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 35 No. 1Magazine1914-08-08Modest Stein
135All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 35 No. 2Magazine1914-08-15
136All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 35 No. 3Magazine1914-08-22
137All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 35 No. 4Magazine1914-08-29
138All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 36 No. 1Magazine1914-09-05
139All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 36 No. 2Magazine1914-09-12
140All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 36 No. 3Magazine1914-09-19
141All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 36 No. 4Magazine1914-09-26Modest Stein
142All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 37 No. 1Magazine1914-10-03Modest Stein
143All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 37 No. 2Magazine1914-10-10
144All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 37 No. 3Magazine1914-10-17
145All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 37 No. 4Magazine1914-10-24
146All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 38 No. 1Magazine1914-10-31
147All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 38 No. 2Magazine1914-11-07
148All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 38 No. 3Magazine1914-11-14
149All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 38 No. 4Magazine1914-11-21
150All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 39 No. 1Magazine1914-11-28
151All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 39 No. 2Magazine1914-12-05
152All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 39 No. 3Magazine1914-12-12
153All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 39 No. 4Magazine1914-12-19
154All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 40 No. 1Magazine1914-12-26
155All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 40 No. 2Magazine1915-01-02
156All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 40 No. 3Magazine1915-01-09
157All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 40 No. 4Magazine1915-01-16
158All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 41 No. 1Magazine1915-01-23
159All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 41 No. 2Magazine1915-01-30
160All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 41 No. 3Magazine1915-02-06
161All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 41 No. 4Magazine1915-02-13
162All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 42 No. 1Magazine1915-02-20
163All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 42 No. 2Magazine1915-02-27
164All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 42 No. 3Magazine1915-03-06
165All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 42 No. 4Magazine1915-03-13
166All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 43 No. 1Magazine1915-03-20
167All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 43 No. 2Magazine1915-03-27
168All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 43 No. 3Magazine1915-04-03
169All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 43 No. 4Magazine1915-04-10
170All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 44 No. 1Magazine1915-04-17
171All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 44 No. 2Magazine1915-04-24Modest Stein
172All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 44 No. 3Magazine1915-05-01
173All-Story Cavalier Weekly Vol. 44 No. 4Magazine1915-05-08
174All-Story Weekly Vol. 45 No. 1Magazine1915-05-15
175All-Story Weekly Vol. 45 No. 2Magazine1915-05-22
176All-Story Weekly Vol. 45 No. 3Magazine1915-05-29
177All-Story Weekly Vol. 45 No. 4Magazine1915-06-05
178All-Story Weekly Vol. 46 No. 1Magazine1915-06-12
179All-Story Weekly Vol. 46 No. 2Magazine1915-06-19
180All-Story Weekly Vol. 46 No. 3Magazine1915-06-26
181All-Story Weekly Vol. 46 No. 4Magazine1915-07-03
182All-Story Weekly Vol. 47 No. 1Magazine1915-07-10
183All-Story Weekly Vol. 47 No. 2Magazine1915-07-17
184All-Story Weekly Vol. 47 No. 3Magazine1915-07-24
185All-Story Weekly Vol. 47 No. 4Magazine1915-07-31H. Weston Taylor
186All-Story Weekly Vol. 48 No. 1Magazine1915-08-07
187All-Story Weekly Vol. 48 No. 2Magazine1915-08-14
188All-Story Weekly Vol. 48 No. 3Magazine1915-08-21
189All-Story Weekly Vol. 48 No. 4Magazine1915-08-28
190All-Story Weekly Vol. 49 No. 1Magazine1915-09-04
191All-Story Weekly Vol. 49 No. 2Magazine1915-09-11
192All-Story Weekly Vol. 49 No. 3Magazine1915-09-18
193All-Story Weekly Vol. 49 No. 4Magazine1915-09-25
194All-Story Weekly Vol. 50 No. 1Magazine1915-10-02
195All-Story Weekly Vol. 50 No. 2Magazine1915-10-09
196All-Story Weekly Vol. 50 No. 3Magazine1915-10-16
197All-Story Weekly Vol. 50 No. 4Magazine1915-10-23
198All-Story Weekly Vol. 51 No. 1Magazine1915-10-30Modest Stein
199All-Story Weekly Vol. 51 No. 2Magazine1915-11-06
200All-Story Weekly Vol. 51 No. 3Magazine1915-11-13
201All-Story Weekly Vol. 51 No. 4Magazine1915-11-20Frederick Duncan
202All-Story Weekly Vol. 52 No. 1Magazine1915-11-27
203All-Story Weekly Vol. 52 No. 2Magazine1915-12-04
204All-Story Weekly Vol. 52 No. 3Magazine1915-12-11
205All-Story Weekly Vol. 52 No. 4Magazine1915-12-18P. J. Monahan
206All-Story Weekly Vol. 53 No. 1Magazine1915-12-25
207All-Story Weekly Vol. 53 No. 2Magazine1916-01-01W. Fairchild
208All-Story Weekly Vol. 53 No. 3Magazine1916-01-08
209All-Story Weekly Vol. 53 No. 4Magazine1916-01-15
210All-Story Weekly Vol. 54 No. 1Magazine1916-01-22
211All-Story Weekly Vol. 54 No. 2Magazine1916-01-29
212All-Story Weekly Vol. 54 No. 3Magazine1916-02-05
213All-Story Weekly Vol. 54 No. 4Magazine1916-02-12
214All-Story Weekly Vol. 55 No. 1Magazine1916-02-19
215All-Story Weekly Vol. 55 No. 2Magazine1916-02-26
216All-Story Weekly Vol. 55 No. 3Magazine1916-03-04
217All-Story Weekly Vol. 55 No. 4Magazine1916-03-11P. J. Monahan
218All-Story Weekly Vol. 56 No. 1Magazine1916-03-18
219All-Story Weekly Vol. 56 No. 2Magazine1916-03-25
220All-Story Weekly Vol. 56 No. 3Magazine1916-04-01
221All-Story Weekly Vol. 56 No. 4Magazine1916-04-08
222All-Story Weekly Vol. 57 No. 1Magazine1916-04-15
223All-Story Weekly Vol. 57 No. 2Magazine1916-04-22
224All-Story Weekly Vol. 57 No. 3Magazine1916-04-29
225All-Story Weekly Vol. 57 No. 4Magazine1916-05-06
226All-Story Weekly Vol. 58 No. 1Magazine1916-05-13Haskell Coffin
227All-Story Weekly Vol. 58 No. 2Magazine1916-05-20
228All-Story Weekly Vol. 58 No. 3Magazine1916-05-27
229All-Story Weekly Vol. 58 No. 4Magazine1916-06-03
230All-Story Weekly Vol. 59 No. 1Magazine1916-06-10
231All-Story Weekly Vol. 59 No. 2Magazine1916-06-17
232All-Story Weekly Vol. 59 No. 3Magazine1916-06-24
233All-Story Weekly Vol. 59 No. 4Magazine1916-07-01
234All-Story Weekly Vol. 60 No. 1Magazine1916-07-08
235All-Story Weekly Vol. 60 No. 2Magazine1916-07-15
236All-Story Weekly Vol. 60 No. 3Magazine1916-07-22
237All-Story Weekly Vol. 60 No. 4Magazine1916-07-29
238All-Story Weekly Vol. 61 No. 1Magazine1916-08-05
239All-Story Weekly Vol. 61 No. 2Magazine1916-08-12
240All-Story Weekly Vol. 61 No. 3Magazine1916-08-19
241All-Story Weekly Vol. 61 No. 4Magazine1916-08-26
242All-Story Weekly Vol. 62 No. 1Magazine1916-09-02Modest Stein
243All-Story Weekly Vol. 62 No. 2Magazine1916-09-09
244All-Story Weekly Vol. 62 No. 3Magazine1916-09-16
245All-Story Weekly Vol. 62 No. 4Magazine1916-09-23
246All-Story Weekly Vol. 63 No. 1Magazine1916-09-30
247All-Story Weekly Vol. 63 No. 2Magazine1916-10-07
248All-Story Weekly Vol. 63 No. 3Magazine1916-10-14
249All-Story Weekly Vol. 63 No. 4Magazine1916-10-21
250All-Story Weekly Vol. 64 No. 1Magazine1916-10-28
251All-Story Weekly Vol. 64 No. 2Magazine1916-11-04
252All-Story Weekly Vol. 64 No. 3Magazine1916-11-11
253All-Story Weekly Vol. 64 No. 4Magazine1916-11-18
254All-Story Weekly Vol. 65 No. 1Magazine1916-11-25
255All-Story Weekly Vol. 65 No. 2Magazine1916-12-02
256All-Story Weekly Vol. 65 No. 3Magazine1916-12-09
257All-Story Weekly Vol. 65 No. 4Magazine1916-12-16
258All-Story Weekly Vol. 66 No. 1Magazine1916-12-23
259All-Story Weekly Vol. 66 No. 2Magazine1916-12-30
260All-Story Weekly Vol. 66 No. 3Magazine1917-01-06
261All-Story Weekly Vol. 66 No. 4Magazine1917-01-13Modest Stein
262All-Story Weekly Vol. 67 No. 1Magazine1917-01-20
263All-Story Weekly Vol. 67 No. 2Magazine1917-01-27
264All-Story Weekly Vol. 67 No. 3Magazine1917-02-03P. J. Monahan
265All-Story Weekly Vol. 67 No. 4Magazine1917-02-10P. J. Monahan
266All-Story Weekly Vol. 68 No. 1Magazine1917-02-17Modest Stein
267All-Story Weekly Vol. 68 No. 2Magazine1917-02-24
268All-Story Weekly Vol. 68 No. 3Magazine1917-03-03
269All-Story Weekly Vol. 68 No. 4Magazine1917-03-10
270All-Story Weekly Vol. 69 No. 1Magazine1917-03-17
271All-Story Weekly Vol. 69 No. 2Magazine1917-03-24
272All-Story Weekly Vol. 69 No. 3Magazine1917-03-31
273All-Story Weekly Vol. 69 No. 4Magazine1917-04-07
274All-Story Weekly Vol. 70 No. 1Magazine1917-04-14
275All-Story Weekly Vol. 70 No. 2Magazine1917-04-21
276All-Story Weekly Vol. 70 No. 3Magazine1917-04-28
277All-Story Weekly Vol. 70 No. 4Magazine1917-05-05
278All-Story Weekly Vol. 71 No. 1Magazine1917-05-12
279All-Story Weekly Vol. 71 No. 2Magazine1917-05-19P. J. Monahan
280All-Story Weekly Vol. 71 No. 3Magazine1917-05-26Modest Stein
281All-Story Weekly Vol. 71 No. 4Magazine1917-06-02
282All-Story Weekly Vol. 72 No. 1Magazine1917-06-09
283All-Story Weekly Vol. 72 No. 2Magazine1917-06-16
284All-Story Weekly Vol. 72 No. 3Magazine1917-06-23
285All-Story Weekly Vol. 72 No. 4Magazine1917-06-30
286All-Story Weekly Vol. 73 No. 1Magazine1917-07-07
287All-Story Weekly Vol. 73 No. 2Magazine1917-07-14
288All-Story Weekly Vol. 73 No. 3Magazine1917-07-21
289All-Story Weekly Vol. 73 No. 4Magazine1917-07-28Modest Stein
290All-Story Weekly Vol. 74 No. 1Magazine1917-08-04
291All-Story Weekly Vol. 74 No. 2Magazine1917-08-11Hamilton King
292All-Story Weekly Vol. 74 No. 3Magazine1917-08-18
293All-Story Weekly Vol. 74 No. 4Magazine1917-08-25Willard Fairchild
294All-Story Weekly Vol. 75 No. 1Magazine1917-09-01
295All-Story Weekly Vol. 75 No. 2Magazine1917-09-08
296All-Story Weekly Vol. 75 No. 3Magazine1917-09-15
297All-Story Weekly Vol. 75 No. 4Magazine1917-09-22
298All-Story Weekly Vol. 76 No. 1Magazine1917-09-29
299All-Story Weekly Vol. 76 No. 2Magazine1917-10-06
300All-Story Weekly Vol. 76 No. 3Magazine1917-10-13
301All-Story Weekly Vol. 76 No. 4Magazine1917-10-20
302All-Story Weekly Vol. 77 No. 1Magazine1917-10-27
303All-Story Weekly Vol. 77 No. 2Magazine1917-11-03
304All-Story Weekly Vol. 77 No. 3Magazine1917-11-10Desch
305All-Story Weekly Vol. 77 No. 4Magazine1917-11-17
306All-Story Weekly Vol. 78 No. 1Magazine1917-11-24
307All-Story Weekly Vol. 78 No. 2Magazine1917-12-01
308All-Story Weekly Vol. 78 No. 3Magazine1917-12-08
309All-Story Weekly Vol. 78 No. 4Magazine1917-12-15
310All-Story Weekly Vol. 79 No. 1Magazine1917-12-22Modest Stein
311All-Story Weekly Vol. 79 No. 2Magazine1917-12-29Hamilton King
312All-Story Weekly Vol. 79 No. 3Magazine1918-01-05
313All-Story Weekly Vol. 79 No. 4Magazine1918-01-12Modest Stein
314All-Story Weekly Vol. 80 No. 1Magazine1918-01-19
315All-Story Weekly Vol. 80 No. 2Magazine1918-01-26
316All-Story Weekly Vol. 80 No. 3Magazine1918-02-02
317All-Story Weekly Vol. 80 No. 4Magazine1918-02-09
318All-Story Weekly Vol. 81 No. 1Magazine1918-02-16
319All-Story Weekly Vol. 81 No. 2Magazine1918-02-23
320All-Story Weekly Vol. 81 No. 3Magazine1918-03-02
321All-Story Weekly Vol. 81 No. 4Magazine1918-03-09
322All-Story Weekly Vol. 82 No. 1Magazine1918-03-16
323All-Story Weekly Vol. 82 No. 2Magazine1918-03-23
324All-Story Weekly Vol. 82 No. 3Magazine1918-03-30
325All-Story Weekly Vol. 82 No. 4Magazine1918-04-06
326All-Story Weekly Vol. 83 No. 1Magazine1918-04-13Modest Stein
327All-Story Weekly Vol. 83 No. 2Magazine1918-04-20
328All-Story Weekly Vol. 83 No. 3Magazine1918-04-27
329All-Story Weekly Vol. 83 No. 4Magazine1918-05-04
330All-Story Weekly Vol. 84 No. 1Magazine1918-05-11
331All-Story Weekly Vol. 84 No. 2Magazine1918-05-18
332All-Story Weekly Vol. 84 No. 3Magazine1918-05-25Modest Stein
333All-Story Weekly Vol. 84 No. 4Magazine1918-06-01
334All-Story Weekly Vol. 85 No. 1Magazine1918-06-08
335All-Story Weekly Vol. 85 No. 2Magazine1918-06-15
336All-Story Weekly Vol. 85 No. 3Magazine1918-06-22
337All-Story Weekly Vol. 85 No. 4Magazine1918-06-29
338All-Story Weekly Vol. 86 No. 1Magazine1918-07-06
339All-Story Weekly Vol. 86 No. 2Magazine1918-07-13
340All-Story Weekly Vol. 86 No. 3Magazine1918-07-20
341All-Story Weekly Vol. 86 No. 4Magazine1918-07-27
342All-Story Weekly Vol. 87 No. 1Magazine1918-08-03
343All-Story Weekly Vol. 87 No. 2Magazine1918-08-10
344All-Story Weekly Vol. 87 No. 3Magazine1918-08-17
345All-Story Weekly Vol. 87 No. 4Magazine1918-08-24
346All-Story Weekly Vol. 88 No. 1Magazine1918-08-31
347All-Story Weekly Vol. 88 No. 2Magazine1918-09-07
348All-Story Weekly Vol. 88 No. 3Magazine1918-09-14
349All-Story Weekly Vol. 88 No. 4Magazine1918-09-21
350All-Story Weekly Vol. 89 No. 1Magazine1918-09-28Modest Stein
351All-Story Weekly Vol. 89 No. 2Magazine1918-10-05
352All-Story Weekly Vol. 89 No. 3Magazine1918-10-12
353All-Story Weekly Vol. 89 No. 4Magazine1918-10-19
354All-Story Weekly Vol. 90 No. 1Magazine1918-10-26
355All-Story Weekly Vol. 90 No. 2Magazine1918-11-02Modest Stein
356All-Story Weekly Vol. 90 No. 3Magazine1918-11-09Small
357All-Story Weekly Vol. 90 No. 4Magazine1918-11-16
358All-Story Weekly Vol. 91 No. 1Magazine1918-11-23
359All-Story Weekly Vol. 91 No. 2Magazine1918-11-30
360All-Story Weekly Vol. 91 No. 3Magazine1918-12-07Modest Stein
361All-Story Weekly Vol. 91 No. 4Magazine1918-12-14
362All-Story Weekly Vol. 92 No. 1Magazine1918-12-21
363All-Story Weekly Vol. 92 No. 2Magazine1918-12-28
364All-Story Weekly Vol. 92 No. 3Magazine1919-01-04
365All-Story Weekly Vol. 92 No. 4Magazine1919-01-11
366All-Story Weekly Vol. 93 No. 1Magazine1919-01-18Modest Stein
367All-Story Weekly Vol. 93 No. 2Magazine1919-01-25
368All-Story Weekly Vol. 93 No. 3Magazine1919-02-01P. J. Monahan
369All-Story Weekly Vol. 93 No. 4Magazine1919-02-08
370All-Story Weekly Vol. 94 No. 1Magazine1919-02-15
371All-Story Weekly Vol. 94 No. 2Magazine1919-02-22
372All-Story Weekly Vol. 94 No. 3Magazine1919-03-01P. J. Monahan
373All-Story Weekly Vol. 94 No. 4Magazine1919-03-08
374All-Story Weekly Vol. 95 No. 1Magazine1919-03-15
375All-Story Weekly Vol. 95 No. 2Magazine1919-03-22
376All-Story Weekly Vol. 95 No. 3Magazine1919-03-29
377All-Story Weekly Vol. 95 No. 4Magazine1919-04-05
378All-Story Weekly Vol. 96 No. 1Magazine1919-04-12
379All-Story Weekly Vol. 96 No. 2Magazine1919-04-19
380All-Story Weekly Vol. 96 No. 3Magazine1919-04-26Modest Stein
381All-Story Weekly Vol. 96 No. 4Magazine1919-05-03
382All-Story Weekly Vol. 97 No. 1Magazine1919-05-10P. J. Monahan
383All-Story Weekly Vol. 97 No. 2Magazine1919-05-17
384All-Story Weekly Vol. 97 No. 3Magazine1919-05-24
385All-Story Weekly Vol. 97 No. 4Magazine1919-05-31
386All-Story Weekly Vol. 98 No. 1Magazine1919-06-07
387All-Story Weekly Vol. 98 No. 2Magazine1919-06-14
388All-Story Weekly Vol. 98 No. 3Magazine1919-06-21P. J. Monahan
389All-Story Weekly Vol. 98 No. 4Magazine1919-06-28
390All-Story Weekly Vol. 99 No. 1Magazine1919-07-05
391All-Story Weekly Vol. 99 No. 2Magazine1919-07-12P. J. Monahan
392All-Story Weekly Vol. 99 No. 3Magazine1919-07-19
393All-Story Weekly Vol. 99 No. 4Magazine1919-07-26
394All-Story Weekly Vol. 100 No. 1Magazine1919-08-02
395All-Story Weekly Vol. 100 No. 2Magazine1919-08-09P. J. Monahan
396All-Story Weekly Vol. 100 No. 3Magazine1919-08-16
397All-Story Weekly Vol. 100 No. 4Magazine1919-08-23P. J. Monahan
398All-Story Weekly Vol. 101 No. 1Magazine1919-08-30P. J. Monahan
399All-Story Weekly Vol. 101 No. 2Magazine1919-09-06
400All-Story Weekly Vol. 101 No. 3Magazine1919-09-13
401All-Story Weekly Vol. 101 No. 4Magazine1919-09-20
402All-Story Weekly Vol. 102 No. 1Magazine1919-09-27Modest Stein
403All-Story Weekly Vol. 102 No. 2Magazine1919-10-04Modest Stein
404All-Story Weekly Vol. 102 No. 3Magazine1919-10-11
405All-Story Weekly Vol. 102 No. 4Magazine1919-10-18
406All-Story Weekly Vol. 103 No. 1Magazine1919-10-25
407All-Story Weekly Vol. 103 No. 2Magazine1919-11-01
408All-Story Weekly Vol. 103 No. 3Magazine1919-11-08Modest Stein
409All-Story Weekly Vol. 103 No. 4Magazine1919-11-15P. J. Monahan
410All-Story Weekly Vol. 104 No. 1Magazine1919-11-22P. J. Monahan
411All-Story Weekly Vol. 104 No. 2Magazine1919-11-29
412All-Story Weekly Vol. 104 No. 3Magazine1919-12-06
413All-Story Weekly Vol. 104 No. 4Magazine1919-12-13
414All-Story Weekly Vol. 105 No. 1Magazine1919-12-20
415All-Story Weekly Vol. 105 No. 2Magazine1919-12-27
416All-Story Weekly Vol. 105 No. 3Magazine1920-01-03
417All-Story Weekly Vol. 105 No. 4Magazine1920-01-10
418All-Story Weekly Vol. 106 No. 1Magazine1920-01-17
419All-Story Weekly Vol. 106 No. 2Magazine1920-01-24
420All-Story Weekly Vol. 106 No. 3Magazine1920-01-31
421All-Story Weekly Vol. 106 No. 4Magazine1920-02-07
422All-Story Weekly Vol. 107 No. 1Magazine1920-02-14
423All-Story Weekly Vol. 107 No. 2Magazine1920-02-21
424All-Story Weekly Vol. 107 No. 3Magazine1920-02-28
425All-Story Weekly Vol. 107 No. 4Magazine1920-03-06Modest Stein
426All-Story Weekly Vol. 108 No. 1Magazine1920-03-13
427All-Story Weekly Vol. 108 No. 2Magazine1920-03-20
428All-Story Weekly Vol. 108 No. 3Magazine1920-03-27
429All-Story Weekly Vol. 108 No. 4Magazine1920-04-03
430All-Story Weekly Vol. 109 No. 1Magazine1920-04-10
431All-Story Weekly Vol. 109 No. 2Magazine1920-04-17
432All-Story Weekly Vol. 109 No. 3Magazine1920-04-24
433All-Story Weekly Vol. 109 No. 4Magazine1920-05-01
434All-Story Weekly Vol. 110 No. 1Magazine1920-05-08Modest Stein
435All-Story Weekly Vol. 110 No. 2Magazine1920-05-15P. J. Monahan
436All-Story Weekly Vol. 110 No. 3Magazine1920-05-22
437All-Story Weekly Vol. 110 No. 4Magazine1920-05-29
438All-Story Weekly Vol. 111 No. 1Magazine1920-06-05Hamilton King
439All-Story Weekly Vol. 111 No. 2Magazine1920-06-12
440All-Story Weekly Vol. 111 No. 3Magazine1920-06-19
441All-Story Weekly Vol. 111 No. 4Magazine1920-06-26P. J. Monahan
442All-Story Weekly Vol. 112 No. 1Magazine1920-07-03P. J. Monahan
443All-Story Weekly Vol. 112 No. 2Magazine1920-07-10Modest Stein
444All-Story Weekly Vol. 112 No. 3Magazine1920-07-17