Day: March 3, 2020

Black Mask Magazine Issues banner

Black Mask Magazine Issues

Black Mask, in its day, was the leading crime and detective fiction magazine in the world of pulps. It has since lost a bit of its wide-spread fame, and certain editions are hard to find

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view askewniverse timeline banner art

View Askewniverse Timeline

Kevin Smith has made a name for himself in Hollywood as one of the more irreverent, yet somehow brilliant, directors and writers. But did you know that most of his work is connected? This is

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tron timeline banner art

Tron Timeline and Chronology

What started as an innovative computer sci-fi film, has endured a number of false starts in its lifetime, with Disney ultimately abandoning it in favor of buying Star Wars instead. But it remains beloved by

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terminator timeline banner art

Terminator Timeline

Even though this franchise has struggled to stay afloat since Terminator 3, it’s still one of the more beloved sci-fi franchises, thanks to some incredible films to start with. But did you know there are

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